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Lazy spotters thread


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17 hours ago, adw1977 said:

Wow, a Sintra!  It was indeed pretty rare when new, must be almost unique now.

From what I remember a poor NCAP score damaged sales of these, which wasn't impressive before then.

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When we were out getting the test tyre for the Nissan just now, we wandered round the industrial estate as the place I was planning on going to was closed.


OMG, late registration madness.... or not:


Has year of manufacture as 2003 which matches the age related plate, so if thats right it must be one of the last ones off the production line. We last got them in 1995 according to Wikipedia. 


Imp Jr thought this was the absolute bollocks, I have to say I agree with him:



He was quite excited about this too and made me take a photo. Think he thought it was a lot older than it actually was. 



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3 hours ago, Amishtat said:

Is that picture a few months old or has the owner removed the wrap?  Either way I suspect you're not very far from me. This was it about November or so last year. 


Yes it was taken about a  year ago.  I'm near  Dumfries.  Can't decide if I prefer the brown or the Starsky look 🤔

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