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Lazy spotters thread


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There was a staff member at Fife College in the late 90s used to tool around in a Carmichael 6x6 Rangey. What piqued my interest was that it looked a lot less fire engine (like every other one I've seen) and much more limo. Turned out it had been built for some sultan in the Middle East as a high end 'pool car' for senior staff. (I want to say Sultan of Brunei but I can't be sure, Oman is in mind too...)

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Sadly no photos as I was driving (really need to get a goddamned dashcam already!) but the spot of the year for me today was a Tatra T-613 on what I am pretty sure was a D plate heading towards Olney from MK this afternoon.  Overtook me on the way up the hill and sounded (as you would expect) absolutely gorgeous.  Dark metallic green colour and absolutely wasn't hanging around...went past me on the dual carriageway as though I was standing still and I wasn't dawdling!

First time I think I've ever seen one in the wild.

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