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Lazy spotters thread


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Very lazy spot from my own street in Beltinge, Herne Bay. A magnificently shite 3 door Nissan Almera.

On the opposite side of the road in a neighbour's driveway is a completely hat stand camping trailer that I suspect has been modified from a fairground ride trailer, or something similar. Note the number plates match, but it looks like the trailer is a fair bit wider than the Almera. The end of the trailer with the number plate flips up to form an open air kitchen area. It's totally bonkers. I love it.





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The monthly meeting of the finescale railway modelling group took place,  and one member turned up in this:













Owner has had it from new and says it's the only car he's ever had. Has had long periods laid up whilst he was living and working overseas, but always brought back into daily use.

He's currently experiencing problems with a failing alternator; they don't make that particular type anymore and he doesn't have a spare.....

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Sadly no photo as I was driving (seriously need to get Dashcams in the rest of the fleet...), but was passed in the other direction just outside Newport Pagnell by a bright blue Nissan Bluebird Saloon - looked absolutely mint from what I saw of it.  Not lowered or messed with either.

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No pic as I was driving (need a dashcam!), but spotted a wonderful early 2000s Suzuki Alto in Westcliff, it was yellow but most of the front panels had been replaced with silver ones presumably from a scrapper, can remember this sort of thing being a regular sight years ago but rare nowadays.

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