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Lazy spotters thread


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Mrs Imp spotted this the other day whilst someone was stealing her purse and Samsung Galaxy S20 out of her boot in the gym car park. 


I'd like to take this moment to stress that despite the poor quality of the photo, Mrs Imp isn't Cavcraft, she's just shit at framing photos too. 

Imp Jr also spotted this yesterday in Ilkley too (I took the photo though, his would probably be a close up of his face or something). 


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12 hours ago, mitsisigma01 said:



On 23/08/2021 at 02:15, mitsisigma01 said:





Also bonus points as BPE-H contains the Austrian BPE19H and User trial Prototype Model 70's BPE21H-BPE40H as well as a block of 200 AC Model 67's BPE501H-BPE700H :) 

(was not going to mention that for fear of getting shouted at but since im already leaving a comment I may as well LOL)

theres a Jensen BPE730H in that registration series for what thats worth!

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Take a guess who took this photo of a Manta A on a motorway earlier. It was either the M1 or M40, I can't remember which one. 


In fairness it was a moving target so I'd have probably been as shite, unless she just doesn't like taking pictures of the rear of cars for some reason? 

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Few from the last few days.

Volvo 7/900 estate, 2cv, Renault 5 extra (?) and something else at Legoland. 


Real 7/900 outside Legoland. 


M2 Escort, quick check of the plate suggests it was a real RS not a rep. 


Mk3 ahead of it, also real. 


I thought this Bettle had broken down but its not annAA van, its getting a framed, possibly by a camper? Cooler camper/smartcar setup for travelling to shows and gatherings etc? Wonder if its braked and how the camper drives as I assume its going some distance if its up the M1? 


DeLorean time machine, obviously not doing 88mph etc etc. 


The car ahead was an Astra G with Detroit police badges, so I assume it's meant to be a Robocop tribute. Probably this one I just found from googling unless this is common (I seriously doubt it, I mean a Mondeo would probably pass but a Disastra?). 


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Not really a spot, as I was driving and failed to correctly save the dashcam clip, but as I was driving through Hammersmith in bad traffic last night, I spotted a clean looking early Peugeot 309 3 door - didn’t even know they existed, never mind that there were any left! 

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I was impressed to see this on an industrial estate near home.


It was only about 15 miles from its birth place.

Took the dog for a walk and picked some blackberries today, we stopped in the pub for a beer during our walk and this came into the car park. I do like safaris and this was very nice.


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