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Lazy spotters thread

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This was spotted in Waitrose carpark and the driver was a very smartly dressed octogenarian , you know the type ; ramrod straight back, shiny leather soled brogues that are probably older than me.

in my head he was the chairman of a big company and on his retirement was given the W140 and it will see him out the rest of days.


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7 hours ago, Mr_Bo11ox said:

Here it is in James Hunt's garden



Glad to see it was true about the A35. Heard it mentioned many times but wondered if it was one of those urban myths. But no, there it is. 

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Ruined breadbin has an mot till september with no advisories

3 escorts vans. A fiesta with the usal mk3 ignition, aldi that looked very tidy

Also had a mk2 transit that was fucked but my phone didnt want to save them so pic from their bookface page








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This is the current view from by bedroom window.......our house backs onto the local fire station & this is their current extracation training chod (they recently had an early J plate mk3 Astra in as well but I didnt get a pic of that 🙄 )

M678AVW was last MOT'd June 2017 at 59590 miles



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