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Lazy spotters thread


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10 hours ago, matt79 said:

This is the current view from by bedroom window.......our house backs onto the local fire station & this is their current extracation training chod (they recently had an early J plate mk3 Astra in as well but I didnt get a pic of that ? )

M678AVW was last MOT'd June 2017 at 59590 miles



Maybe once the fire brigade have cut the roof off that 800 they could it donate to it the one with the rotten roof that dollywobbler had until recently.

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A couple of MrsDC's spots from the other week...


A spectacularly patinated/fucked Sierra 2.3D (photographed at a distance). CDZ8773, complete with no back seats and black binbags over the front seats.


It was, er, ripe - I'm told. Owner came out as she was moving off, and it was a doddery oul fella who looked well into his eighties. Probably owned it from new.


Volvo 440 enjoying* its twilight years as a plasterer's work hack, from the looks of things.




Given the artistry employed on the rear arch, I don't think I'll be giving him a bell anytime soon.



Finally, a corker of a Mk1 Cavalier spotted by CogSr last week.



He got talking to the owner, as he tends to do.

The fella bought it second-hand in 1982, and still dailies it.




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34 minutes ago, Yoss said:

Another one from Mrs Yoss. 20190522_131407.thumb.jpg.b3da968211208858411e60b986f590aa.jpg


She needs a new phone, she's smashed the lens on hers, though it still takes fuzzy pics. 

is she aware of "tap to focus" ?

a lot of people arent aware that you can tap the phone where you want it to focus on and it will try and do so :)

its surprising how many people dont know this hence why im mentioning it :)

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