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Red 1 owner ,low mileage,t+t Cavalier for sale!


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So following on from a few of the recent threads,about lack of cheap cars,cars not being saved ,banger raced etc I thought i would offer up this wee gem!



1995 N plate cavalier concept c16nz


This must be the most basic run out model ever !


No modern gadgets like central locking or electric anything not even a rev counter ,but it does have a sunroof and power steering.


1 owner from new


Mileage is 51479


Mot until the end of Sept and taxed until the end of July



No rot or bubbling apart from the inside of the leading edge of the bonnet and the radio needs decoded !


But! the paint is as flat as a witches tit,probably never been polished in its life!


So i either flog it as is,polish it up with the mop and farecla total,or run it as is,and send it over the bridge when the tax runs out?






















It has proper fitted vx mats,original dealer plates and window sticker,1 key and no history though apart from mot mileage,i would drive this anywhere !


If you are interested,drop me a message.

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good old vauxhall flame pink.with a mop and polish that will look lovely.if you want at the outher end of the country id be into that.ive just broke up my old diplomat after a rear spring came through the boot floor.was going to weld it up but the outher side want much better.but that looks solid as a rock.very strange it aint got an airbag on that year or eletric front windows

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They don't even need regular servicing. I've had these 8V engines in lots of Vauxhalls and you can just leave them be for eons. I had a Mk3 Astra that hadn't been serviced in 4 years and all it needed was a couple of engine flushes and new oil to cure a rattle. The bloke I got it off said he'd never changed the oil, he just topped it up if it needed it.

Obv. cam belts need changing now and then though!

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Inbetween selling 150 cars per hour,i thought i would give the cavi a quick wash and polish,not bad for not spending a huge amount of time and effort into it.










Now up for sale.


It looks great but you have just taken the satisfaction of that power buffing from the next purchaser!

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