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The Shite_Meister's new shite!


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Welcome once again you dirty, dirty people, I've been away a long time mainly due to getting into motorcycles (mainly shite bikes) and not buying anymore shite, well that changed yesterday, I have a weak spot for BMW 325i E30s especially the Sport model (essentially just a tarted-up 325i with a few trick bits) now I already own a shite example of one in diamond metallic black which has been an on-going project ever since I bought it back four years ago so imagine the state of my gusset when an old work-mate contacts me asking if I wanted his, now two years ago I mentioned to him that if he ever wanted to sell it to let me know, well he did and I bought it, so firstly here's my 'first' Sport that I currently own:




and here's the 'new' one:



Spot the difference (apart from the shite wheels which will be going)

Driving it to my rented parking was 'interesting', the brakes were shite and the steering was all over the shop, the driver's door lock is banjaxed and there's rot in a few localised placed, other than that, she's a beaut! cost? £100!!


Rust on driver's door:



Dirty engine needs a scrub:



More rust:



Orsum repair!:







So the plan was to use it as a spares car for my other one (it has a much higher spec and sentimental value) but I'm not sure I could bring myself to break it.



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Styled by the same chap who styled the NSU Ro 80, no less :)


Yeah I must have read that ages ago then completely forgot that the same bloke designed them both because I remember reading this on Wikipedia:

He left his post at BMW after being accused of fatally stabbing his 33-year-old, chronically drug-dependent youngest son, Ulrich after an argument on Good Friday in 1990. He was eventually convicted of manslaughter and sentenced to 33 months in prison
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