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A hoarders house


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For many years I've had this very ran down house opposite mine where i knew a old fella lived, recently I've noticed skips appearing outside where the house was being emptied.


This morning a neighbour asked me to give him a hand to moved some door over from the house so it gave me chance to meet the family and found out what was happening...


The old fella has lived on a armchair for near on 30 years whilst building up a mountain of shite around him, a month or so ago he became ill and didn't eat for 3 weeks, eventually he crawled outside before collapsing in the garden, he managed to pull some shit down on top of himself to keep himself dry and passed out, 3 days later his neighbour found him, luckily he was ok and now been moved into a home, his brother, wife and daughter have now got the job of clearing the house out so they can sell it on.


I helped for a hour or so to clear some crap out, it unbelievable someone could live like this, they have already had 9 skips out of the place and it still looks like this!.


The outside, It had a new roof a few years back but other then a new board on the front window it hasn't changed for 9 years.




This is his kitchen, we had cleared a load of stuff from there this morning, you couldn't see the window.






This was his living room, he lived in a armchair to the right hand corner.




This was his front room, it was full of books, metal work and a lathe.




Stacks of new tiles, all in a groovy 70's patten, I might have these myself.




This is the stairs, no-ones been up there for years.




Back view of the living room, looking at the kitchen.




Living room ceiling, coat hangers everywhere.




Todays skip.



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Cripes! :shock:


Meanwhile, if the house goes to auction keep an eye out for a film crew and a smiley Martin Roberts or Lucy Alexander as it might appear on top* BBC1 daytime programme 'Homes Under the Hammer' .


I note that the house is a semi detached one - Lucy can flog my semi anytime. :twisted:

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I'll see if I can find the number plates, they aren't that exciting though, mostly E reg squire ones, all yellow with pressed letters on a yellow background like tractor ones.


No old hoovers, I did throw a few old electric drills in there earlier and the lathe is to be skipped or left, they aren't after money, they only want to get rid of the stuff out of the house so they can put it to auction, apparently the old boys quite wealthy according to his brother, they keep finding bags of old money hiding around the house!.

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At first I thought how desperately sad that someone should live like this....then I remembered a similar old chap who lived in an equally dilapidated house at the end of the street where I used to live. However, he was an obnoxious, rude, little bastard who actually seemed in perfect health, so one can only assume that it was pure laziness that got the house in the state it was.


Can you imagine if his brother came over to thank you for the help and said "Oh, there's an old Hyundai Stellar in the garage that he's had from new. Looks in good nick. Could you get rid for us?"

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I see this kind of thing from time to time. If the person has the capacity to understand the implications of their 'lifestyle' then they are deemed able to make 'unwise decisions' no matter how odd it might seem to the rest of us. I have only ever detained one person in this kind of situation under the Mental Health Act before but sadly that person had the beginnings of dementia and lacked capacity. It was like treading through a minefield of cat crap and pee.


Sadly it is usually brought to the wider attention of services if environmental health get involved or the owner is found injured or dead.


Hope that the poor bloke is happier where he is. Sad that he was in that situation, although I do appreciate the grumpy but healthy bugger scenario :lol:



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