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Rover 75 anyone?


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Well Hello!

A while back I lost my password on here and I have tried rejoining as TorstenAKA but no one seems to want to let me back on!

Anyway seems that on this PC my password is saved so hello again!


As you can prob'ly tell, my interest in saving tat has diminished somewhat, mostly because of having endless central London space which has now having to be rationalised and therefore most of my cars have had to go, I've replaced them with tasty bikes which are much more my cup of tea!


So what has happened is I have a lovely Spanish lady who funnily enough lives in Spain, nothing I love more than a nice long drive abroad and there's nothing the company hates more than me running up extra-terrestrial miles on the company motor so I went out and bought a Rover 75, I needed something fairly recent so's it would be covered by my yearly AA 5 Star thingy, nice car, 2003, 1.8 non turbo, no HGF issues, driven it on motorways and London traffic and it's as good as gold, 150k, no history but just had an oil service and the cambelt was looked at, still has writing on so doesn't appear old, looks like this hopefully:


Anyway, just before the initial trip I was offered a diesel Rover 45, one of the last, diesel and cheap tax...all about the MPG's see! So I took the 45, it was nowhere near as nice to drive nor as well made as the 75 but oooo that thrifty L series engine! Looks like this I hope:



Now, as much as I LOVE the 75 I can't justify it sooo:

Tax: end of May

MOT: May or June

Faults: few scratches and little dents, fag burn in drivers seat and on vinyl drivers window sill, driver window button loose, reverse lights don't come on, airbag light on (simple fix apparently), boot a bit soggy, Central locking doesn't unlock drivers door but does lock it

Good points: Lovely to drive, My Mum and son love it, looks great from 10 feet

Price: £650 or swap for a bike.


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I know what you mean - I'm currently rolling in a diesel 400 as my daily - nowhere near the same quality feel (or comfort) as my old 75 but the L-series feels like it would survive a direct nuclear strike, and I get 60mpg if I drive sensibly. Plenty of grunt too - mine's been mildly played with (silly air filter, EGR valve blanked off and one of Roverron's magic tuning boxes) so goes like the clappers, but they're not slow in standard form either.


£650 sounds pretty reasonable for a 52-plate 75. Unfortunately I'm skint at the moment so can only offer a rather unhelpful GLWTS.

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I honestly can't believe how well put together the 75 is in comparison to the 45, the 45 feels like it's made out of cheese but I'm getting 55mpg out of it easily and it's no slouch, I'll be keeping it a while I think but I'll leave it standard, it suits me fine as is, the engine is newly belted and allegedly bullet proof...and they are pretty bloody rare

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