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And they say buyers mess you about..............!

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Saw a car on Ebay last weekend on a classified ad, it's within our budget and is what we want in terms of Japanese, automatic, 1300 and from the 80's - Result!


Many photos and a couple of phone calls later and I'm happy with the description, he agrees to get it MOT'd and subject to a test drive at 10am today he will tax it so we can drive the 145 miles home, I leave my mobile number and say if there is any problem with the MOT to let me know otherwise I'll see him at 10am.


Get up at 6am, get picked up at 7 arrive at 9.45 to find it outside running (always a bad sign) mechanic has fusebox in bits, failure sheet is on seat, no wipers, washers and servo leaking, but whats this I hear........not the sound of 4 little pistons working in harmony but 3 good uns and one that's had a lie-in like I should have done.. "oh it's alright" he says "soon as it's warmed up it will be fine it's manual choke you know"


So 5 minutes later the engine is still shaking about in an otherwise immaculate engine bay which seems to confirm the mileage of 25K and not only the mechanic but the seller have disappeared, I wander into the yard and he suggests I give him a few days to sort it out, get it running right and all MOT'd and he will meet me half way but I've just wasted 7 hours and £45 in fuel and all I have to show for it is a grumpy wife without a new car........... :evil:

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Bought a car in Portsmouth once. Thats an easy 500 miles from my castle. Before I bid I emailed and was told, 'Yeah, mate. Drives fine.'


Mega bussed it down overnight.


Got the train to Portsmouth.


Walked 2 miles to said car to be greeted with 'Er, yeah. Wont start.'


Its amazing how 6 hours without a fag listening to snoring and loud Polish then a walk in the rain focuses your diagnostic skills!



Same happened with my X1/9! 'Yeah, mate. Drives fine. I done the MOT repairs before I put it in the garage.'


It had sat in the garage for 4 years! Took half a can of WD40 just to unlock the doors! Next half an hour was spent trying to remember how to fit and adjust points then finished off by fitting the wiper motor and rear lights in the dark.

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