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Lonsdale yd41???


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  • 4 months later...

If somebody doesn't help me to find a surviving Lonsdale somewhere in the world then EVERYBODY (yes you too) is in VERY serious trouble.


Come on Autoshite people, how are we going to go about finding one?


Team effort etc. We have some pretty influential people on here (well ya'know) of all walks of life across the whole world.


in a word.. or two..




So first lets talk strategy.


How are we going to achieve this?


Avenues of exploration:


Ascertain which countries the Lonsdale was marketed in.

Do we know the details of any ex-dealers?

Did anybody here ever own one?

Does anyone here own one secretly?

Were they all CENSORED by CENSORED wearing CENSORED?

Does anyone own any Lonsdale spares, even a badge?

Can we find a Sigma that was once a Lonsdale?



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I will now conglomerate as many relevant threads to this one as I can.


Extinct Cars:



Which 80s autos do we know have died out to nil...including the registration details of several dead ones:



Auto Dodo:



Lonsdale Spot:

















"Alloys fitted to 2.0 and 2.6, but not 1.6 Lonsdales. Glass's suggests all Mitsubishi Sigma-badged Lonsdales (May 84 to some point in 85) had tints, but original Lonsdales did not. Also possible this is J-built Mitsubishi Galant or Galant Sigma 77-84 UK dates - I get confused by these, but think this is late cleaner trim if J-built. J-built Galants in UK from July 84 were new body as /vehicle_214927-Mitsubishi-Galant-1984.html . That's as much as I can work out ....." Quote from here:



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I don't know that that excuses you... this time next year there'll be a Lonsdale for everyone. Aye the one you're on about is above, as I keep editing that post with stuff I find. The Yugo Owners club have 3 Sanas ripe for a mad man to buy and put on the road. I'm very, very tempted! Anyway lets not derail, and let have no 50s art yea?

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Lonsdale 2.0 - A710 SYR - Blue - Date of liability 01 03 1997

Lonsdale 2.6 - DDF 522Y - Brown - Date of liability 01 02 1988

Lonsdale 1.6 - DDF 507Y - Blue - Date of liability 01 12 1992

Lonsdale 2.0 - DDF 508Y - Blue - Date of liability 01 08 1990

Lonsdale 2.0 - DDF 509Y - Brown - Date of liability 01 06 1995

Lonsdale 2.6 - DDF 510Y - Green - Date of liability 01 02 1992

Lonsdale 1.6 - DDF 512Y - Silver - Date of liability 01 07 1990

Lonsdale 2.0 - DDF 519Y - Red - Date of liability 01 07 1992

Lonsdale 2.0 - DDF 520Y - Blue - Date of liability 01 11 1991

Lonsdale 2.6 - DDF 521Y - Brown - Date of liability 01 08 1991

Lonsdale 2.6 - DDF 522Y - Brown - Date of liability 01 02 1988

Lonsdale 1.6 - DDF 532Y - Silver - Date of liability 01 01 1990

Lonsdale 2.6 - DDF 533Y - White - Date of liability 01 10 1990

Lonsdale 2.0 - DDF 565Y - White - Date of liability 01 05 2000

Lonsdale 1.6 - DDF 566Y - Green - Date of liability01 07 1993

Lonsdale 2.6 - DDF 594Y - White - Date of liability 01 03 1996

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Thanks Trigger...


What do we know about the car it was based on..


Mitsubishi Sigma/ Galant if I'm right the Sigma was an upmarket Galant?


And I read that after struggling to sell the Lonsdales they were eventually badged as Mitsubishi Sigmas anyway. Will it be possible to spot one of these from the usual Mitsubishi version?

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I reckon it'll be virtually impossible to find an actual Lonsdale now and surely that they must be extinct which would be a shame. I seem to think that once upon a time there was a Lonsdale dealer in St Margarets at Cliffe, just outside Dover. The garage is long gone now though, replaced many years ago by flats.

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I've just bothered everyone on eBay selling a brochure to see if I can get any dealer addresses from them. Also need Practical Motorist November 1983 as it has a road test.


I have a copy of Autocar August 1983 also featuring the car.

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I'll get that done, how did you trace the company back to this fella? Bet is been just enough time for him to maybe want to talk about the great success.


You've got more of chance getting a blow job off Paloma Faith on the back seat of a Dacia Denem than finding a Lonsdale in the UK. Sorry. If there was one out there one of us would of found it by now.

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What about Ireland? Or the British Isles that aren't England, Scotland or Wales. Just never know what's out there. Incidentally was 'Lonsdale' a UK only thing?

The AS tentacles reach out to all our overseas territories. Why not search for a Alfa Arna converted to run on unicorn jism? They're everywhere compared to Lonsdales.

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Hired an estate for a week, from an ArfurD type on the end of Byker Bridge, in 86.

Scrotes had just nicked my 4dr Escort mk2 from the Metro Centre....


Nice enough, but a previous driver had been in with oily clothes...... I pulled the seatbelt on & got home with a black sash [permanent] over my jacket - GRR!



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That Edmiston guy used to import all sorts of blue-chip shite back in the day – Isuzu Piazzas for one, Subarus, and he had the Maserati gig for a while but fooked it off on the grounds that Alejandro DeTomaso was impossible to get along with.

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