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Monthly Scotoshite meet at Armadale last Wednesday of the month.

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7 hours ago, blackboilersuit said:

After working 55 hours in the last 4 days to make the seemingly impossible possible I'm upgrading my status from probable to almost certain. I apologize in advance if I fall asleep  face down in my pudding, it's been a long, long couple of weeks!

If it's Red Velvet and Chocolate Cheesecake, I throw my face in it anyway, tired or not.

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Seeing as I will have an income stream... I've booked a room at the usual place.


See you lot this evening.



It just occurred to me that even though the 316 has been in the AS fold since 2016, it's never been to a big meet. Only a small number of people have seen it in person. That changes today!

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