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The dash at night


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I reckon Sport trim (if 5 door) and 2009+ mild facelift.


The non shiny dash and up+down shift indicator means 2009+. HID lights (colour and lack of light height adjusters) but only single zone climate (only one temp control on the radio display) and no cruise control (on the right controls on the wheel) & auto wipers (because no adjuster on right stalk) means Sports trim.


Yes I am a bit sad. Or have some Hendry skills.

SI trim. Halogen lights. Manual wipers. 1.4 petrol. Not bad, good bearding

Nice car.



One’s too many, ten’s not enough!

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The Japanese at that time were really bloody good at making incredibly clean looking backlit dashboards weren't they?


For all there were a lot of interesting designs about at the time, I can't think of any other source of any which came close for how well polished the instrumentation looked after dark.

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