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Autoshites *official* WANTED/OFFERED thread...

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I have just had a bit of a tidy out and the following bits to sell:


Petrol powered 12/24v battery booster. Very handy if you store shite where there is no power..........can email pics if required.

Record 36" stilsons. Very good for things that are a bit tight

Sykes Pickavant diesel engine compression tester for light commercials and truck/bus.

Proper triclke charger/conditioner for 24v


Free stuff

Nice little set open ended AF spanners

Battery booster charger. Old but working

New Halfords battery charger...12v but pretty small

Eyewash station......new


All for collection really but i live near Santa Pod so should be fairly easy to arrange Autoshite courier

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Offered (Missed Free listings on ebay):


Vectra B hatch Front and Rear bumpers (light fawny sort of colour), free.


Breaking 52 Vectra C 2.0 Diesel hatch


Breaking W-Reg Astra Estate 1600 8-valve petrol blue


If there is any interest I will stick some photos up,




Ford type Weber throttle linkage could also do with any old carbs any condition.

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Just like buses, none for ages, then two turn up at once!!


Having a clear out, and also have a drive away awning! It's a bluebird campers one, Deluxe, I think, but they no longer list it on their website. I bought it about three years ago, used it once on the side of our T3, then got properly pissed off with camping and sold the bus.


It's only a small one, which we used for storage, and sitting out in. Doesn't have a groundsheet or any internals. Quite easy to put up, and also comes in it's own holdall. I can't find any pictures at the moment, and quite frankly, can't be arsed putting it up to take some, although I will if anyone is seriously interested.


As I said, it's been used once, then put back up to be aired out and dried before packing up. Cost me about £200 new, I think. Would like £50 from shiters. Can post at cost.

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Wanted to borrow/buy


Honda Civic (Rover 400 Hatch-Style) Detachable Tow Bar. Cousin lost the part I need and I MUST go to Wales to get OH's bike or I'll be refused food for a month*

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Wanted: Volvo V40 roof bars please. Apparently FATHA_Sterling doesnt have these on his newly-aquired Volvo V40, he has been asking me about them everytime I talk to him, I just don't have the time with all the stuff I need to sort out so anyone has a set they don't need, please let me know. Cash waiting.

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That does look inviting, is it the colours that make it look so bright and airy? When I get around to it I'll convert an old Vanette for my brothers family, well I say I'll convert, more likely I'll stick the windows in, then dump all the gear in the back and chuck it at them with a bag of self tappers and a tube of no more nails.

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Seems fair enough to me des. Its no more difficult than an ikea flat pack if its all cut to size ready to go. I stripped this one out, insulated the van and put it all back in last friday afternoon - 6 hours start to finish.. Yeah definitely the colour scheme that helps make it feel nice and bright in there as it is a small van. Having 4 side windows fitted is probably the key to it ultimately though. Thanks for your interest & good luck with yours if you havent got one there are only 95* left and most are already converted so dont leave it too late!

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WTD - some nice 15" wheels for a Lancia Beta.


Ideally I'd like some Delta HF wheels like the ones below, not the hideously expensive integrale wheels.




Anything that fits and looks good will be considered though.

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Proton jumbuck bonnet,same as wira 99-04 I think, the jumbuck is an 03


Two on eBay in Dorset but they want £75 postage

Michael 1703 -

Do you have any idea where exactly in dorset ??

I will be there in a couple of weeks, if it's near Bmth /Poole area i might be able to help...

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I'm after a Hillman Hunter dashboard, in good condition without cracks.


Let me ask my mate Steve and I'll get back to you.


Steve is a mutual friend of mine, Sam (Captain Slow) and Volksys. As I am local to Steve, he has asked me to try and sell his METRIC TONNE of parts that he has accumulated over the years, he has far too much stuff and not enough space, he wants to try and sell off as much as he can to make space and move his business forward.


He had asked me this a couple of months ago but since then I have done literally nothing due to difficult and changing circumstances, and some laziness.


Anyhow, Steve is centrally located in the Midlands, more specifically in Cradley Heath and mainly deals with British cars, he has much in stock mainly for Metros and other British cars, but he also has other stuff, i.e bootlid for a Peugeot 205 Cabrio and a BMW 6-series, at the moment he is on the verge of packing it all in so I want to help where I can. I am not much of a seller but will help if anything is needed.


What I shall do from now on, is where people have put up wanted ads, I shall ask Steve if he has the item in stock and the price if hehas and will get back to you via PM. Its about time I did something :?

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I know that good quality second-hand will be preferable and more cost-effective, but I had some excellent Hunter panels made by these chaps at what seemed like a not unreasonable price.



http://www.steelpanels.co.uk/rootes-bod ... =rootes#A4


I dont like the way the parts list state POA for early wings, but thanks for the link.......

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Front indacator lenses for mk3 Morris Marina. The orange ones that go in to the front bumper and are indacator lenses only please if anyone has any going cheap?


I'll ask my contact Mr Steve Metroman tomorrow and get back to you soon.

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