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Autoshites *official* WANTED/OFFERED thread...

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Anyone interested in a brand new digital dash? Universal fit made by Koso but has a speedo adapter for a classic mini (others available). Cost me £110 for a kit car project but was never fitted. Still in box. Looking for £50 collected or £55 posted.

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How much welding is needed?I don't even have a Mini!

Floor, bulkhead and sills are now solid. Rear arch's, boot floor and around the headlights need work. Much needs replumbing after the bulkhead work. Just had no time for last couple of years. All the bits are there but a few of them are knackered.

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Floor, bulkhead and sills are now solid. Rear arch's, boot floor and around the headlights need work. Much needs replumbing after the bulkhead work. Just had no time for last couple of years. All the bits are there but a few of them are knackered.

I am probably not the best person to take on yet another project especially if there are others who would complete it faster.

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Now posted in correct thread shocker.


I have many manuals. All unread (by me). They need to go, and I'd rather not bin such historically important literature. 


Some Haynes, a few Autodata and Autobooks. All in used condition. Be under no illusion, these are not new, but they are all useable, ie. they're not all falling apart with big oily fingerprints on them. (there may be some oily fingerprints)


Yours for postage. £3 seems to be the going rate on eBay. Send me the money by electric means, and watch as HMRC identify me as a millionaire antiquarian book dealer. 





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For sale 2x 175/65 R14 82T tyres, ~3mm tread left (just above the wear indicators) One Dunlop StreetResponse and one Arrowspeed CP661


Pics (in case you lack imagination)


















Located in Fareham, Hampshire. £8 each ONO collected, can package up and courier it if needed, either individually or together. Funds to go to AS kitty.

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Any interest in a T reg Saab 9-3 3 door?



It's a 2.0na pez auto, cloth inside, fairly tidy dark blue paintwork outside. Seems solid


Big pile of bills, he has spent £1200 recently


Vac leak is dropping it into limp mode now and again but we can hopefully get this fixed. Could do with a new starter motor and rear disks.



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A lift please .

Is anyone travelling up the A23 or A24 and heading over the Dartford bridge to the A12 or even better up the A12 to Ipswich or ideally passing Saxmundham !!! . Today Thursday or Friday or anytime soon . A contribution to fuel costs and a McDonald's happy meal is on offer !

Please make contact a.s.a.please ,


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The Dutch seem to be hoarding them - stock showing as 16:




I sometimes have to buy Citroen parts from Holland but surly not Metro parts!


I will keep looking and then see if the BMC rally near Peterborough has anything 6th Aug.

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Is there a shitter near Andover who could visit a Peugeot breakers for me? He wants me to bring my broken sump into his yard to check it is the same before removing one from a car. I'm not overly happy with the idea of driving down there then having to wait round for hours before driving back. Can provide beer vouchers + expenses etc


Austin, Saab and old bicycles still for sale

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I've tried Tranters and they don't keep bits for the older ones anymore,  on a positive note I've spotted that the Andover breakers is very close to my favorite campsite so might just head down in a few weeks.


Feel free to PM offers on the Saab,  I thought he might be being a bit ambitious but didn't like to say owt as he is renting one of ours.

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    • By Fabergé Greggs
      I have a Vespa PX. I love it. I commute daily on it.

      I don't have a bike license so I'm riding around on L plates which I'm finding frustrating given that I appear to better understand the rules of the road than 99% of other drivers. Or at least I know how to break them politely. Also I'd like to take a passenger from time to time.

      I'd like to take my bike test, direct access ideally, and I fully understand it's safety training as well, but £700? Ain't gonna happen. I'd like to do it myself on my Vespa, and given that it's a 125 and manual I could do restricted licence test on it couldn't I? NO! I hear you say! Why not? Because bureaucracy. How dare they take away my rights? You could probably fund the NHS with the money that they'd save by not ruining my life etc..

      So enter the LML.. A copy of the Vespa Made under license in India. It's identical in all but name and some suspect quality electrics. WCPGW? Because of modern regs, they've got a cat and hence a bit slower in standard form than the PX that they're based on, until you unleash an extra 10th of a horse by drilling a heart shape in the air filter. True story.

      So anyway, given that they're identical only slower, you couldn't possibly take your bike test on one could you? WRONG AGAIN! YOU CAN!! Apparently it's hard to hit the 31mph required for the MOD 1 test, but I think the naysayers aren't trying hard enough. WCPGW?

      ​So enter an ad on an owners forum. LML, 2 stroke (essential), 2000km, 2 years old, "broken right indicator". £MEGA BARG. I bought it about 2 months ago. Unseen obvs. The only problem is that it's 120 miles away. Several idiots on shiply claimed that they could collect it for reasonable money before changing their minds on time/date/ location. The vendor is a gent, a minister no less, and has been incredibly patient. However as God's birthday is approaching he was becoming less flexible making it harder to co-ordinate with a courier. Van hire seemed expensive and something about him told me that his arms to would be too weak to help me lift it in to a van.

      FUCK IT! Train booked. I"M GONNA RIDE IT HOME. IN DECEMBER. Forecast says rain all day tomorrow. WCPGW??

    • By AlsoMike
      I bought this as a stopgap, its purpose has been filled, and now I need something more economical.
      Its a 2000 Mazda 323F, with a 1.8 petrol engine and auto box (4 speed with lock out in top). Its in decent enough condition, looks tidy, starts, runs and drives with no major issues, decent amount of poke when needed. MoT is till November.  Interior is very tidy and shows little wear. Leccy windows, mirrors, sunroof which all work, AC which does not. The downsides are there are 3 small chips in the windscreen, all less than 10mm. And it could do with a tyre changing on the front as its cracked with age.
      More photos when its stops raining. Oh, and economy-wise it averages around 33mpg with mixed driving, more on a long run.
      Looking for £300 for a sale, or prepared to roffle at £5 if theres enough interest, could do with shifting it relatively quickly though. I'm also up for swaps, preferably for something small, petrol and manual. Small Peugeots are a preference.
      Oh, and its in Lincoln. Sorry.
    • By Burnside
      Right due to a mixture of life being a pita and the lack of money and space. I really need to get a car shifted before September ideally.
      So although this wasn't in the original plan, what better than me offering two Cars For Sale / Roffles instead ! 
      Plus Points,
       2006 Met Black Fiat Stilo 1.6 petrol Active SW. 4 Owners , 48,912 only with Mot till next April, Starts, Run's + Drives fine and engine seam's to have plenty of get up and go. Clutch is ok too. Brakes seam good inc handbrake. Blowers work ok. Front Leccy Windows + Mirrors. PAS inc City Button, Central Locking, CD player.  Looks to have had a full new Exhaust and Windscreen replacement recently. Tyres all have plenty of tread and spare wheel and tool kit is present. No fault codes on Dash. V5 arrived today in my name. 
      Negative Points,
      Interior isn't great. Worst is being the headlining and rear boot carpet, but is 99% complete. Bodywork has some interesting dents see pics! Also has poor previous repairs to nearside doors and is declared on logbook as being a previous salvaged vehicle.  Nearside front door doesn't lock on the outside but locks fine inside. Tailgate rattles slightly [ needs adjustment ] No service history so Cambelt Roulette at present, but Fiat reckon next change assuming it's had one would be 72K. Clonking / Rattle underneath suspect anti-roll bar joint as advised on last Mot. 
      Despite it's appearances though this car has potential. I feel that with a bit of time invested and a few trips to a scrappy as I'd planned to do, would improve it no end. But otherwise it would make a ideal cheap workhorse / dog carrier etc as is, that would also last you till next April and beyond without too much bother. 
      Car is untaxed but will Sorn if not Sold shortly and no Insurance. 
      Just want back what it owe's me so far. AS price is £350 firm or £6 a Roffle Ticket. 
      If the Cavalier sell's before the Stilo, then I may keep this car as originally intended but we see how things go.  Worst case I'll sell both and have to go Car shopping again! 
      Car located Midlands near Jct 10 M42 at present. 


    • By cpjitservices
      Hi all,
      As you know I've got a new car! 
      I like it.
      By no means is it perfect but then I didn't expect it to be. I'll dedicate this thread to the Ins & Outs of the 06 plate Saab. 
      Looking through the car there is no Service history - So I'll start my own, first job will be Oil & Filters change. Will get it in for reluctor ring change to at some point. There's also an error with the fuel filter, the sensors cover is smashed ergo, its letting water in putting the EML on.
      I shall sort those.
      Bodywork is fine, Very little in the way of rust/rot. Front bumper has clips missing so a corner below the headlight pops off, no great shakes - but I'll sort it. Alloys have a few scuffs & dings but will clean up nicely. Tyres are all nearly brand new- winter ones too. I need a new passenger side door mirror glass - there's a stick on lens at the moment over the top of the original glass as the original glass is somewhat damaged - I'll get that done soon (ebay).
      There's a knack to getting the key in & out of the ignition, put into reverse and then some more whilst lifting key is the trick. Maybe an adjustment can be made to fix that - in time!
      Everything electrical seems to work fine!
      Freebies: Dashcam (works perfect), Bluetooth system (again working perfectly), tyre compressor machine thing (in the spare wheel well)
      It runs & drives fine, no knocks bangs or clunks - and more than powerful enough - second gear it can pin you to your seat! 133k on the clock so its due belts, which will be done ASAP.
      It's also very very comfy!
      Going to get a full valet at the weekend and a good clean (pics to follow, Before & after).
      Keep your eyes open for updates!!!!

      PS - Interior shots to come soon!

    • By marm
      The scrappers offered me £150 for this, but so far I haven't had the heart to see it crushed. It's a great little car, fairly low mileage and drives brilliant. I got it from a family member, ran it for a year and had great fun with it.
      It's a runner. MOT expired. Last time it had an advisory for a rusty sill. Doesn't look that bad to me but I haven't poked it too hard. Starter motor doesn't always engage but the last time it was tried it started first turn of the key. Starter motor aside, everything works apart from one wheel has a slow puncture.
      In my ownership it had new front tyres, and new speakers in the doors. I even fitted some Eibach sport springs and a new set of KYB shock absorbers. It handles brilliant and at the time I was toying with the idea of entering some Autosolo events in it. That never happened, but it's still a fun cheap little thing to thrash around.










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