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The summit has been reached...


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So what's the point of a braking system that can't be bled at the nipples? Yet another indication that over-complexity is encroaching on all aspects of a vehicle.


The summit has indeed been reached.

1) NCAP - it may save people's lives and that but it is turning them into huge heavy lumps.

2) Legislation - environmental and safety.

3) Changing consumer choice - consumers buying ever larger, heavier, uglier cars.

4) Advertising - adverts are aimed at making consumers feel good or making them look cool rather than informing them of how good a vehicle is.

5) New car journalism - are they likely to critisise a car in the way that CAR magazine used to do? I doubt it.

6) Lack of choice - there are so many fewer independent manufacturers, as so many are in bed with another maker.

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The Bosch machine has four tubes that you connect to the bleed nipples, which are opened, like you would anyway. It draws fluid through the nippes one by one and refills with new, just like you can do with a 20 quid Easybleed from Halfords in 15 minutes.


It does it quickly, the typical main dealer answer to everything.

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Apologies FD...........just seen on one of the other threads that you are a sales bod and now realise you will be unable to answer the question of how something practical works.


So you either have to let air in and refill or let clean fluid in..........


Thanks Rev for the actual answer...........so there is no change then!

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Stands to reason. I watched the bloke using this thing, and after it was all hooked up, the LCD said something like "Open bleeders" and then "Press flush". I'd only use something like that a couple of times a year, but what a thing! What a machine! I imagine they cost a bloody fortune. It seems to have a number of master cylinder adapters too. If I'd paid more attention to what he was doing I'd have a better idea of what was involved.

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FD............No........I don't know much about you but I have gleaned the following over the last 3 years.


You sell cars for a living

You out sell everyone.......anywhere.

Because of this you earn lots of money

You loved scrappage because it earned money for you

You enjoy baiting people on intermet

Your 'facts' are often not supported by actual facts

You sulk and get cross when this is pointed out

You would like to be admired by all


All of this is fine............indeed up to a point it makes forums lively.


Try to chill...........have a fag.


Keep on getting stressed like this and it will kill you!

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You are both (or all :) ) right; you can bleed brakes by pressure or by vacuum.




In any case lets stop slagging each other off; we can disagree without spoiling it for the rest. If we are going to have a go at anyone who better than the pathetic corporate mouthpiece who can spout garbage like this about a cut-down, over-priced Corsa:


Available in three trims from launch – JAM (fashionable/colourful), GLAM (elegant/sophisticated) and SLAM (racy/sporty) – the ADAM is designed for you to personalise in over one million different ways.


Reaching the summit, no, more like plumbing the depths :evil: No wonder GM is going down the tube

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Won't take further bait!


Back to topic.


That ADAM is a classic case I think........cars have become so similar so marketing is very key. Identify your niche and go for it. But then perhaps marketing has always been the key........they all did it it years ago.

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Firstly sorry if this is a massive pic...




...but how many "styling cues" can you see in there? Audi A1 roof, old Ford kay-ay arse, Fiat 500 front...


Stupid name for a car but I think it looks quite good, too garish for me though.


Excuse my ignorance, but what car is this?

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I don't neccesarily dislike that Adam but the designers do seem to be trying too hard - they've seen the success of the A1 / DS3 / 500 etc and realised they needed a piece of the action so copied lots of bits rather than make something unique which seems a pity.

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You can't draw fluid from a pipe without letting air or new fluid in.


The Bosch machine is useful, no doubt. Over the course of it's life (however long anything made by Bosch lasts these days) it would undoubtledly save a lot of workshop hours.


Indeed, even if FD will dispute it to the end of times while he calls people with over 500 posts 'noobs.' I R RITE CUZ I SOLD MORE CARS THAN SHIRLEY BASSEY.

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Vauxhall Adam..........sums up all that I hate about "retro" styling cues. It'll look horribley dated very quickly, just as the "new" Beetle now looks like an amorphous blob. Now if Vauxhall had the bollocks, styling the new Insignia in the manner of a PA Cresta [complete with period rust traps], would have been worth doing.

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I haven't checked but I think it might be the new Vauxhall Adam, or maybe ADAM.



Yep, just been on the Vauxhall website & it is indeed the forthcoming Adam.


It looks shit. And has a shit name.


From said website:


"Due to arrive in UK showrooms in January 2013, our unique supermini will boast materials, apps and safety systems usually found in premium cars".


Apps??? Apps?? It a bloody car not a phone, Grrrr.


"Classy, sophisticated and glamorous, the three-door, four-seater ADAM retains key Vauxhall design signatures – the crisp line around the door handle, the wing-shaped chrome grille bar and the blade shape in the lower doors"


So the only exterior design features the manufacturers believe are of any note are the door handles, the radiator grille & a crease in the door. Good God.


"ADAM boasts a ‘floating’ roof that’s visually disconnected from the body, making the use of two-tone colour schemes more impactful than ever before"


Eh? What?


Load of bollox.

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just had this about the ADAM from Vaux...


'Vauxhall has released the first pictures of its all-new urban-chic premium small car – and it’s clearly very different to rivals in this fast-growing segment. Instead of following the well-trodden retro path, ADAM has a fresh, bold look that will appeal to open-minded individuals who want to defy convention with a car that is distinctive and striking.


And unique. For ADAM customers can use the wide variety of exterior and interior colours, fabrics, equipment – even roof linings – to personalise their car to their individual taste. With so many combinations available, there's little chance of finding two identical ADAMS! '


thems their words.............

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If you forget all the horrific marketing bullshit that's obviously been dreamed up by a room for of 40+ marketing execs brainstorming what the the kidz think is Kool I think KA_DAM actually looks pretty good.

It's not got any of the retro bullshit you get with the mini and 500, it's got that curved swage line that refers to Astra GTC and looks quite neat.

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