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M'coli's micturition - a Yorkshire Rochdale


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"Barkas" is actually a soviet UAZ. The kind of thing Mr.Glover would keep in his hangar, or Mr.Castro would use for a fishing trip in Mongolia.


Brilliant spottage, by the way !

Now you come to mention it, I'm sure I noticed that when I first saw it (3 months before I photographed it), but familiarity got the better of me obviously.

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Ok, so part two of the Bristol Bilge, the ‘Tolian Toleys.

Mk3 Escort estate.
CIMG0002 by dtvacuums, on Flickr
CIMG0003 by dtvacuums, on Flickr

Tidy Volcane, but could do with a polish.
33470821375_9f5b3ac91e_z.jpgCIMG0004 by dtvacuums, on Flickr

Pog’d Micra: this was taken last summer, but it’s still running.
CIMG0005 by dtvacuums, on Flickr

One for the ‘Sceptic sniffers...
CIMG0090 by dtvacuums, on Flickr

...and a Baur convertible in the same queue.
CIMG0093 by dtvacuums, on Flickr

Panda: 750!!! I only just had time to get the photo, I had to point, press and hope.
CIMG0094 by dtvacuums, on Flickr

I saw lately and it reminded me of Mr Bollox recent purchase, but it was too dark to get a decent photo of it, as it was of the Plimsoll swing bridge that evening. I went back to have a good look at the Plimsoll bridge, and got a shot of this too: little did I realise that the reg. number would be so prescient!
CIMG0101 by dtvacuums, on Flickr

Westbury-on-Trym: the definition of patina from an era when all Vauxhalls weren’t shit.
CIMG0044 by dtvacuums, on Flickr
32628152184_34a4a1fd67_z.jpgCIMG0043 by dtvacuums, on Flickr

Built-in-bastard Radar? Elegance and style…
CIMG0033 by dtvacuums, on Flickr
CIMG0034 by dtvacuums, on Flickr

A really nice looking 29-year-old 7-series: I really like the shape of these.
CIMG0031 by dtvacuums, on Flickr
CIMG0030 by dtvacuums, on Flickr

This was rocking around for at least the past year, but I’ve not seen such an honest-looking example since the mid-to-late 90s: neither scene nor “herdâ€, just good.
CIMG0089 by dtvacuums, on Flickr

The Commer PB that I saw during lunchtime walks near work in Lawrence Hill had dissappeared: taking a different route home revealed a PB CPTC: it’s only the same bloody van!!! :-)
CIMG0088 by dtvacuums, on Flickr

Some of you may remember the Granny outside the residential home!

And yet more later tomorrow!

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I've clocked this Minor estate (suck it up, it's still an estate) in Morrisons car park prior to this event, but this time, my shitey senses were tingling: when I looked through the Minor...




...there was a Dutch Saab 96 V4! The owners came back as I was admiring it, we had a good blether ("Why do you not have a Saab now?" "They're too thirsty and too long" was my reply!). They're camping in the Dales and heading north to the Lakes and Scotland. They have insect repellent ;-).






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Shall we have a bit of a dump of spots? Let's start with last July...

First up, a mk2 Capri on child-ferrying duty in Wetherby Morrisons car park.


If I'm correct this is an Austin 7 on a trailer, Great North Road, Wetherby.








Tidy un-messed with local Mini.



Bedford cuddy mover.



Tidyish Astra estate.



On to August. Check out this roastermobile in Aldi carpark!




Microcar action in Brora!



One of an interesting pair of Jaguar kits.



Seriously? Hell yeh, it's only a bloody Hercules!



On to September - I think I've posted this Landcrab in the past, but it is nice to see.post-3066-0-24420000-1529153488_thumb.jpg


A tidy wee Polo saloon driven by a young woman.



Again, I think this Panda's been on here before now, but it's still nice to see.



More later!

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Spotting threads aren't what they used to be these days, but I couldn't not update it after this utter honey pulled into Lidl's car park. The owner works in the motor trade -has a body shop- so had it restored and bare-metal resprayed. He seemed pleased that I knew what it was!



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Never got the masersti love tbh. Granted I've never been in one but that to me looks like a BMW 3 series...


Mrs6C made the mistake once and we both think they resemble a Hyundai Stellar.


You could always clean an E30 and a Biturbo side by side just so you learn the differences, not for me to end up with two clean cars!

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Spotting threads aren't what they used to be these days, but I couldn't not update it after this utter honey pulled into Lidl's car park. The owner works in the motor trade -has a body shop- so had it restored and bare-metal resprayed. He seemed pleased that I knew what it was!




Sounds like Witney, if so he also has a Karif and a more modern Maserati 3200/4200. If not then there is a bit of a parallel universe thing going on with bodyshop owners having red Biturbos!

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  • M'coli changed the title to M'coli's micturition - a Yorkshire Rochdale

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