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M'coli's micturition - a Yorkshire Rochdale


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I took a slightly different route out walking the dog this morning, one which brought me back on the bridleway beside the southbound lane of the A1M. I stood for a few minutes looking for Autoshite - or at least something older than about 12 years old - and all I saw was a run-out model Cavalier, so didn't take a picture.

I wandered on, and stopped again at another good viewing point; the bounty was an R-reg Disco, and a nice looking mk3 Ashtray on the local road - no need to get the camera out for those.

Then, heading northbound - shit, get the camera out - AAARGH, it's still on macro from the moth caterpillar shots 15 minutes ago - get it off that, zoom in, Done!!!! Autoshite achieved! Sorry about the rather shonky photos:






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This was in a scrapyard in Killinghall, Harrogate, last year - I didn't see it when I was there on Friday:



This was nice, good to see a Sherpa coupé without wire wheels.


The Citroen Car Club was at Wetherby racecourse over the weekend, I was out walking the dog Saturday evening and had a wee shuftie - this was the only thing I shot!


Last weekend at the National Railway Museum:


Last Tuesday in Morrison's at Darlo:




Then there's the BX, spotted in Norfolk over the bank holiday weekend. Driven by a lady of a certain age, her hubby had traded it in, and it had made its way to Yorkshire (Barnsley I think she said). The owner up there got in touch and she bought it back - she said her hubby thinks she's mad! I think she has a certain je ne c'est quoi.



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Yes, but I don't know what it says. The alloys are factory-fitted 14" jobs; it has the 1905cc diesel engine fitted. Oh, and a very beige interior, but I didn't think it prudent to ask to photograph that.

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I submitted my last written assignment for the maths OU course I'm studying tonight by hand, and as I'd had to hand-deliver assignments to him before this and got lost doing it, I knew there was some decent chod around the area. In reverse order, these are tonight's spots. First up is a nice wee supercinq:


Then there's the combo of a Mini van and a 205, I'm not sure either of them move much but no doubt I'll look into their SORN status later.



Round the corner but the same house, there's this lovely 245 Estate, but the prize is in front:


Ultra-shite on a stick low-filler A-series Metro - it must be last of the low fillers on a 'G' - with crumpled wing, wood rimmed steering wheel, Rover Metro(or 100) tailgate and passenger door



and sitting well-hard on those Wellers - which I'm sure were on my watch list and would have bid on if I hadn't have won the eBay auction for the Allycats now on the Imp.


Spot the typical door-rot too. Lovely.

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I may be a knowledge-free gimpoid, but I had NO IDEA tailgate, rear lights and doors!!11 were interchangeable between Metros and Metro100thingies. You learn something new every day, and I now want an MG Turbo / GTi Hybrid.

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Virtually everything behind the front bulkhead is easily interchangeable on Metros, and some other stuff too - my 1983 HLE's got Rover metro interlinked suspension on it, great for not having a shit ride quality.

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Bloody nora :shock: . An 'Austin 100' hybrid! That's hideous but strangely attractive at the same time… I'd love to know how much fiddling around it took to replace the rear lights.


It would have been amongst the last, yes, although a few 'H' platers did find themselves on 'old' Metro’s.


I wonder if someone has done the opposite and made a late nineties 'Rover MiniMetro' somewhere?!

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BX alloys are mega rare and quite natty. They 'helpfully' made a metric version of those too I believe, bet the tyres are expensive.

Mk1s are really rare now, haven't seen one in ages.

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It would have been amongst the last, yes, although a few 'H' platers did find themselves on 'old' Metro’s.

The H-reg ones were usually all high-fuel filler spec cars, G-reg ones were the change-over from low to high as the new panels for the Rover Metty came into use.

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What about those J-reg vans that used to knock about? I think they were white (surprise) with bright blue 'City' or similar vinyl stickers on. Bonus points were that they had older style recessed headlights too. I'm sure I saw a few around years ago. Heard they had something to do with Jersey, either being registered there before or being a failed order.

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I've somehow managed to miss this thread until today. This old Iveco/Magirus-Deutz is a mega-spot.


I wonder if it's still in use and how much VOSA attention it's had since then. (DVLA says still taxed.)


A quick Google image search suggests the offside headlight is the original. My money's on DAF for the twin nearside replacement.

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This place is rocking again! Not far from me is the Rufforth Autojumble, I occasionally go to it for some stuff. The carpark usually has some quality chod in it, so here are the few that turned my head on the last couple of visits taken on my phone because I forgot my camera: first up, My Little Pony pickup -



Then we'll go on to this little beauty:


Can you guess what it is yet?


Reliant Ant! I didn't hear it running, so no chance to hear the Ant music. Sorry about the shonky quality of this one, I was a little excited.





Then there's this Merc coupé in Morrison's car park:


That's it for now, more some time in the future!

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I wrote to the owner of the Caro asking to buy it but never got a response. If you go past again m'coli can you grab one of the trims and the fso caro badge on the back, they are missing from mine. :lol:

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Further to the earlier post, here's some more spots from around the area. There are some non-motoring shite included, but it does contain one solid gold piece of working autoshite that I never thought I'd see again in pre-restored form.


Righto, to begin with is this tasty mk1 Golf in Keighley while on the way to a pub for some scran before heading to the KWVR beer fest at the end of October: not too slammed, not too stretched, just nice.



Then there's a bit of steam engine action:




Then there's some non-automotive shite too: this Hoover appeared to be in regular use!


I had to take a closer look -



Slightly dissappointingly, ths year we were not allowed to roam around the cab of a 25 mainly because we got a steam train back to Keighley.



How atmspheric would this have been if I had been sober enough to get it in focus?



Next up is a Fiesta in Killinghall scrappy's:


Then there's a regular in Knaresborough's Lidl.


This was driven by a snooty woman who didn't like the fact that I parked between the lines: check out the corroded arch!


Now onto some recent (Tuesday) Harrogate spots. A nice pogweasel(who he?) pink Uno with canine driver.


Old and young Kas


I took a bit of a tour in the hunt for shite, it turned up this Micra


a 190 Merc


one for Fred, a late mk2 camper


Fiesta mk3, nose up 10°.


Triple CPTC!


A Porsche 911/12 in a garage in Wetherby


But even this is eclipsed in my opinion by this - a working Astramax... :shock::shock::shock::D


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Astramax - were they not classed by someone (Jeremy Clarkson) as the fastest vehicle in the world?

Nice sill repair as Tone said, straight lines are for squares!

IIRC a lot of these rusted in the raised roof bit over the cab where it joins the "max" roof? Corsacombis do too.

(Sorry not phrased that very well...)

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  • M'coli changed the title to M'coli's micturition - a Yorkshire Rochdale

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