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Moar Photies me & my old motors in the olden days


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YGP793G 1969 Hillman Minx 1500 Deluxe My very first car was originally turquoise but I brush painted it British racing green and put a vinyl roof on it along with a whip aireal (how do you spell that) could not go up hill without a good run up had brake judder at speed and wheel wobble at any speed jumped out of first gear and was basically fooked. Wrote it off on my 18th birthday by stuffing it into the side of a brand new Rover SDI (black ice) Went to car maintainance evening classes cos of this car


First car I ever got into debt for, Inside was customed up in crushed velvet and padding nice job by previous owner, This car was repo'd off me cos it was so unreliable, being youg & stupid I kept using the repayment money to keep it on the road. After taking 18 hours to get from Gatwick to Wembly I begged the finance company to take it away, didn't know I would still have to pay :oops: I am on left, I used to think I was fat & ugly then...God help me now!!!



Bought this off our company for £300 put tacky stripes on etc went to Wales camping with bezzy mate and sold it for £1500 on return, new owner removed stripes!!


This Dolly was a sheep in wolfs clothing, man It was fast and stuck to the road



Scared the crap out of its mew owner on test drive, well he did ask me how fast it could go, Paid up straight away after test drive and no haggling.

Mums Toyota I learnt to drive in, Oh how I wish I could turn back time, These are worth HOW MUCH these days?


Bezzie Mates car I taught him to drive in He part exed it for a Seat Ibiza in 1986



Dads Toyota


Mums previous toyota


Dads first car, he was a late learner


Dads Dolly automatic, lovely car


Mums Toyota from the rear and big Bro's bike which he had to get rid of cos the goverment dropped the cc size down from 250cc for learners


Big bro's MG as seen on other thread




This car was my first as a married man, owned by a sweet little old lady who had a nephew who liked ewspaper, filler and underseal. Front wheel folded under car as we were going through motorway roadworks luckily not at speed otherwise I would not be here boring you with found old poties!!!!!!


Tina, RIP thanks to a ovlov driver piing into the back


The only nearly new car I have ever owned, as you can see I was a great fan of Halfords





Another ex company car this Renault £300 to buy £1000 to sell, How I loved that company I worked for


Inherited motor from Uncle Bert, was rusty as fook but had to keep it going for as long as poss for Auntie Madge


Both died after a couple of years.

These are not all the cars I have owned just a few of some old pics I have come across.

Right I Won't root out anymore photos so you can rest easy :P

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Great photos, wish I had the foresight of taking photos of my old cars, esp my dad's stuff, I haven't got a single one. :'(


Same here. Hindsight eh? I would love to find a pic of me with massive hair in the early 90's.


These are great photos. More please sir. Can someone do the Doovla website look up on these please. I cant seem to get on the website as its timing out each time I go on the page. Not sure if its my computer or the website.

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Inherited motor from Uncle Bert, was rusty as fook but had to keep it going for as long as poss for Auntie Madge



Saw a very similar B-reg Vanden Plas 1100 on Steptoe and Son ride again tonight... Cracking cars, shame they rotted for fun :( .


I often suspect, nowadays, I watch old stuff on the haunted fishtank for the old cars and not for the, errm, programme? Wassat then? :lol::wink: . 1960s to 1980s films and TV progs seem to be my indoors visual entertainment diet nowadays :oops: . The Sweeney, The Professionals, The Ipcress File, The Fourth Protocol and Blott On The Landscape to name but 5... Can I add Clockwise? Regardless, it must be contemporary and not some made-up shambles like Life on Mars with its time-travelling Mk 2 Allegros or the other one with the "pre-production" (and pre-drawing board) ;) Rover 600.


Thanks for the photos - it's always fascinating to "dip in" to other peoples' lives and/or experiences :) . And keep 'em coming :) .

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