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First shite you ever travelled in.?


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The first car I can ever remember being in was a maroon Marina with a tan interior - the last of three Marinas my Dad had in the late '70s/early '80s. At the time it wasn't really seen as shite - just my Dad's newish car.


The first car I can remember being referred to as old (and thus shite, at the time) that I rode in was the Humber Sceptre owned by the neighbour of my grandparents. He referred to it in disparaging terms, and I remember thinking "how can you think that's crap?". I thought it was great. Which I suppose is where my slight obsession with shonky/odd/worn-out cars began.

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Apparently I was transported back from hospital in a very rotten 1968 Austin 1100 identical to this:




In my early years we didn't have a car so most of my first shite experiences were relatives and friends of the family or hire cars, for example:


Grandad's Minor (he got a Mk3 Cortina after this then a beige Lada)




Friend's Mk1 Fiesta




Hire car - 950 Fiesta Popular, brand new and first time out:




Dad had a shite bike though:



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My parents bought a brand new white Renault 14 with red interior a few months before I was born, thus being the first car I traveled in - do I win this thread? :lol:


Unfortunately due to terminal rust it was scrapped at 4 years old (according to my dad it was rusty in the showroom which begs the question, why did he buy it?)


A few years later when in primary School (probably circa 1987) we had an orange S-reg BMW 2002 tii, and my best friend's dad had brown R reg Citroen GS, I remember thinking it was so awesome that our dad's had such cool old cars even though at the time they weren't actually all that old, they just seemed so much more 'classic' compared to the Sierras and Cavaliers the other kid's dads had.

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A South Africa spec one of these, in white




The dealer (Irwins of Antrim) used to get a lot of cancelled order/fag end stuff, and knock it out cheap. The cars were always new, but not always RHD. My Dad's mate bought an Italian spec LHD Capri II 1.3 from the same man. I bought 3 Escorts from the same place, and an Orion for my girlfriend (extra shite points, it was a diesel)

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I'm not sure what my first ride was in, but it was quite possibly Dad's Honda Goldwing and sidecar which wasn't one of the flash ones with all the fairing, but a far simpler looking thing. He had three of these as the family grew from just him and Mum to him, Mum, me, my brother and two dogs. He eventually caved in and bought a Datsun Sunny estate in the mid-1980s which replaced a bike and sidecar that could transport the entire family.


Having the surname Roper didn't help matters, they were often called George and Mildred which I didn't understand until years later.

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As far as I can tell, little me was ferried home either in an FB Victor or more excitingly, a Renault Dauphine.

Unfortunately Mother's memory of the event was rather one sided and didn't go as far as registering what car Dad had at the time. Bloody women, eh? :lol:



I remember Dad always said the Victor was a heap of junk and was responsible for putting him off British cars for a good long while, starting a series of Renaults and Fiats, so it may well have been the Renault I was taken home in.



I'm almost convincing myself I can remember the Dauphine, I can certainly remember the E reg Renault 1100 that followed it, complete with its push-button automatic transmission just like an Edsel's! :lol:

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The first one I can remember was a Hillman Minx that my parents bought when the family expanded to include my sister, born 1961. Apparently I wouldn't leave my dad's Austin A30 when he took it for trade-in, so someone from the garage had to follow him home in the Hillman and take the Austin away when I was in the house... I don't remember the Austin at all. However, even the Austin may not be the first thing I travelled in, as my dad had a company van when I was born, which I believe would have been a Bedford CA. I was born in 1959, so all my childhood shite and even the new cars we had, are now respected classics...

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I was well brought up. At first, my Dad had a Honda C90 in special faded orange, soon after which he upgraded to a white Vauxhall Viva HB which was the first car I ever knowingly travelled in. When my mother reversed off the drive into a milkfloat, she touched up the scrape with white emulsion and Dad never noticed until she owned up. :D


He moved on from that to a 1976 Lada 1200 - ultimate shite spec in bottle green. Mum reversed this one into a thick concrete pillar after dropping Dad off at work one morning, the bang it made on impact sounded tremendous to my 7 year old ears. The damage? Just a small indent in the solid metal rear bumper...


The Lada went when it became too heavy for my Mum to drive. It was p/ex'd for the ultimate - an 79 Allegro 1100 in Pageant Mid Blue! Supershite spec too, super low-powered A-series engine, classy beige vinyl trim with no headrests, but it did have mudflaps 8) I'll see if he can dig me out some photos to scan.


I didn't realise until typing this what a shite childhood I had...

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Starting at the beginning .....


I was alledgedly conceived in a 1969 Triumph 1300 then approximately 9 months later travelled home from hostipal in a 1967 Triumph 2000 estate.


Moving on from then, the rest of the vehicles the parents had would have been well worthy of a place on here,

1978 Marina 1300,

1979 Chrysler (talbot?) sunbeam,

1981 Talbot Solara GL

1983 Talbot Alpine GL

1983 Peugeot 305 GLD estate

1983 Volvo 340 DL

1984 Talbot Horizion GLS

1986 Ford sierra 2.3 DGL

1987 Peugeot 505 GTI

1988 Rover 827 SLi (Sold just after I passed my test, got to drive it once at 17!)

1993 Citroen XM


Guess thats a fairly shite background

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My first shite is a choice of two:



1972 Morris Marina - mustard brown/yellow with snapped off door handles that cut your fingers - Owned by Grandad

1974 Renault 16 - blue, prone to weird electric problems, eg. radio had to be on for the wipers to work - Owned by parents


I was born at home, so no trip back from the hospital for me

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My transport home would have been my dad's Escort Mk1 estate. FOG something, something, something L. It was blue and rust. At least I think it was that. I think he'd got rid of the Mk2 Cortina by the time I was born. I remember the Escort anyway.


First shite I 'lap' drove was a relatives Mk2 Cavalier. It was a Y-reg 1.6L. My Aunt had a Morris Minor soft-top. It was an absolute wreck. You don't see Moggy dropheads like that these days!


The Escort died when I was four or five I think. That would have been about 1982. I still remember watching it being dragged to the scrapyard on a tow rope. It was barely a decade old.


The Cavalier was a company car and was dead by 1992. The relative worked for the Midlands Electricity Board at the time, so his company cars always had a hard life hauling huge amounts of kit about the place!


The Morris Minor survives though! Looks a bit different today...


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Unless alternative travel plans were made, I think I was brought home from the old Norfolk and Norwich hospital in the parent's orangey-red 1974 Cortina 1600 XL estate - with RoStyle wheels. It was 3 years old at the time, making it one of the newest cars my parents ever owned.

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