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Great Wall, of China.


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We've heard about ChinaTom's Great Wall Deer, a shonky, flimsy knock-off copy of the perennial Toyota Hilux. Now check this out! It was a tiny advert in the Yorkshire Post at the weekend:




They're here already, no doubt aiming at the tight-fisted Yorkshire farmers' market.




It looks fairly inoffensive if you like that kind of thing.




Waddaya reckon?

Are there any other Chinese brands showing up here yet?

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I recon the reason the Chinese are getting smashed into the UK with LCV's first is that they bypass all the normal NCAP safety gubbins required to put a passenger car on the road in the UK.

Even the Nissan Navara came out as a shocker a couple of years ago so imagine if you crashed this thing at speed the cement mixer in the back hurtling towards your head at 50mph would be a secondary concern.

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We have been getting Great Wall and Geely for a couple of years now,

and I do see a few on the road


links to sales listings

Great wall

http://www.trademe.co.nz/browse/categor ... 047&page=2


and Geely

http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Categor ... uggested=0


and to compare with Toyota Hilux pricing

http://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/new-car ... yo12ag.htm

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£8k BMW-faced mini-trucks


These DFM things have been around in Thailand for a couple years now, They look alright, they are available with slightly different levels of BMW-ness on the nose.




I had a poke around this one as I waited for a job to be done on the 850.




Dunno what was wrong with it...




I wonder how pleased the Germans are that these are now sold in Europe?

DFM stands for DongFeng Motors. They are sold here under the name DFSK : http://www.dfskuk.com/

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Huzzah! I iz da KING!


I own one of these - the first generation at that, so extra shite-points. Had two at one time, but now down to one.




First one is the original (also in sig), but that has now become a soda can, or a Geely Leopard or something. Second one still in service and Father in law has it now for his daily 220km shuttle from his village to the city and back. He loves it, fixes it, cleans it with an oily rag. It's been a technical service vehicle, a training vehicle for staff to learn to drive, a family car, a boxes of shrimp carrier, a hearse, a removal van and best of all, a faithful reliable old friend. Ahh.


I guess the newer versions will have lost a little charm as they will have push-buttons instead of winders, power steering, more than 68 bhp, won't bend like a banana in the middle etc, but I guess they'll still be a useful cheaper alternative to the L200.

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I quite like them little DFM commercials - the BMW clones !


I don't think having vehicles imported from China is such a bad thing;some of the products look pretty attractive.Yes,they are cheap,and won't be the highest of quality,but with a bit of care,and obvious extra anti-corrosion treatment,I see no reason why they shouldn't be decent affordable motors.


I also think some of the Indian cars I have seen online would be very welcome here.After all,other cheap Korean brands like Daewoo and Ssangyong sold well,even if they didn't last too well

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