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Drive Shite Day - what did you see?


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I went out on my bike for spottage and got NO photos of the 5 noteworthy spots.


Saw an early looking Mini in light blue with a yellowy/ off white roof. Next a black DS Pallas that I've seem many times in Glasgow. Then on a flyover on the M8 I saw a Bedford van camper, a Marcos and a VW Polo 'breadvan' but not sure if it was actually out for drive shite day or was just going to the shops or something and that's all! Hardly anything. Saw several MX5s but I feel I can't count them?


Later, while driving on the M8 I saw the spot of the day that was a BROWN Mk1 Escort estate horsing it up the outside lane (other direction)


Not great overall especially considering the weather was OK. Better luck later in the summer - any Sunday I think will be rife for spottage.

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I've just taken up jogging again to get fit and I find the single track roads round my way are delightfully free of traffic, bar the odd farm Hilux or Trooper , but surprisingly caked with chod.


Yesterday I saw in my hour -long run:


2 MK3 Polos, one J reg Estate in green, the other L-Reg 'Coupe' in Red.

Leyland Freighter Tipper (its a 6 wheeler so is it a Freighter) Its spectacularly dead and covered with a CPT, but I used to see it from the train gougn to Uni when it was working many years ago. Its in front of an equally dead ERF E8-Series 8 legger. Dont know what engine it has as its rated at 265. Our E8 was a Cummins 275 and a Rolls engine is 11 odd litres isnt it?


Dead yellow Pug 305 Van on a C-plate kept company by a rotting hulk of a green Princess.


I also run past the local breakers and they have some chod kept aside such as a MK1 Cav, MK3 Granny and a few Transits.


We also have a fair few travellers sites in the surrounding countryside and on 2 separate sites there have appeared pristine MK2 Transits with alloy dropdise bodies. One has a red cab and the other is white. They are really immaculate and I was surprised to see them amongst the worn out MK4 00's models!


Anyhow, useless without pics lol!


I owned a Leyland Frighter 4 wheeler (11-14) I thought 6 wheelers were known as Constructors?



Me too but then is that not the ones with the wide cabs that were built in the Scammell factory? This one has the narrow C40 cab?


Whilst driving to Campbeltown yesterday a group of classic cars were driving on a course round the Rest and Be thankful. Mainly Morgans and E-types but I did see a lovely gold Volvo P1800 and an orange MK3 Capri on a W-reg. NO PHOTOS as I was driving lol.

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