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Lord Sterling's motors - Wheels and stuff....

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17 hours ago, Floatylight said:

Why not take this opportunity to get one of the Rovers on the road!

Too much, too long and I don't really have a trusted mechanic that I'm comfortable with taking my cars to anymore.  I also need to prioritise paying back some small debts too. Whilst I can afford to save, its a very small amount at the moment. I can save a bit, sell the Peugeot and buy something I've always wanted.

If not, the KV6 is a very likely candidate for revival, but its not a priority.

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14 minutes ago, Bren said:

Sad about the vectra. Maybe we could have a joint car funeral? Also sad your garage disappointed - I suspect a lot of the bad ones may well go to the wall.

Thanks man. I think with the garage, they were very good, a lot of the work was quality and almost certainly outlasted the life of the car. But the quality of work has dropped.  Since my BMW, both the Micra and Vectra have suffered badly. Thankfully the Micra is now in rude health again. But both the BMW and Vectra are or will be bean cans.

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  • 4 weeks later...

So there you have it. A deceased Vectra which suddenly saw the Peugeot 407 shoot up from unwanted 'buy to sell' fodder to the dizzying heights of 'main everyday motor'.


I must admit, I am growing, rather worryingly, to actually like this car. I mean, a newish (to me) Peugeot ffs.

When I first got it, it was probably trundling on its way to a sad and unwanted end.  It had almost no suspension bush on the passenger side front so clonked everytime you moved forward causing that side wheel to eventually catch up and undoubtedly causing the tyre to scrub, the MoT was about to run out, one tyre had an increasingly fast puncture. Both keys looked like they'd seen better days, one just fell apart. Various bits of trim was (and some still is) broken, the spare wheel well still needs a wash and I finally did get a ton of what looked dog/cat crunchies type of stuff vacuumed out from underneath the back seat bench.

Now, the tyre has been changed (for a good marque too) both bushes have been replaced, no more clonking or squeaking and the thing now has a fresh MoT ticket on it for the next 12 months. I even managed to repair one key with good new buttons to a good standard! This really isn't like me...


Next, I'd like to tackle the tracking, change the rear tyres, clean the spare wheel well, change the front centre console (missed out on a good cheap one complete with gear knob recently) and sort various small bits.

It might be temporary, but somehow the LCD screen seemed suddenly display properly, its usually all pixelated and fuzzy, I can barely read off it, but tonight, I don't know why, for first time its clear! I've ever seen it like this:


So...erm...yeah. There ya go. A Peugeot, an 'an car' that kind of does what 'an car' is suppose to do...I guess.

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  • Lord Sterling changed the title to Lord Sterling's motors - The newest car I've ever owned, now with MoT...
  • Lord Sterling changed the title to Lord Sterling's motors - Messing with KNOBS 🤔...



After stepping in from abroad-land I self isolated away like hermit for 14 days and then decided on my first day of freedom that the Peugeot needed attention.

First of all it needed a wash inside and out. The rubber floor mats and tyres got some black shoe polish applied to shine them up and bring back the colour. Tyres also got a light coating of tyre shine on top.





At the same time I'd received a centre console lid which turned out not to quite fit:



So I chucked a handy small bolt through the hole made in the old lid which turned out to fit well and helps close the lid properly but it easy enough to open too 😒

I also bought a replacement gear KNOB off eBay as the Peugeot one was worn (ooer etc... and so on...) 

New vs old


Out with gear stick surround.


A bit of strength and the old know was pulled off (yeah yeah, pipe down with your dirty thoughts)


New knob on and I didn't even need to visit the doctors. 


However I wasn't happy. The new kn*b felt very cheap and light-weighted. The original kn◇b was solid, had weight to it and was made of some sort of solid metal material. The new one was just light-weight cheap plastic. Plus when selecting reverse, the reverse selector ring under the knob (here we go again 😒) wouldn't disengage due to the poor design of the cheap kn•b.  Plus it was too easily  removed which just added to its cheapness.


Still, looking at the original, it was quite basic design, a layer of leather around it (which I'm sure some people would like) and the chrome sign on top. I decided to pull the old leather off in which I looked further its fairly simple construction. Both were similar in construction so I decided to decontruct the cheaper one carefully of the leather surround and chrome top to transfer to the old kn¤b thus renewing it.

Old kn0b with old leather off:


I left most of the old glue on it as it packed it out to help keep the new surround stuck to it.

With the old knob, I popped kff the chrome gear selector sign then very carefully I peeled the leather surround off new kn○b:



Then I fitted the new leather surround to old kn0b, it was a bit of a fiddly job but done carefully didn't cause too much issue:


Then I had to tuck in leather surround on old knob, the top would be held in by the chrome gear sign and bottom bit had to be tucked in behind the surround for the reverse selector ring:






It's a lot better but the "leather" still feels a bit cheap and I can feel where I tucked in the "leather" underneath, but the reverse ring is now free to deselect with ease.

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  • Lord Sterling changed the title to Lord Sterling's motors - One out....

Well, the car that help start this thread has now left Lord Sterling towers, probably for good 🙁....


Its destined for a good home though and still in the fold. I still have a Mk1 Sterling and an 827 Sterling but in Mk2 guise.

I'm sure the new owner will open a fresh new thread for it when it's turn comes for a resto.

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  • Lord Sterling changed the title to Lord Sterling's motors - Wheels and stuff....

Wow. I've done stuff to this car and most of it has been fairly easy 😮

Last pay day I bought a bumper finishing trim and a wheel to match my odd rear wheel.



The bumper tag was a bit of a faff. It was cheap for a reason. But I managed to get it on and there (hopefully) it'll stay.


I rarely get out these days and get bored of sitting at home. I no longer have use of a driveway but have found a small (tight) area I can safely keep the car.

My drivers door has always clicked twice loudly when opening. I thought I needed a new check strap. Then a few days ago whilst messing with the car I looked a bit closer at the door check-strap and noticed one nut was very loose and another had gone awol I tightened up the one nut and noticed the clicking was very quiet, so I checked out the size and saw I had a few, so grabbed one and put it onto the bolt and tightened that up. The door is now very quiet when opening and closing. 


Today I set about changing the wheel. The garage where my car was stored borrowed me a jack and breaker bar because I don't have a jack and my breaker bar is stick in one of my cars now behind 2 massive metal gates.

Whilst there it met it better, sportier half:


Off with the old (meaning: incorrect)


And on with the new:



I must admit, were almost there in making this car as good as I can make it and I am beginning to be quite enamoured with this car. Its a boring everydayer but the work I do to make it better makes it feel just a bit nicer.

I've enjoyed making it better than when I first got it.

Jobs I've done so far:

• Refurbish keys (still need a button selector for one key soldering on)

• Bookpack, manual and new service book bought.

• Changed tyre at front (previously a slow-ish puncture.

• Front lower arm bushes done, no clunking when moving off from standstill. 

• Wheel tracking

• Rear bumper finisher.

• Rear matching wheel with a good tyre fitted.

Next on the list to do:

- Service

- Sort out passenger window (switch is intermittent)

- Fit passenger side check strap

- Change remaining rear tyre

- Finish refurb of remaining key

- Fit a better steering wheel

So, still a bit to do but certainly now in much better and useable condition.

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On 7/18/2020 at 3:54 PM, Lord Sterling said:

Last week I got chatting to an old mate of mine who was looking for a bigger motor for his missus. His missus has back problems and found getting into lower cars a difficulty. I mentioned the Zafira but was a bit weary as I wasn't actively looking to sell it. He wanted to reach a deal more so for his missus than anything.  In the meantime he had a Peugeot 407 2.0 SE HDi up for swap. We met today and he seemed very happy with the Zafira and off he went....


Leaving me with this:


Almost immidiately I swung into clean up action removing old plastic bottles and crisp packets. 

I visited the local IMO car wash place and chucked a bucket of water over it. It cleans up well. 


Driving it back, it was Ok. No rattles but a couple of minor knocks when going over bumps, there is also a bit of a suspension type squeak when going uneven road, which most of it is. I was told that it was down to suspension bushes which will get looked at. Other than that, it seems to drive Ok.

There are various non-mechanical bits and bobs that need to be rectified. The passenger door has a missing check strap. Rear bumper has a missing finisher (seen above) the radio does not have a clear screen so texts on screen are ineligible. the boot was filthy, full of sand and various nuts and bolts. All cleaned out now.


It does have boot carpet too.


I'll probably sort out as much as I can and stick it up for sale. It's not a bad car.

Did you make the swop at the precinct in Wallheath ? 

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37 minutes ago, goosey said:

Wallheath is where I grew up, as kids we used to call that area “the Pree” my brother worked at the coop but back then it was called Alldays 

Nice! I live near Kidderminster so Wall Heath isn't far from me. Its a delightful little place but used mostly as through route into Kingswinford/Dudley/Wolverhampton. When I did the swap, I went for a little walk around Wall Heath.

Ma and Pa Sterling had friends in Kingswinford back in the late 80s and early 90s, we lived in Telford then ans used to use the rabbit run quite often.

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