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Lord Sterling's motors - Small update

Lord Sterling

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Another good wee read. Glad you are keeping the faith with your old Rover. Don't worry, people in my street wonder the same thing about bothering with an old car! What do the folks at your garage think?


My Corsa is going for its mot on Friday and one of the other kind I'm having done is the wire brushing of a few rusty spots in the middle of the floorpan and the application of underseal to the whole floor. Already smelled super last month when the car got warm as a new crossmember was fitted and undersealed so I shall be buzzing after driving it on Saturday!


Keep up the good work.

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Lovely looking car,and just as elegant today as it was when it was a new car.Having spare parts around you is a really fortunate blessing,as Rover parts are tricky to get hold of,so you are several steps ahead already.The only thing that would frighten me is changing the dreaded cambelt;the assistance from a midwife might be required ! I would much rather drive around in a comfy old Rover than a nasty 'green eco friendly box'

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Lovely looking car,and just as elegant today as it was when it was a new car.Having spare parts around you is a really fortunate blessing,as Rover parts are tricky to get hold of,so you are several steps ahead already.The only thing that would frighten me is changing the dreaded cambelt;the assistance from a midwife might be required ! I would much rather drive around in a comfy old Rover than a nasty 'green eco friendly box'

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Thanks guys :mrgreen:


What do the folks at your garage think?


They do sometimes rib me about it being old, a Rover and having a large engine, but they only mean it by jest. I think they appreciate that whilst its a big car, it is simple to work on, not something they get alot, they also understand my love of Rovers having brought pretty much every single car I've owned to them.


I would much rather drive around in a comfy old Rover than a nasty 'green eco friendly box'




After a hard day at work loading trailers full of heavy boxes ect... Its nice to sit in and have a relaxing drive home, not something you'd get alot with many cars today as most cars have a style bias towards sport/speed rather than comfortable cruising.

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Thanks Richard. A rather belated welcome to Autoshite!


I remeber we spoke about this car sometime back before you jetted off to the Middle East. We were going to get it back on the road as you had access to a hanger back then.


I must admit, owning this car had been a bit of a challenge, and that was before it out back on the road! The garage rent was increasing like no ones business and I really couldnt afford it, it got to the point where I honestly thought of scrapping it, but when I went to the garage and got in it, I knew that would be a very bad decision on my part, thankfully the taxman repayed me some money, enough to get it back on the road.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Today I had a little spare time, I always thought my steering wheel looked grubby despite trying to clean it, which just took some more leather coating off it. The original wheel looks clean in the photos but is actually pretty grubby.


Anyhow, I had a couple of spare steering wheels and decided to see if I could change the current wheel for a Black one I had laying around:


Old wheel:




New wheel:




I thought the change would look a little better than actually does, but for some reason, it doesnt. It doesnt stand out as much as I thought it would and to be honest I'm not that convinced by it. I shall kepp it on for a bit as my workplace is pretty dusty and dirty so it wont show up so much, but i think in time I'll either change it back or get the original wheel re-coloured or something.


I tried this......



But I think its a little too fussy.



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Agreed, I'm not sure about the black wheel at all but a cream one is totally impractical. I wonder if you should try the cream centre for a few weeks and see if it grows on you?


May I also suggest some Gliptone liquid leather cleaner and then their conditioner afterwards. It will make your seats feel and smell like new and 'heal' the creases. Can't use it on your wheel though, would be slippy and dangerous.

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Anything would be better than the mumpish airbaggy wheel in mine. Always liked the clean looks of the one in my 820e, but nowadays I really enjoy having a leather rim. Who doesn't?


The 825 still slumbers in Nan and Pops garage while mine is full of doors and kitchen worktop. Looks like the Rover is next years project, having been overtaken by House in 2012. Should get my priorities sorted.


Keep up the good work, Mo.

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I like the black wheel. It matches the black plastic behind it in a very factory looking way.


Me too, I hate light coloured leather steering wheels in cars, for some reason they always seem to get worn and sticky in a way that black doesn't.

The only thing worse than a cream/beige steering wheel is when it's got bits of wood-u-like on it as well.... :roll:

(I'm looking at you, Volvo and Jaguar...)

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I had a gold Rover 825i Starling. Bought it for £75 from Mannnnnheim Auctions in Mansfield (before it was Mannnnheim and you didn't have to pay £7654 in buyers fees) back in 2000. Rusty arches and no MOT but it drove well. I bought it for a mate who wanted a Honda V6 for a mad custom bike project.


It was E500UNE. I still have the old V5 somewhere, never got sent off to DVLC.

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Cheers fellas. Its starting to grow on me, the Black steering wheel isnt offensive, looks factory and I can change the hub with relative ease if I want to change. Also any dirt/dust from work wont show up so easily as it would on the Beige wheel, I'm happy with it but I will get the original one re-coloured or buy another wheel in the same colour.


Rev - I remember you mentioned this car before, does your mate still have the engine? The 2.5 is quite rare, early cars did rust badly. The colour of that one would have been Shantung Gold if it was anything like this:




Rover 825i by Peter_b2008 @ flickr


RAC says E500UNE was an 825i, not a Sterling as the Sterling was the top of top specs, leather, all round electric seats etc.... The 825i was 1-spec under sans leather and leccy seats. The 2.7 version of the 825i was the 827SLi.


I better stop before I bore everyone....

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  • 6 months later...

I've been having a rather shit time of late, family, jobs, lack of cash etc....

As regular viewers may know, my 1990 Rover Sterling with the oh so "reliable" Rhonda V6 engine had decided it'd rather not be an engine anymore. A few weeks back whilst taking a rather nice girl I work with to her home the Sterling seemed unhappy and rather unsteady, the white smoke of death came true and low and behold, the engine was in its way out. So much for Hondas perceived reliability, this is the second Honda powered Rover I've had go on me. This time though, the problem is a rather stupid and certainly unnecessary.

Anyhow, before the Rhonda Sterling went, I agreed to take on a KV6 Sterling, it sounded rather ravishing with a combination I've rather admired, a Grey saloon with cream leather interior and Claret carpets (colour of the carpets don't bother me much in all honesty) other people were dithering on whether to take it on, I did too intially, but I though, what the hell, to for it. So wheels were set in motion for me to take delivery of a KV6 powered Sterling.

It took a couple of weeks longer to sort getting this car down to me, but yesterday, the KV6 landed in Birmingham rather loudly:


It looks much like my mk2 827 Sterling being as they are the colour and body style. Nuff spares for me then.

Although it looks fairly tidy in the picture, it is not. The car had probably never seen sponge before and the drivers side wing has comedy amounts of filler:


A spare wing did come with it, but it needs painting up.

Inside doesn't get any better:



Although it can't be seen properly, the leather seats are fairly grubby, they will need a good clean.

This is the boot:



Not nice, it is rather damp in the boot too. The carpet is damp as is the wooden board.

Normally by now I'd comment on its drivability, now it is nice, straight and really hold the road, but there is one problem.... Where the flexi pipe meets the cat, it has blown, there is literally nothing there to hold the two together, there have been bodging attempts to no avail and sadly as a result, the car is VERY loud, so much so that it hurts my ears to drive. The interior rumbles to the noise it gives away it really is like sitting next to the engine in a small plane, outside the noise is no better, people look and stare. This is something I am going to have to address very soon.

Apart from that, I gave it a £4 wash 'n' wax and dressed the tyres:



There are a fair few rust scabs around, the boot is damp and the exhaust is in a horrid state. But I reckon under all that, is really is a nice old honest thing.

First priority is get some sort of cat and flexi pipe on it, after that, who knows.......

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I really like the colour combo of that kv6. Those interiors have such a comfortable look and feel to them, modern manufacturers could learn a thing or two about making their cabins feel welcoming. Looks like a worthwhile project. What are your next plans for it Mo?

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Sorry to hear about your recent troubles.


However, your new motor looks like it has lots of potential. For a start, the interior is ACE. Glasogw reg too. Some Gliptone liquid leather should have it looking like new.


The leak in the boot could be from perished light seals, boot seal, the welds in the roof gutters or even the rear 1/4 windows, all easily fixed, just a bugger to find which one it is! Silicone sealant is your friend!

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Come on Mo, it isn't THAT loud... I drove it 330-odd miles down to Brum and didn't get a headache! It is a bit grotty but it seems a decent enough machine and it really drives well - no thuds, rattles, bangs or clunks and it pulls rather well.


Despite all of this I can now safely say I definately don't need an 800 in my life. I'll stick to rancid old 740s and Vauxhalls.


Nice to meet another shiter and be of use for a change!

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Every time I read the initials KV6 it nags at me that I really ought to persuade mine from its slumber. I really can't wait, it's just the space / money / time combo working against me, though.


I'll have it out in time for summer, I'm sure. I now it's just a crap old Rover but driving it hard through the gears, sunroof open, A/C on is most intoxicating. Good luck with yours, Mo!

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Cheers lads. Cleaned up it looks sweet, very grand. From a distance it does well to hide its bodily problems.


Whats happening with your dead sterling then? I have a cracking engine for one of those sitting about, although its got a flywheel on it not a torque convertor.


Cheers Bol, I've already sourced a good engine to go in it, there is Rover 800 nut and mechanic who will look at it. Its just a matter of time and money that is keeping it off the road, it is safely stored at a good friends house until I can get it sorted. I will keep you in mind though.


Come on Mo, it isn't THAT loud... I drove it 330-odd miles down to Brum and didn't get a headache!


Trust me, its turned heads, possibly because it sounds like a Skyline but coming from a rusty old Rover. I intend to make it as nice, clean and sound as I can anyway, it really is wonderful to drive, even just getting in it is a nice feeling.

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  • 1 month later...

Well, so far I've had this car now for nearly 2 months or so and have driven it for 3 days. Its been fantastic, so very plush and comfortable, (nearly) everything works, the windows can be very slightly intermittent but do work.


Since I've had the car I've replaced nearly the full exhaust system bar the backbox, it has started to blow again but only very slightly. At least its a damned load quieter than it was when I first had it.


So far;


- Most of the exhaust has been replaced but is starting to blow slightly again.

- I've managed to bodge in some generic speaker I had laying around as the passenger side speaker was completely blown.

- I also reattached the tweeter wires as they had for some reason been left dangling behind the door card.

- The horn has been sorted and actually sound like a proper horn rather a scooter type horn.

- One of bonnet locks has been freed off so both bonnet locks work fine now.

- Managed to bag a full sized alloy, need to change the tyre from the steelie to the alloy though.


Needs sorting:


- Replace the CD changer.

- Replace the other speaker

- Plastic weld Expansion tank, yes, this one has a small hole too.

- Kurust all the exposed rusty bits.

- Replace drivers side wing


Today I took a small trip to see my old G-reg and drove it around the yard a bit:






It was good to see it again, I do miss it, I shall endevour to get it on the road again, but keep it now for high days and weekends rather than an everyday car and try and use this, or a KV6 Sterling as an everyday car.

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Er, I suppose so. I'm just going to go and stand around scratching my crown jewels whilst looking at rubbishly built British tat. I'm not much of a peoples person I can tell you. My car will probably get laughed at for its manky wob-laden drivers side wing and being equipped with a KV6.


There are, as far as I know, a fair few Autoshiters going along to this too, some will probably take pictures, others will be will join me mumbling over British rammle and get laughed at by the local TuRdDBo chavs/RaT LuK KrEw.

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  • Lord Sterling changed the title to Lord Sterling's motors - Small update

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