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Who said you can't buy a cheap car now?Now with wing pics!


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Yup just bought a taxed and mot'd jaaaag with 106 k and a full service history,just got it home and gave it a quick hoover,hopefully the dry spell will continue tommorow and i can have a better nosey at it.













ps the front wings are completely fucked!

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2 months tax and test billy,i'll stick in for an mot next month,if it isn't a bad fail i will hang on to it for a while,if it is a bad fail its getting punted on.


The drivers door doesn't open from the inside,there is a little knock coming from the front thats possibly a ball joint or arb link,and the clock doesn't work.


The front wings are shocking though!

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One million percent 'can't go wrong money' right there mate. Hopefully it'll get through the MOT, I bet it'll be ace snazzing round in that. Mind you even if it dips on shed loads of things it'd break/weigh in for more. Spare wheel looks mint, most seem to have corroded/shed their lacquer ages ago-I've got four or five rough ones here I'm weghing in shortly.


Are the wings gaffer-tape-able to get them through the MOT by the way?

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What a winner!! :D

I have been tempted by a few 3.2 sports lately, scruffy ones ebay for £800 ish while Ive seen nice ones at dealers for £3k!

My mate Gav who runs a little village garage has just bought one for £400, but I haven't seen it yet. It will keep his XJS V12 company in the corner of the yard probably.

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Bargain car. The wings are bolt on and should be obtainable in the same colour as it is a pretty common one. Most of the wings on these cars have the odd ding here and there, it just seems the norm. Ebay has a good few for around £50 per side plus p&p.


Clocks never bloody work and replacements never last. Repair is about £20 upwards on the same 'auction site'.


I doubt any of the clunk/bump noises will be major. Bushes and TRE's are the most likely culprits and TRE's are not that costly.


Excellent car for the money and better put together than the XJ40. One of these is on my 'wish list' for sure.

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Arrrgh rain !


Anyway managed to get a couple of pics of the wings, i reckon they have been painted in the past ,shame as the colour match is good but the prep wasn't.






The colour disguises some of the bubbles ,but they are there!



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