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Fiat 128


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Ta for the comments. The car came in to the UK in 2000, bought by a London DS dealer at an autojumble at Imola. It had been owned by the same guy from new, who appears to have used it about once a week and it had only 65k kms on it. It still has factory stickers and labels even now.


I bought it for my then-wife after seeing it in a 'Driving our ads' feature in Classic Cars mag. I had it Waxoyled right away and She used it as a daily for about three years, then needed something bigger and we'd nowhere to keep it. I sold it to a bloke who sources film and TV props and always regretted having to part with it. In 2009, I found it for sale in Ireland and went over and got it - the vendor had three warehouses full of amazing classics - 500, 1000 and 131 Abarths, 131 coupe, 128 rally, 132s, three Cortina Lotuses, rally-prepped Anglias and an ex-royal Tickford Granda estate, amongst many others.


The 128 looks amazing from 10 feet, but it's got wee a bit of bubbling round the edges. I use it as a daily in Summer and store it in Winter, so it'll get a few more years without falling apart. It's never (for me) failed an MOT or broken down. Miracles.

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Wow that's a beauty!


I've seen a few promo pictures of Fiats from that era with XGF numberplates, I wonder who the first owner was?

XGF seems to be a DVLA plate for imported vehicles, I think. The Volksworld Fridolin is on XGF 258M and there's a W123 Merc in Maida Vale on XGF ---M, too.




Having said that, my van got BLK 156S. I tried to sell it on but no black Alfa 156 Sport owners were biting.

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Very cool 8)


A school friend's father had a 128 the same age as yours in a particularly eye-popping shade of bright yellow in the early 1990s, which he used a daily driver in order to keep his 1984 Granada Ghia X estate pristine. It was universally known as "Gazza's Flying Banana" :lol:

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That IS lush! :P


I love these wee Fiats, one of the best engines ever fitted to anything ever IMHO.

Here's a couple of snaps of the one I had, looking a lot less rusty than it actually was. :oops:




And an arty shot of the bonnet with bonus Renault 4 sticking out from behind the house.



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Hey wow, I remember this from the ‘driving our ads’ thing in PC, it looked like a total museum piece. Mega props to you for driving it everyday. I would go into spasms if i came up beside that in a rush-hour traffic jam, its beautiful!

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