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I'd love a 16/60 in Rose Taupe and Sandy Beige- a proper bit of 60's Colourmaster seaside town postcard street furniture (If that makes any sense?).




Wolseley 16/60 - PLJ 842G by Brian Farrington, on Flickr


I'll put scans of some recent ebay purchases on here soon... 

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Some nice multi-Farina action going on there - have to add those to my collection!   Also, Rhos-on-Sea looks like its hosting a nice piece of mid-sixties RHD Yank wagon-ness too.  Plymouth Belvedere?


I'd thought some sort of AMC, but suggestion of Chrsyler Valiant on Flickr looks to be on the right lines.

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Marine Drive, Clacton, circa 1962 (FB Victor in distance). What appears to be a 1948 Minx in front of the 300e and a Cros spec Bedford van in front of the MO Oxford?



Slightly up the road now to Marine Parade East circa 1966, do a right at this crossroads and you'll be at Clacton Pier. Different editions of this card have the Skoda in grey. Double Wolseley 16/60 content too!



On the same stretch of road is Kings Parade, Holland-On-Sea from around the same period. Double Farina content again and the Super Snipe has the same London XYV registration as the Squires... 



Out of Clacton, through some countryside and "The Gates" we find ourselves in a busy looking Connaught Avenue, Frinton circa 1961.





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Junkman today BR Eastern region HQ on Liverpool Street London is..... McDonalds!




So see the building behind BRE HQ/McD? That’s “Bedlam” London’s famous mental hospital (and origins of the word) - well underneath it is at least. 1901 Liverpool St was the Great Eastern Hotel, it also has the Eastern region staff war memorial on a facing wall visible from inside the station. Also a Mason’s meeting point and Van Helsing Hotel in Dracula. The station has some cracking history - U boat ramming plaque anyone - thousands of people pass through the UK busiest station concourse (fact per square foot) and haven’t a clue. I also worked there in ‘94 & 2012.










You will have seen in it Tom Cruises first Mission Immposible where he boards the Eurostar at Liverpool St station. (The fake front of the Eurostar sat abandonded in Stratford depot till it got all Olympic parked, it’s never departed from Liverpool St, only Waterloo and St Pancras. However the current Eurostar depot in Temple Mills is half a mile away from where the fake nose were dumped).


Finally you could order a new Montego there from the factory.....









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