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Edd's Talbot Samba Thread


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  • 7 months later...

I have a brochure from Charters of Aldershot who made it... based on the S with webbers and optional wide arches.


Small update regarding the Sambas..


Cant even remember how to upload photos grr.






The Samba Roller is next in queue for MOT but I keep doing daft things like going to Dubai and Hong Kong and buying other cars. Once we return from Bulgaria I should be able to progress the Roller. It now starts and stops and can be driven on the road to its MOT whenever I book it!!


An camel




Got a new job as a welder fabricator






bought this last winter




And this Jaguar




And my old red Cabriolet came up on ebay and the same bloke who took it away a year ago brough it back one morning :)




Also incoming in the not too...



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Wow! I didn’t even know the samba existeduntil reading this thread. Love the Horizon aswell.

Not a samba I know but spotted this lovely 104 in France last year. Even these are rare in France (this is the second one I’ve ever seen) so I’d imagine Sambas are very hard to come by

38563649266_065a4ab4c6_k.jpgPeugeot 104, France by James C, on Flickr

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  • 2 years later...

Someone asked on the Monza thread what the current fleet was...

Three Talbot Sambas '84

Talbot Express Camper '86

Jaguar XJ6 3.2 Sport '97

Jaguar XJR '95

Saab 900 '98

Moskvich 24012 'Aleko' '89

PK Jimp number 001 '82

Yugo Tempo '89

Opel Monza GSE '84

Opel Monza GSE '85


Good god do i own this many cars I thought I was doing well at getting rid 😅😅😅😅








I finished the Samba Roller then sold it then bought it back a year later broken with a half fitted 1.4 engine.

The red cabriolet came back as above and is still in storage waiting its turn for an MOT.

Jack's white cabriolet still in storage waiting its turn for an MOT and Jack living in S. Korea

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  • SambaS changed the title to Edd's Talbot Samba Thread

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