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Edd's Talbot Samba Thread


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Engine Mount - DONE




Exhaust Blowing - NOT YET


CV Gaiters - DONE, Pig of a job requiring drive shafts to come out, did new inner and outer in the end, cost £75 to do. Bottom arms, steering arms, anti roll bar all had to come off.




Driver Seat Loose - DONE


Clutch Pedal Loose - Investigated, needs new insert in pedal pivot thing. Actually still listed by Peugeot UK. Put back together wobbly for now.


Electric Windows Inoperative - DONE


Wing Mirrors Missing - Have new cage nuts from talbot rehab. rare parts! now can put proper non-Halfords wing mirror on - driver side at least.


3 Slow Punctures - AFTER MOT


Tracking - AFTER MOT



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I've stumbled across a Samba Convertible in a barn adjacent to a house that I am purchasing in the South of France. We're buying a holiday home and the guy selling the house to us owns all of the adjacent land and associated outbuildings. He must have about 30 classics strewn about the place - some pretty exotic. The Samba caught my eye because it looks to be in excellent (outward) condition, and appears to have been blocked in by the (also very solid looking) Volvo Amazon. I'd say it must have been there decades looking at the dust.


Bit of research points to this being the 80bhp 1360(?)cc French model.


The wife keeps hinting she'd like a convertible to potter around town in when we're down on holiday and I have been on the look out for something suitable.... Anybody got any experience with these cars - what to look out for, rust points and so on? The bodywork looks near perfect from the short poke about I had.




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Just have a look through this thread at mine. They are all well rusty!


Lift rear seats up and check where subframe mounts. This bit is a common area and a killer when bad if you cant do yourself. Also check the back of the sills near the subframe.


Rear corners, inner front wings, and where the wheel house tub meets the sill at front.


Basically anywhere mud can accumulate and rot out metal.


Think I'm taking my red one over to France in may when I start my new job there. Good luck. Great fun little cars :)

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Thanks for the reply. I've read this thread from start to finish (there's a lot of it!)


There's a lot of rust also.


I'm hoping having lived in the south of France and having been barn stored for what looks like the last couple of decades it might not have experienced much rain/mud or whatever and could be totally solid. I'm heading back over next month so i'll try to investigate and see if the current owner is willing to let it go.....


I've been told there is a panel overlap/join under the rear seat which is a common rust point (possibly the subframe mount point you mention?); do you have a piccie of the under-seat area showing this by any chance?


Thanks again!

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Here :)



This must be the luckiest Talbot Samba in the world you know, the MOT station told me it could not be repaired in Spring 2010, which annyoyed me a bit!


I took it straight to a different garage for a second opinion and was told to knock all the filler out and see what's what, but he said looks like a can of worms.



Which inevitably it turned out to be.


Anyway I couldn't see it go to the scrapyard, so after a professional quoted me 15+ hours of welding at £40 per hour I started to think about buying a welder and doing it myself. In the mean time a neighbour said he'd "do it one weekend" and true to his word he started to weld it up, and after 4 weeks it was done. It's not pretty but I can't complain can I considering it cost me a few McDonalds!!

I've since learned to weld myself and am keen to crack on with the Opel Monza, but the little Samba will be seen right first so I can get to my Vehicle Refinishing college course cheaply in September it's a 180 mile round trip 2 days a week!! .

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Spent a day on this one.


I take no credit for the work.


It was nice to have a pit to put it over




After fitting new studs, nuts and gaskets in 2012 (see here: http://autoshite.com/topic/10831-the-talbot-samba-thread-no-wicked-for-the-rested/page-7) the exhaust manifold started blowing again. I think one of the threads stripped so never tightened up properly so 100 miles later was as bad as it ever was.


So off it all came over the pit and a new stud and nut used, with more new gaskets and a smear of paste over the manifold flange.


Quiet now :))






Also changed a track rod end as it was mentioned on the MOT advisories. And pretty bad to be honest.


Also changed the steering flexible joint as mine had cracked. A Peugeot 305 one was to hand and similar so the splines were swapped over.


And the engine was propelry seated on its mounts. (It's fell out twice this year)

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World's shitest picture I know, but I have just found this online. The guy with the Samba I have found owns the big house in the background, in fact the entire row of buildings as they are all ajoining, and I spy the little Samba sitting there with the roof down. These days that house (and gardens) look very run down so I am presuming this was taken quite a number of years ago. At least I now know he has had it for a while and it was in use not THAT long ago.... The blue Renault 4 is also abandoned about the place too.





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One of two cars with remaining MOT I thought I would give this a ride out. It has a problem with either the engine timing or the carburettor and will only do 50mph and bog down if revved. I'm going to try my spare carbs on it and see if it improves but today it well died. Further investigation required. I'm getting to the point where sourcing a replacement 1360cc engine may be a necessity.



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Have been getting on with this Samba Roller. I've fought the urge to sell/ scrap it so many times in the last few years so it's now or never.


It was all going good for MOT last week but the petrol tank has sprung about 146 leaks.


I can get a replacement tank for approx £100 but havent got the cash at the moment considering it will need a brake overhaul, alternator and MOT paying for.














I paid Dave to finish off the welding as my will to do anything is wearing thin.

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Good on you for sticking with the Samba Roller. My Samba Style had rusty inner / outer wing top's and rust on the back panel back in 2000 when I had it. So the Roller hasn't faired too badly. 


I'd keep it for that rear spoiler alone as always wanted one for my Style. 

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