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That beige Polonez: EUROTRIP 2014


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Just thought I'd post an update, I bought it from eBay in September last year, its a LHD Polish import. It sat at my mates scrapyard until Jan when I put it in for test which it passed needing a caliper, h brake cable, 2 tyres and some niggly little things. Insured last week and tomorrow I'm off to the DVLA with an arsenal of paperwork and forms in order to get tax and uk plates. Happy days :D

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I thought these had all disappeared. The last one I saw was when I was about 12 and our neighbour had one which was bright orange I think. It's like I'm rediscovering Eddie's (that was our neighbour, btw) cars in beige, what with your FSO and my Princess, I'll have to remember what other cars he had and see if they turn up in beige too!

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Nice FSO, Samba S - whare abouts are you based? Welcome to the forum, by the way! A week or so ago, I was tramping along the A59 towards Knaresborough when I exchanged waves with a guy driving a Samba cabriolet - it was quite a surprise, I can say(I was in the Cavalier).

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And the DVLA, what a miserable experience. I've no idea what will come of todays outing. I paid the admin fee and road tax and filled out a customs form as if I had brought it over personally.


Just curious - why would you need a customs form if it came from Poland? Don't the DVLA know Poland is in the EU?


Oh wait, we're talking about the DVLA here...

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This entire thread is cool! :D We love a Polonez round here.

I love the 'Nez rescue.

I love the unplanned meeting of two Shiters.

I love the fact that both of you are Oop North and so within reach of Coniston.

I love a Polonez, as you can see...


Mine and my dad's, 1995. His is the E reg. :D Sadly both cars are long gone, but I have fond memories of them. Tough, comfy old boots.


And even allowing for the funding crisis, I haven't given up on this one over here, not yet:


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Also my grandparents own a villa in Mandria


I'm in Paphos, so next time you visit them, come and say hello! :D I'm the other side of town from Mandria, up the B7 Polis Road, just after the road that goes back down to the General Hospital. But make it soon, because from September we won't be here any more, we will be in Barrow-in-Furness.


As for ferrying the car to elsewhere (not Turkey for obvious reasons...), I know it can be done, that's why I haven't given up on that white one yet. I know the owner, he knows I have my eye on it... :wink: He's exported cars before, so he knows the routine.


And thank you for the enthusiasm over my old red one, have a gratuitous pic! :D


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