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Shite in Miniature II

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AVANS! This arrived yesterday from Mr Lobster. (Gr11 service, cheers fella!)


Chuffed to bits with it. It's the first 1/43 car I've had from Oxford (barring a couple of Cararama Fords and a few ice cream vans) and am well impressed. Paint is flawless and loads of detail. Love the proper Viva type curved mudflaps, miniature simulated screws on the bases of the mirrors, tiny griffin logos on the wheel centres, nicely done wipers and impressive to see the dash clocks and vents etc picked out. Badging is superb as well. Could easily pass for something twice the price IMO.

Just a shame they don't do more 'ordinary' cars like the Firenza...

Excellent. Glad you like! There may well be more of its ilk on the way...

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Loving the Vauxhall minibus, looks like a Tawe conversions Master I used to drive

That's pretty much what it is. It was my first venture into kit production, converted from an ambulance kit and cast in resin. I had 30 of them made a couple of years ago and sold them all pretty quickly.



Evolution of a kit by Adam Floyd, on Flickr



Movano model by Adam Floyd, on Flickr

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I went to a huge Tesco today,they had loads of the new Majorette stuff mentioned earlier in this thread.The single cars were £2.00 each,so I only bought the Citroen Cactus which I'd been looking for.There were also some 3-packs of rally cars,which were £6.00,& a pack of 15 cars for £15.00 but nothing in there I really wanted.

They're still having problems scanning them at the till,but the assistant found something else for the same price & scanned that instead.

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I can imagine the seller had difficulty pricing this lot up, and he’s dropped it by £250 on what he was asking earlier in the year but it's still £2250:






My maths suggests that’s £33.58 each. A lot have been reissued over the years and are available at rather less than that, which would be fine if they’re just going to get built. There's an ability to submit an offer, but I doubt he'd accept £100....

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