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Shite in Miniature II


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9 minutes ago, WillCarter said:

Good evening all, I've been delving into boxes of quality tat this evening. Anyone for a Miniature Tat sale once I've finished making dinner?


For the last time, I've had to remind myself not to buy any more bloody diecast. I've already got way more than enough and I need to start selling things rather than buy more.

Count me in! 

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On 9/3/2021 at 8:48 PM, eddyramrod said:

Oh bugger!  I wish I'd known, I'm in need of a Tex Dinoco (I think that's his name); the gold Cadillac.  He's a Coupe deVille, 75 or 76 so slightly younger than Huggy, but I'm sure I could work out a satisfactory conversion.  If anybody sees one at tat-box prices, I want it!


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So, here we go, prices are negotiable and offers are very much welcome, particularly on multi purchases. Postage is £4.20 (Second Class Signed For) or £3.20 if you're not bothered about a signature.  


Hot Wheels Track T (Late 90's) - £2


1/43 Unknown Brand Peugeot 206 WRC (Richard Burns) - £6



1/43 Ertl Ford Thunderbird - £5


1/43 Ertl Chevrolet Camaro - £5


1/43 Ertl Shelby GT500 - £5


1/12(ish) Generic Scooter - £2


1/64 Action Racing Collectables Funny Car - £6


1/64 Cameo Mini - £2


1/36 Corgi Renault 5 Turbo - £10


1/43 Ford Popular Van - £3


1/43 Jouef Ferrari 250 GT - £15


1/43 Autoart Mercedes CLK DTM - £10


1/43 Onyx Peuget 406 - £20


1/18 Burago Volkswagen Beetle - £12


1/43 Unknown Volkswagen Golf Cabriolet  £3


1/18 Revell Messerschmidt - £15


1/43 American Thing of Some Description (Decals Perished) - £4


1/43 Austin A35 Van - £4


1/43 Corgi  Austin J Van - £3


1/43 Corgi Mini Van - £4


1/43 Vivid Imaginations SPV - £8


Maisto Ducati 996 - £2


1/43 Corgi Ford Zephyr - £4


1/76 Transporter w/ Vitesse, Sprite, MGB and Triumph Bergerac - £10


1/24 Burago  AC Cobra - £5


1/24 Lexus IS200 'Tuner' - £4


1/43 Honda Civic Coupe - £2


1/24 Maisto Ford Explorer - £5


More tomorrow...

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2 hours ago, flat4alfa said:


Is this available?  If so, yes please.  Can we start a box to make it worthwhile shipping?

3 hours ago, 155V6 said:

I wouldn't have thought there would be much interest,I think everyone has got enough diecast now 🤣

Not possible!

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On 9/13/2021 at 8:45 PM, bunglebus said:

1959 Chevrolet if I'm not mistaken

Yes, the '59 Daytona 500, Bob Welborn car, no less.  Nice in that livery.  Welborn started on pole but engine let go on lap 75.  He had five poles and three wins that year. 


Those were the days: GM provided a '59 Impala Sport Coupe from a local dealership, the team stripped it down and built a race car around it.  Then got sponsorship from a plumbing firm! 


Apart from that, notice the car in the back is a '58 Ford CONVERTIBLE

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Thanks. Those are makes I'd never heard of. I must have been using the wrong search terms. I'll set up some saved searches and see if one crops up for a reasonable budget. 

Any ideas for a 6N? I've seen some rally spec ones on the bay but no normal ones. I think I've seen normal looking 6N models years back in shops but can't recall the manufacturer. 

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Postman Pat, Postman Pat

Postman Pat and Controller Fat


Just as day is dawning

Turning up without warning


...Hang on, that's not Pat !

Has Pontypandy's Station Officer Norris Steele stolen the van?


What are they up to?

Is it a blag?

No, it's proof I've been in and out, and in and out, of way too many charity shops recently and gone a bit around the twist.

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Despite my best efforts, I can't resist job lots where there are fuzzy pictures of interesting or unidentified cars. Another box landed this afternoon with several oddballs and at least one little gem;

Superior SS-901 Micholotti Laser


Definitely in the oddball camp is this 1:45 scale Lancia Stratos - not ID'd the maker yet


and 1:48 Scale Porsche 935


Yet another oddity, pull back 1:45 Merc has done one too many burnout and is down to its rims


Unusual to see an opening bonnet on this type of casting


All the above have (different) logos on the base that I don't recognise

This has a make (Ideal Toy Corp, 1982) but I assume it would have had some sort of firing mechanism?


An unfamiliar casting from a familiar name - Polistil Porsche 917-10


think this is a Welly but the base isn't giving much away. It has the square hole in the back like a Key Car


This I can ID as a High Speed - I think the third version of this casting I've found - this is a pull back but I have a standard one and the one that wheelies


I believe this is a Mira going by the logo - no name though unusually


This is a Tintoys Masarati Bora


Back in slightly more familiar territory, I was pleased to find this in the box...


...as it goes on this trailer I recently acquired...


...which is towed by this as part of a set!


Funny enough though, my main target was actually this


Chocolate hobnob present and correct



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5 hours ago, bunglebus said:

I might be slightly loopy too, bought a job lot just for a car I already have, because they're hard to find


I used to buy all of those Anglias that I could find when they were current & resell them🙄,weren't there about 135 tampo variations?

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55 minutes ago, 155V6 said:

I used to buy all of those Anglias that I could find when they were current & resell them🙄,weren't there about 135 tampo variations?

As far as I know there are only four versions, this one, which two different wheel styles, a blue Harry Potter version which was the first release, and a red one from a 2011 5 pack. I've only ever found the grey one.



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