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Shite in Miniature II


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1 hour ago, junkyarddog said:

Picked up this Kidco key car yesterday. 




Not really my thing, so if anyone has anything they would like to trade for it shout,if not I'm happy to keep it.

Unusual to find one still with the key.




The key is for a different one, which I have somewhere. My pal had the fire chief one though, back in the early 1980s.

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My local thrift store throws all small sized toy cars  in a big wooden box, and lazily prices all of them at 1 euro each. Which means some are massively overpriced, and some are reasonable. Most recent purchase there is this Silver Shadow, paint isn't great but apart from that I think it is quite lovely!


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On 8/23/2021 at 2:40 PM, flat4alfa said:

- two early-seventies Tonka POWERED SCRAMBLERS have met for the first time since the factory line.  Dolly popped over to take a look.


Both motors are borked though, making me wonder what to do with them...  Discarding the comedy stunted length, width-wise they measure to around 1:33 scale.


The rain stopped for a weekend for once and during the busy happenings, some paint was applied, some glazing was polished and some springs and cogs were attended to

Yes, the Tonka QUICK GRIP (Ford Maverick) had a tidy-up.  It was decided that there was too much green in the fleet.


The GROUND POUNDER AMC Gremlin also popped over for a look with its now-repaired pull-back motor


Ken wasn't remotely interested


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On 01/09/2021 at 09:57, flat4alfa said:

I know of the Cortina III in Police and Fire colours

Oh you mean this one?


Unfortunately all is not as it seems, having A pillar damage and no boot or bonnet


Still, it's not beyond repair.

Other arrivals today include a Guisval Merc SL missing a rear axle


Cute Tootsietoy Honda that's suffered an acid attack


Tidy Zylmex Vega

20210906_171234.thumb.jpg.68f208974ae0e3bfbe22fef9c3985420.jpgThe Beetle from the cartoon-like Polistil range (the one I really wanted)


And a pretty decent Corgi Rockets MK1 Escort in FEV 1H guise - same seller had the Bond version but it got too expensive for me


There were some other oddities included but the sun's setting, the Mrs has gone shopping and there's cold beer in the fridge, so they can get photographed another time 

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A couple of parcels arrived today

Firstly this mixed lot from eBay20210906_184152.thumb.jpg.b6de512cfa6b64b4b256c80455e9fd34.jpg

These were the highlights for me20210906_183141.thumb.jpg.9c54d360778c2272a8698bbbd03f0f96.jpg

Matchbox Field Car & Corgi Rockets Capri have some extra stickers,hopefully these will come off20210906_183259.thumb.jpg.8ca8a4f73f1be005d8eafdeb8c8bc037.jpg

Yatming truck looks like a Mercedes from the side,but has the face of a Ford D Series😂.Polistil Citroen CX is missing the rear bumper20210906_183244.thumb.jpg.ea245062748b672ca82ab6a67862dba8.jpg

I also got another Streetka model from FB Marketplace.This took over 2 weeks as the seller 1st sent me a packet of cable ties by mistake(& asked me if I wanted to buy them🤔),& then went away for a week.It was worth it in the end though20210906_183730.thumb.jpg.06f312bcdd673bb33e63599177365b8a.jpg

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Forgot to post.  Car boot sale finds, for once


Glad to have the ERTL Charger for 20p.  Likewise the early steering wheels Mercury Commuter with dags


Also the HW Flat Out 442 Oldsmobile Cutlass has eluded until now.  This one is from 1982


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