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Shite in Miniature II


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The Metrobus is an open top version of the one that came to me via Tat Friday a few weeks ago. It's an incredible model, back when 1/76 scale bus makers were aiming for fun features. Once the Asian Best Choose partners went their separate ways at the end of 2001, things were never the same. 

Creative Master Northcord and Britbus (potentially 1/2 of the dissolved ABC partnership with the lesser known OX models as the other) came onto the market and were ultra realistic but somehow a bit cold. The Lothian Alexander Royale Olympian I have is wonderful but only because I remember the real buses from my days working in the Capital.

CMNL have long been dust in the wind and the same can literally be said of most Britbus models. Picking up my Greater Glasgow Scania Metropolitan is always a tense moment. Will its stability suddenly have broken down since I last viewed it?

ABC are from the Halcyon days of bus model collecting for me, between 1997 and 2001. I was very much in a discovery phase with buses back then and the arrival of Collectors Model and ABC in 1999 was a revelation even though I could only afford the (substantially cheaper) former manufacturer's  offerings.

I remember a site called S&D models where I ordered my first Volvo Ailsa and indeed first ABC model in January 2001. I still had to send a cheque despite hitting 'buy' on their website. It was a London liveried version, to West Midlands spec. The opening front grille, miniature TD70 Volvo engine under the engine shroud, steering, opened windows, separate plastic leaf springs and glazed destination displays were superb.

I couldn't even tell you who still makes 1/76 buses now. I think EFE are still going.

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On 6/6/2021 at 8:32 PM, flat4alfa said:

Been wanting to find one out of the Superior Racers series for a while, not only because 1/36-ish, but they did four concepts rarely modelled, if at all.  But not found any, so have been able to keep off the slippery slope.

And why?  Because the four concepts were real things.  Here is the Ferrari PF Modulo in its proper colour scheme, with our dearest Gabriella sporting an suitably matching outfit


The others to collect* are the 1978 Dōmu Zero ; Michelotti's 1971 Matra Laser ; Bertone's 1976 Alfa Romeo Navajo


Gabriella warned that you can have too much PULL BACK ACTION

Remember this?  ^


Well, POST-MAN IN SHORTS delivered something earlier

Yes, I suffered a succumberment to slippery sloping the other day


It's the  Sunnyside SS-902 DOME ZERO from the Inferior Racers set of concepts !


Piggy likes it as he can smell OPENING THINGS  a mile off


The glazing part over the rear is intact


And the POP-UP LIGHTS...  pop up, with a bit of help , as they will only stay up at a certain angle.  Piggy was unimpressed.


The front bumper is missing, but it was just a straight piece of black plastic so can't be too much to tackle.  But cor! - look at the condition of it otherwise.  Tidy enough for my eyes with great stickers.  £1.99 BIN was clicked, a bit of a surprise, as most sellers know what they are and seem to want plenty for an example.  Well, 'they can take themselves off with their PULL BACK ACTION', said dearest Gabriella.

Underneath it states PULL BACK ACTION, SS-902, S=1/39, MADE IN HONG KONG.  It also has some detail effort on the underside too, which is also screwed-home.


It's meant to look like these real things:


Trouble is, now the cork has been popped, am on the look out for the Alfa Navajo and Michelotti Laser too.  Oh dear.

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On 09/06/2021 at 12:41, egg said:

I did buy another, and my problem is now as you describe mon ami! Nay bother, it was cheap. Might sell the window insert on ebay to save another...the circle of life...


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20 hours ago, bunglebus said:

All the VW stuff pictured and the Porsche are very tempting - what's the going rate to post stuff half way around the world? 

I could live with a cracked blister if it's the only one on the pegs

Apparently, for a Size 3 box (35cm x 26.5cm x 20cm) weighing 1kg would be $38.01 to send to the UK - or about £19. Not too shabby, I reckon! 

Happy to go personal shopping for you, if you'd like.  Those dimensions and weight should cram a fair few carded diecasts in the box...

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Not to sell but I reckon there's still one of those Britains Chevys in the toy cupboard in my old bedroom at my folks, as my brother had one. I've only the vaguest memories of all the gubbins on the back, so most was likely jettisoned of into the ether mere moments after the box was opened.

But until you posted the image, I'd totally forgotten these existed! Bit of a strange casting for Britains, though.

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Even more strange is the body is not a casting....  it's a plastic moulding.  The base is die-cast though.  

They tend to attract bigger sums on eBay than I want to go to as I may have ideas for it that mean removing the gubbins and a repaint etc...

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Why the Chevrolet S-10 of that vintage?

You see, the 'Colt Seavers' GMC K-2500 colour scheme is etched on me since a child....


Not only because that GMC could survive* enormous jumps on film, but because at the time my Dad owned an Astra EXP in a similar scheme as the family car:


The Chevrolet S10 still had a very similar colour scheme in the range, named in the brochure as 'Special Two Tone', in this case 'Woodlands Brown' with 'Yukon Gold' as the 'secondary colour'.  This is a still from the 1988 film 'The Wizard' (anyone remember that? Jump to 1:00 in) :


Sounds obsessive doesn't it.  I blame Eddy, for getting me into film cars.

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Again I had the Buddy L ‘Fall Guy’ truck, it had been at my Grandmas when I was a kid. Completely forgot about it until I cleared the lift at my parents. Even though it was very well used it went for something mad like £15. 

Always wanted the all metal 1/16 size A Team van as a kid. Like Tonka they were toys that would survive the rough and tumble of kids putting their weight in them, chucking them about and leaving them in the rain. As a kid I had the Matchbox branded Tonka truck, went with us every time to the seaside, it was rusty as fuck. Even my dad painted some rust inhibitor on it. Imagine doing that with your kids these days! 

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Anything with the short lived Autoway series is worth big coin. Even if you see a ratty one in a box at a boot sale it’s worth picking up to punt on. Even the bloody animals fetch a decent price. I’d wager a real pig would be cheaper than a Britains one. 

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2 hours ago, sierraman said:

Again I had the Buddy L ‘Fall Guy’ truck, it had been at my Grandmas when I was a kid. Completely forgot about it until I cleared the lift at my parents.

Your parents lived in a proper sky scraper?!  Excellent 😎

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1 hour ago, bunglebus said:

I can confirm the rumours are true. Of this batch, they were about half and half headlights open or closed, and two of the open ones were LHD



I checked mine the other day; I only need the closed light LHD to complete the four.

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I believe I mentioned earlier that there is work in progress here...


Dinky Atlas now has only the merest suggestion of the window frames that used to be along the sides.  Unfortunately I don't seem to have used quite enough filler, so that's something I need to rectify; no problem.


Corgi Hunter is coming along too.


Detail painting, new windscreen and reassembly required here.

And for the rest of these, just detail painting!



No idea how that one got rotated!


The pair above may be familiar from the black-and-white pics I posted in my Life Of Shite thread, with my dad before I was born.


300E was the Vanguards Rington's Tea version, which luckily came with yellow wheels.  It's going to represent the ex-Warrington Council van that my dad picked up with the best intentions in about 1971, but which never saw the road again.  One of the things he did while he was in the bodywork stage was paint the wheels, using a lemon yellow because he happened to have it in stock.  I suspect that was before he discovered the engine was terminal...  The van sat in our back garden for a couple of years until it was hauled away to become a dog kennel.  I still have the front number plate on my display, and somewhere the green logbook too: 1108 ED.

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Nothing much found today, did get these from B&M at a fair few pence less than the online sellers are knocking them out for,


I'm a sucker for the R30 Skyline. Normally I'd only go for the Factory Fresh versions, but this one was suitably free enough of pictures of dragons and shopping lists plastered down the sides, so I grabbed it.


And I've wanted this Golf for a while, I like the shade of green it comes in.

Need to hunt down the all black '88 Honda CRX that comes in this collection as well, that looks quite nice. There's also a Ford Focus 2 door coupé and a pink Scion coupé (Toyota GT86 lookalike) to make up the series but I'm not as keen on those two. Luckily I'm not that much of a completionist...

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6 hours ago, AndyW201 said:

Need to hunt down the all black '88 Honda CRX that comes in this collection as well, that looks quite nice

There are stacks of these in my local Sainsbury's.

Actually I've got a complete set that I thought I'd try and sell on, but no-one has if you want all/any of them at cost?


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Well despite being hot and busy, I didn't come back with much from the boot sale. Maybe I was distracted by the hay fever induced sneezing fit, maybe I'm getting fussy but there wasn't a lot I hadn't seen before, most of the interesting stuff was too expensive for me. If you wanted large plastic animals for your garden or old car magazines you'd have been in luck. Even saw a Scimitar owner's Manuel 


I did get this Lesney ambulance for 30p

20210613_103203.thumb.jpg.610d66ff69cd1a6265a7bd92c9865b58.jpg20210613_103207.thumb.jpg.d455f360153e19335ebb189908b45718.jpgAnd Tomica Pantera for a pound

20210613_104546.thumb.jpg.cf2afc0bfd199cdc3b1dafae7cd94b9b.jpg20210613_104541.thumb.jpg.0f0dd1ed893dc375a310bc34c22b1660.jpgAlso this unknown Hong Kong tanker


Fairly tidy K-7 that's got some sort of disease inside


Incomplete K-9




Front half of Scammel Contractor


Taylor Jumbo Crane without the crane


Matchbox (?) trailer


And as usual, some of these


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