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Shite in Miniature II


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4 minutes ago, bunglebus said:

The blue one is still strangely proportioned, no idea why they decided to jack it up and fit wheels off a truck



Some decent sized wheelarches would help but it's still a pretty hopeless replica. Had they ever actually seen an E-type before designing that or is it based on a child's drawing?

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On 6/9/2021 at 8:31 PM, 155V6 said:

Postman bought these today.

What, you mean he's a collector too?  I hope he didn't charge you over the odds when he sold them on to you!





There's resto work going on here, and in the near future there will be pics too.

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Friday it is, and a Tat Friday too.

Despite not hauling my lazy arse out of bed until 7.25, I didn't arrive in much beyond 8.

Stall was... stalling.


Nemesis was... nemesising.


EDIT: clearly, he has a whole wardrobe of funky Adidas trainers! Keeping it old-school...

Tragically, not an awful lot new in today: 


The buses and boxed stuff have mostly been here before.

The general tat so lovingly* displayed is a literal mixture of the remaining dusty collector's stuff that's been around since the market reopened, and the tatty toys that arrived the other week.



Plus more broken MoY/ DG rubbish in the tubs.


Lesney stuff probably too far gone to be worth the candle, sadly.


1/43 ERTL Ford Coupe - tyres are perished, but could this interest any of our customisers out there?


Corgi Cubs not-a-Jeep, just because they cropped up in conversation the other week:


Police car made me pause - I've never seen an example of these with glazing fitted before. 


Doubt it makes it a sooper-rare desirable thing, though.

Mmatching Bburago Pporsches, both equally defenestrated.


The £2 bus box was back!


Mostly just RMs and Atlanteans and the like, but some more recent rammle too: Plaxton Paramount in East Kent coaches colours, and a Leyland National in United trim.


Plethora of Plaxton Pointers/ Dennis Darts - Thamesway and Stagecoach...


...Maidstone and District...


...and Transmac - Hong Kong? Plus no-name plastic CMB Dennis(?)


Up top, there wasn't much in the way of really old stuff:


Tinplate Bedford S, missing a wheel and with no manufacturer indicated beyond 'Made in England', was about the height of it.

Some Corgis, mind:


I already have the TX4  FX4 with a slightly later box, and although I'm looking for an XJS, I'd prefer a black Mettoy-era Supercat version, rather than this late-issue in grey, jammed into the wrong box. Tinplate and plastic bulldozers not so much my bag.

Dinky Austin TX4 FX4 in Silver Jubilee cash-in garb also available:


Not sure of the prices on these, but I'd expect around a tenner to maybe twenty on the Dinky, because Dinky.

Vaguely interesting book nestling among the others, too:


Ex-library book about 4x4s, or 'Cross Country Cars' dating from the 1970s.


Binding a bit loose and probably no information you couldn't find online these days, but an unusual publication nonetheless.

So! With very little to cause temptation, I took a spin round the rest of the market, but there wasn't much to grab me there either - Oul Paddy still had the big broken Maisto Jag XJ220 and Lincoln limo (I know, shocker); while the other tat stalls had nothing of any real interest either.

The Charity Stall wasn't here today, and Alan's Emporium seems to have vanished entirely - there does seem to be a general creep away from the antiques and collectibles stalls towards the batteries, sports socks and cig lighters stalls, or the ones selling knock-off Bob Marley t-shirts and ones with images of wolves and a full moon... you know the sort I'm talking about.

Well, I'll go round again and take a final look, but will be heading on in 20 mins - so if there's owt you like the look of, sing up quick!

I'm very nearly finished my scone...


(First market breakfast of 2021 that's not been scoffed outdoors)

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5 minutes ago, bunglebus said:

I can see a Superfast Vauxhall Guildsman in the first pic, and that's about it

Yeah, other than the shonky wheels it's not too bad - though I've probably scooped half a dozen of these from the stall, so it's not giving me the vibes it once might!



Glazing is a little scuffed, but not cracked at least.

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4 minutes ago, quicksilver said:

Can you grab the Sydney Tour open-top Metrobus out of the bus box for me please Tim @Datsuncog?

Yes indeed - it's had a rough time of it in the box so may need a bit of care and attention; but is now in my possession!

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1 hour ago, Split_Pin said:

Hey Tim I think I see the roof of a red AEC RF bus in the £2 box? I'd be interested in that and the Stagecoach and the Thamesway Dennis Darts if you are going back?

I'll not be able to head back up to the market again today, I'm afraid - I drove up to Belfast for early doors to do a quick turn round the stalls, but had to be back in Carrick and at my laptop by 10 as I'm holding the fort today.


Not sure if it's an RF or Leyland Tiger Cub - but I'll certainly pull it out, and the Darts too, if they're there next week!



1 hour ago, sierraman said:

Is that a Sheffield city AEC? 

The cream one with the blue stripe, and with the orange Ovaltine ad?


It is.

Fancy it for next time?

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So then - home again, and now that some VERY CROSS PEOPLE have been placated (about real-life buses and coaches, ironically enough) - what came back with me?

Not a lot, really.


The open-top Sydney Tour bus will need a bit of love, as its months in the tub have done it no favours.





Hopefully this is restorable/ repairable! If nothing else, it could probably be a parts donor for the £2 charged.

As an ABC model the engine detail is tremendous, with sundry opening bits which I would never have expected at this scale.


Will pop it in with your other stuff!

Then, some Corgi Cub action:


It's a bit dirty, and the stickers are somewhat weathered, but it is complete.


I had one of these before, with a red base/ interior and no glazing - wonder if this might have been one of the versions made for Mothercare?

Added to the F4A pile, at £2.

It'll probably come as no surprise that I ended up with the No.40 Vauxhall Guildsman, in later 'Streakers' guise...


Not in stunning shape, but better than nearly all the other Lesney left in the boxes.

50p on this, to anyone who fancies it.


Things then became a bit hazy, price-wise...


I very nearly overlooked this quite decent No. 59 Ford Fairlane fire chief in amongst the Days Gone stuff...


Unusually, it doesn't have the dome lamp pushed down through the glazing unit.



Also present was a Jennings Cattle Trailer from the Matchbox Majors No. 7 pack:



Tailgate is missing, naturally.


I'm not overly familiar with this one, but I thought it might pair with a Bedford Type S cab I have in my ever-expanding box of Stuff I Don't Know What To Do With.

Then, in the car on the way home, I remembered that the Bedford cab isn't an articulated tractor unit, it's a tipper truck with no tipper.

So I thought it might pair with a Thorneycroft cab I've had kicking around for ages - and then I remembered I sold that already.

Turns out the cattle trailer would have had a Thames Trader coupled to it, anyway.

I'd thought these two would come in at 50p a throw, but since the whole lot came to £8, it seems he wanted £2 each for the Lesney, but then gave me a 50p discount.

So I'll punt the Fairlane on for £2, and the trailer for £1.50, if anyone's keen.

I'll even throw in a tipperless Bedford tipper along with the trailer...


And I don't think I'm quite done with tat for the day, as the postie's just rapped the door...


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4 hours ago, bunglebus said:

OMG I'd be in heaven! The Moon bus, baja set and Matchbox Porsche especially are lovely.

Think the Moon one goes for good money on eBay too, how much is $10 in £?

Currently on 50.7 p to 1 nz dollar. Sadly, the Moon VW had a broken plastic bubble, which. I'm sure would irritate the sorts who hand out good coin for these. But at c.£4.50, might be worth a pop, if I find intact ones?

Let me know if anything proves too irresistible.

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6 minutes ago, barrett said:

Anyone else think the Lone Star E-type looks more like a very early Porsche 356 Gmünd coupé with an E-type bonnet grafted on?



It's like you took the words right out of my mouth! 😉

In other news, apologies for my lack of presence on these pages of late but I'm currently embroiled in looting in some serious coin on a job, which is consuming much of my life.

As a result though, I bought a nice old 1/43 Russian Lada wagon in pea green as recompense the other day, so life could be worse!

Expect needless photographic updates of period things set in front of period photos, when time permits.

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1 hour ago, Jon said:

Let me know if anything proves too irresistible.

All the VW stuff pictured and the Porsche are very tempting - what's the going rate to post stuff half way around the world? 

I could live with a cracked blister if it's the only one on the pegs

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