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Shite in Miniature II

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17 hours ago, Noel Tidybeard said:

if the bridgestone & bosch buses are small coin colour me interested please mr cog

Sure thing! They were £2 each, so will see what shows up on Friday, with any luck...

Oddly, the Bosch and the squarer of the two Bridgestone buses had no name whatsoever on the base, but they were very nicely detailed all the same.


15 hours ago, quicksilver said:

Possibly the most surprising finds yet. I don't even think Checkmate models were ever sold in the UK and the ones I have came from eBay sellers in Hong Kong so to find them over here at all is unusual, on a market stall priced at a pittance especially so! I wonder how they got there? It seems maybe someone moved from HK to NI and brought their bus collection with them.

It's quite possible - I know there's a reasonably strong link between NI and HK (for reasons no-one seems entirely clear about), so it's quite possible someone who travelled over there regularly picked up some bus models to bring home? Certainly unusual!

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Spent a bit of time on Sunday morning on an alfresco car (and bus) washing session...


These really were utterly manky; they must have been on a shelf somewhere for years.



Came up pretty well, mind - an old soft toothbrush, some warm water with a dash of Fairy and clean water to rinse, before a light buff with a soft dry cloth.



^^ Eddy's haul came out looking a lot happier...



^^ As did Split_Pin's.

(Crosville National now swapped for the London Counties version - because I can't read.)


So what's still available from Friday's long-awaited Market Tat, now that the dust has (quite literally) settled?

Well, there's a Corgi Juniors 007 Esprit still looking for a home:




Few marks here and there, but still in reasonable fettle - any takers at 20p?


There's also this large-scale Siku Mercedes bus, in Westnederland livery:


Paint is excellent, and doors and opening engine cover are intact and functional. There's a minor pressure crack to the roof, but it's really not that noticeable. Available for £5 - but if no takers this one may be heading for the Bay of E shortly to take its chances.

I'm in two minds about this DY-3 Matchbox Dinky EmGeeBeeGeeTee...



While it's fine at a distance, there does appear to be quite a lot of paint bubbling, possibly related to how it's been stored for many years. (Just like the real thing, hey?)


I do want one of these - ideally boxed and as new to go with the rest of the collection. This one still might do as a stop-gap; but if anyone else fancies it, you're welcome to it for the £2 purchase price.

Likewise, I already have a 1/36 Corgi Bentley R-Type DHC from their early-80s 'Cars of the 1950s' range - but not in black.



It could probably stand a tickle with a Molotow pen to bring the chromework back, and possibly some judicious touching-in where the paint has been knocked, but it's a handsome big model with a detailed engine, opening boot and (perhaps oddly) fold-down back seats and tilting fronts, none of which can really be reached with the hood in place.


£2 takes this one too - but if there's no interest, it'll likely go into the Corgi Cabinet without too many tears from me.


We've also got two unopened Hot Wheels on long cards: a Datsun 620 pickup wearing JDM decals and a '57 Plymouth Fury with flames decoration, available at £1.50 a throw.


Admittedly, I did maybe get a bit grabby-handsy on Friday, but I suppose that's to be expected after such a diecast drought... still, hit me up if there's anything above that takes your fancy!

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5 hours ago, Datsuncog said:

Well, there's a Corgi Juniors 007 Esprit still looking for a home:


Few marks here and there, but still in reasonable fettle - any takers at 20p?

Was sure I had one.  But can't find it.  So I will say Cogbox please, shaken but not stirred


Log Cabin Girl: "James I need you"

James Bond: "So does England."

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2 hours ago, Spottedlaurel said:

Fujimi 1:24 Skyline finished on a rainy day off work yesterday:

1:24 Fujimi Nissan Skyline GT-R kit

Nice.  C10 Skyline has to be one the sleekest looking eastern car of the era.  The hint of determination in the Plymouth Fury grille just finishes it

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20 hours ago, flat4alfa said:

Farmer Tom said he wanted the Bentley


To go along with his Market Blokey Benz


19 hours ago, flat4alfa said:


Was sure I had one.  But can't find it.  So I will say Cogbox please, shaken but not stirred

No bother - will pop those two in with the others!

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37 minutes ago, 155V6 said:

Today's finds from a random charity shop in Kent that I've never been to before


That Hot Wheels is a rarity.  It's Bugeye, 1971-73

In that enamel blue paint, it was part of the 1973 Shell petrol station promo campaign

If you are looking to move on....

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I have a soft spot for yellow cars with a black bonnet,as I used to have one on my old yellow Corolla coupe.

I also have a soft spot for the Honda Prelude, so when I found this one it was coming home with me.


Of course Smoll Eddy couldn't wait to get his hot little metal hands on it and fit some new rims and tyres.


Looks nice smoll Eddy, where you get them from?

"Chinese death rings M8"


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1 hour ago, sierraman said:

Dropped in the charity shop today, nothing amazing but a few modern Matchbox and a 80’s Golf GTI for 30p. These seem to go for some decent coin on eBay, perhaps less so now of the stupid new rules. 


On the contrary - with the new Ebay rules seeming to be upsetting sellers rather than buyers, I reckon that fewer sellers around plus the same number of buyers may push prices up a bit?

I managed to score myself a grey Golf in similar condition from the 50p box last year; it's really not a great rendering of the Mk2 but I kinda like it anyway. It remains a keeper for now (unless they start fetching silly money online).

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