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Shite in Miniature II

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More old chod unearthed, pretty sure these haven't seen the light of day this century. These appear to date from my repaint/dreadfully clumsy paint pen detailing phase, encompassing the full gamut from pointless (Skoda), ambitiously ham-fisted (Morris) and the not-terrible (Opel, it never did have a bonnet). In a way I'm quite fond of the Minor given my evident limitations with a brush and thick gloss Humbrol. Also pictured, how to lower a Corgi Minor (when you're about twelve, it comes apart easily and you have a hacksaw to hand) and a Majorette Chrysler 180, where I appear to have filled the wheels in with Milliput in an attempt to replicate wheel trims. Also, one of those pull-back Matchboxes which got mentioned a while back and the other light up Micro Machine I knew I had somewhere. Fairly certain these came in packs of two and I saw the other last week, a black Tucker. This absolutely fascinated me at about nine years of age, not just that something so small could have working lights but that they'd actually made a Sierra. I'd no idea back then they were sold there as the Merkur. 










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Interesting @Amishtat, I had a variant of everything you posted there growing up, barring the Chrysler 180. I have however made up for that deficiency, since! And that is quite a transformation of that Corgi Cameo Minor, which was arguably the best casting of the 4; Minor, Mini, Beetle, 2CV. 

Have a couple of my favourite shots I got from my city centre hotel stay - apologies for the drawn out report but I've been all over the place since I last posted!



Arguably the best light for my Fun Ho! Mercedes, in light of its paint job and questionable casting.



And I've no idea how I achieved this effect on the other Benz but I reckon it's ruddy bloody good, if I do say so. Not bad for a standard range phone in low light!

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There's a few of us here all around that age, for the amount of times someone posts something which make me think "got/had one of those". The 180 came from a superb little model shop in Colchester, he mostly did railway stuff but had a tray of used cars too. That would have been later on, in 1995 or so at which point I'd heard of Chrysler 180s but never actually seen one. It's a topic we've covered here before but given that they only ceased production around the time I was born, even as a car obsessed child I don't remember seeing them around. A mate bought one in 2006 and that was the first of still only two I've ever seen. 

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Some new additions to my fleet of model cars:


First off the Matchbox Super Kings Mercedes 190e 2.3-16:



I picked up this specific one in white because in the mid-80s as a kid, my dad, Fatha_Sterling bought me one at a local shop Telford where we lived, in fact, there exists a photo of my Dad holding me up in the shop and pointing to the cars on sale then when we were buying that very model of car.

I don't know what happened to my original 190 but I remember it being white and I had for a very long time, way into the late 90s. But by that time it was very playworn and very worse for wear, I think I recall the front window being very brown and brittle. I think I may have painted it red at some point (?) Anyway, this was for memories. I set about with the sharpies to make it a little more realistic.

Range Rover 4.6 HSE or 2.5 DSE:




A purchase from @Datsuncog 

Nice detailing but the passenger looks hilariously shocked and the driver looks fed up 😂

1/18 Aston Martin Vanquish:



This is made made by the Beanstalk group. What attracted me to this model was the lower price and details such as the numberplate:







Its actually quite detailed but overall I can't help thinking that there is something missing model in the overall look and feel of it.

The roof comes off with much ease, this is something seen in many other examples. However, the finer detailed bits and bobs on this particular model make it more than enough to join my growing fleet of 1/18s.

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15 minutes ago, Lord Sterling said:

Its actually quite detailed but overall I can't help thinking that there is something missing model in the overall look and feel of it.

I have the Aston. For me, it's the wheels that let it down, everything else is terrific. Interestingly, the overall proportions are possibly a fraction off versus the real Vanquish, but might actually be dead-on for the cars in the film, which had Ford Explorer chassis. 

Love the Superkings 190E. Never had that one. Same wheels as my XR4i; I once thought they would be unique to that car 'cos they reflected the Ghia / XR4i pepperpot design quite nicely. But then the Jag XJ40 got them, as did sundry truck releases. Surely among the most uncommon wheels that Matchbox, did, though.

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Sharpies are pretty good pens. I recently bought myself a silver and bronze pen (I actually bought the silver one and the bronze one was included thankfully)


I like add some detail to a model car to make it look more realistic if colours to lights/trim were not added. Hence the Silver, Bronze and Orange pens. Black and red were already part of my arsenal.


The Toyota above originally had bronze/gold stripe down the side but this had worn away over time. So the bronze sharpie brought it back.



The Jaguar side pillars and MG Maestro front grill should be silver (albeit, the Jaguar pillar should actually be chrome) so these are my efforts. Its adds a bit more realism to the cars. I'm especially pleased that the colours don't rub off easily like gel pens.

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13 minutes ago, barrett said:

I thought the other axle and wheel went in the box but it might have gone in the bin, sorry! Could be a candidate for a mild custom with some donor wheels from something else?

Could be, I like the idea of restoring it to match the Spot on Mk3 Zephyr I have. I’ll not ask you to root through the bins 🤣

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On 4/6/2021 at 9:08 PM, Lord Sterling said:



The Toyota above originally had bronze/gold stripe down the side but this had worn away over time. So the bronze sharpie brought it back.


This is why I keep on returning to this thread. I love seeing examples of models I've never seen before, models which I own and models which I'd forgotten I'd ever owned! That Celica Supra takes me straight back - I remember pushing down on the front of mine to pop up the front lights. I've no idea what became of it. Ebay suggests they're a pretty rare model now anyway. Love it!

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New things! Starting off with some tatty Matchbox




Also included was this Zylmex - is that the mysterious red-helmeted driver from my VW fastback?


Another package contained much nicer stuff, I had an absolutely mint 57 Chevy in this colour but my ex kept it


Another 57 but Hot Wheels - I try and grab this earlier version when I see them as they cast the bonnet shut later


Not-purple Corgi 240 with no name on the base. Aerosol of purple velvet armed and ready


Now this is lovely. Mira Seat 1200


And some tidy Majorettes, 924


I also realised I didn't have one of these, GS Camargue


That one isn't exactly mint, but I bought two


Lastly yet another Maisto VW Champer - I have six of these now, all different in some way. This one has unusual big wheels



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