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Shite in Miniature II


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1 hour ago, andrew e said:

Cracking as ever Jon 👍 A few days ago I stumbled on a box in the loft whilst looking for something completely different - who wants some badly photographed Micro Machines? 

You do? Your all in luck!










Now what do I do with them all 😁

Do you think this kind of thing might work? 


1 hour ago, Jon said:

Ahem, these below are NOT Micro Machines, @andrew e!



No idea who made them but they're knock-offs. And of course, I had plenty of these, too! Copying aside, I quite liked the Blazer as it deleted the tow bar of the original one, so was much cleaner. And if it's not too controversial a statement, I actually prefer the imitation van casting above to the officially sanctioned ones.


Having passed a milestone age last week, what better way to celebrate the inevitable tumbling into middle age, than to request this, which I duly received:


A nice little tome, though actually, I did think it would be a little larger than it actually is. But then it's covering a tiny medium, so what did I expect?



Here's an example of the images within (these aren't my photos). I think it's fair to say that you've done well to photograph something so small, Andrew!

If I can release my inner Barry Norman, I would say that, much as I like the book, I thought the spiel beside the photos would be about the casting, not just some words about the real life subject the Micros are emulating. I know about those already, talk about the lumps of plastic instead! That said, I've only glanced at the photos so far and I think the other text in the book will be more relevant.

But those are not Land Rover Defenders, as the book states...


Oh mercy! Some nice complete MM Collections there.

I thought I knew a knock off MM when I saw one but I am fooled by those army ones. You must have a keener eye than me!

I also got the book. It's nice but it would have been much better to display them in their respective collections rather than somewhat haphazardly and only loosely categorised. The author is pretty unresponsive to compliments and questions on his FB page. I even reviewed his book on my You Tube channel as he complained in the past that someone else had omitted this from their MM video. When I shared the link with him he never bothered to respond. Very strange.

Anyway, loving the MM love on here!

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Some of the nicer condition stuff used to live on a shelf in the kitchen after the cabinet became full , it never occurred to me that it didn't belong there.  Besides, I was the only one who could reach.. I really should be doing something more productive than this but it's raining and I haven't been able to fondle this stuff since autumn. 



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( They're not FC-101 Land Rovers...  you meant Jeep FC-100 )

A Tat Wednesday celebration just happened:


The Corgi Jeep was showing off its strength with a Scalextric BRM.  But not a headless driver this time, thankfully!


Then it lifted a Matchbox MG 1100 too.


  The show-off.

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On 10/18/2019 at 11:00 PM, bunglebus said:

Eddyramrod sent me this awesome Rock n Roll van which has also been on my shopping list for a while


You are right, it was Eddy

I was wrong though about your interior

The girly one has this in:


No I don't want one of those before anyone asks

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On 3/7/2021 at 8:36 PM, flat4alfa said:

You might like this ad that features Fandango


All the Fandango chat got me looking for a Fandango

Found one!


Then sorted through to find more Rolamatics.  Heart sank when doubles I didn't know I had were found...


...and what with the desk now covered in model cars a sense of being overwhelmed has taken place.

My scout car is a more greeny gold colour!!!! bloke still does his thing tho!!


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1 hour ago, Asimo said:


Gah!!  That made me go in the loft to seek out a Tyco slot set ! 

Sadly, it is not a Truck set, so the track controller does not allow both forward and reverse track operation, unlike the Tyco set in the video above.  But then, why should it?  Nigel Mansell didn't win the World F1 Championship by deftly reversing up to a grain silo in his Williams Renault...


...nor did Alain Prost in his Ferrari, for that matter.

Took a look at the track - hadn't realised it uses the same 15mm gauge as Micro Scalextric :


Which means the Alfa 159 could go for a drive with Alain :



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But!  In the loft was an articulated truck after all, a Kenworth with a trailer :


That works on the TCR slot-less track, which has a controller base allowing switching to the left or right side of the track.  Will have to see if reversing the polarity is feasible, if so then reversing the Kenworth up an alley might be possible after all.  But probably not controllable without guide pins and a slot...

While out, took a look at the pickup styles and gauges.  Because: obsession.  Clockwise from top:

Ideal's Total Control Racing (TCR) ; Matchbox's PowerTrack ; Tyco ; Hornby's MicroScalextric (based on Marchon) ; Matchbox's LaneChanger 


Got to stash it all away now before the wife sees.

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34 minutes ago, bunglebus said:

@flat4alfa nothing wrong with extras of any of those, all great castings

I had a tat delivery from @DoctorRetro, including the infamous Shitroen. I was tempted to give it quick coat of pink for you but I'll resist.


Looking forward to seeing what you find in that box - even I've forgotten what half of it is! 

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Mail call at lunchtime.


Initial impressions are... unpromising.

But! Someone's gone to the trouble of constructing a little cardboard garage...


...for this.


Yup, it's the Renault 11 from Corgi's range of Bond collectables, referencing the luckless Parisian taxi that had the misfortune to get flagged down by Roger Moore in A View To A Kill.

It's typically filthy, which is actually ok since what appeared to be two scratches on the bonnet on the listing pics are in fact just dirt.

So it'll be a spot of the old rub-a-dub-dub later, and once it's dried I might dig out my other mainline Corgi R11 from 1983 and have a bit of a comparison... 

All thanks to @bunglebusfor the tip-off on this one!

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1 hour ago, DoctorRetro said:

Looking forward to seeing what you find in that box - even I've forgotten what half of it is! 

It's like 50 jigsaw puzzles with no instructions! I have put an Ertl Charger, a Matchbox model A and Corgitronics Maestro back together. Also found a complete Matchbox Lotus which is nice

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On 2/23/2021 at 10:00 PM, Spottedlaurel said:

Some years ago I got the Kamei Escort at the back from @mk2_craig on here. I don't think he'll mind me saying it wasn't built to the highest standard, with thick red brush paint and plenty of glue, on its own it would have been a challenging restoration project.

1:25 Revell Ford Escort kits

Knowing I had this kit, someone on another forum kindly offered me the XR3 version. It's missing a fair few parts, useful things like the chassis and much of the interior, but I should be able to make one road car out of the two, and use the remnants for a RWD converted short oval/autocross racer.

My 12 year old self ( or however old I was when assembling it ) apologises for that! Picture here of it from my parents’ attic:


This has reminded me that a lot of my model stuff at this time succumbed to a silver paint pen that was in the house, shame I didn’t have the dexterity to pick details out properly. Clear indicators before anybody ever made them for the real life mk3 though!

I must check what model tat I still have in stock as I did manage to move most of it on a couple of years ago. There’s certainly a BMW Z1 that had no takers back then, and probably Nigel Mansell’s Williams Honda too. 

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1 hour ago, EML said:



Unknown brand of Mercedes T1 tow truck, very high chance of Chinesium manufactured. Extra shite  points for a cracked front screen

Ooh, nice - I think that one might be made by Hongwell, though I'm still not 100% sure.

The towing rigs usually snap off quite easily, so you've done well to keep it intact!


Not sure which shiter ended up with my Tat Box example in the end!

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13 minutes ago, Datsuncog said:

Ooh, nice - I think that one might be made by Hongwell, though I'm still not 100% sure.

The towing rigs usually snap off quite easily, so you've done well to keep it intact!


Not sure which shiter ended up with my Tat Box example in the end!

My two year old! 😉

Merc had to be recovered by the Superkings K36 as it had fuelling issues. Forlorn 305 just came along for the ride. 

Don't suppose anyone has a pair of tyres which might fit the front axle of the no-name Jeep? 


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