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Shite in Miniature II

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39 minutes ago, sierraman said:

I got told the Matchbox sell out really quickly. Guess that’s s good thing no?

I think the new ones sell initially, then they hang around for ages. In this case there was room on the pegs for four cars, so that's all they put out, and the woman I asked pulled a CBA when I asked if there were more

Found the matching Porker to today's find


I wonder if they will also do the 935 with the reversed colours?


There's a Corvette C7 coming soon with matching paint to a previous release too. I like when they do this, and the b*st*rds know I'll have to buy it!

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These are the 2021 'UK' series cards.  Interesting there is a Swedish Scania there and worse, a Dutch-built Mini.


No idea if these are destined for these UK shores, but probably not as all the (re)sellers I've seen are in Germany:


Likewise the 'Cadillac' range.  Apparently exclusive to Walmart in the US.


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Here in my front bedroom model room/office, I have a pair of waist-high bookshelves back to back in the middle of the room.  I've lined up some 1/43 cars on top to make two classic-car-show displays.

On the Classics side I have 18 cars, and could double that without too much effort.  They're a bit too closely-packed for the space available though.  The other side is the Autoshite side, and stands at 11; much better spacing.  I really should get some 1/43 people to stand around among the cars!

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I now nothing of them.  But do have this little Rolls Royce Silver Cloud.  It's a bit short in length, taking the average scaling to be approx 1:69


It came in bits so can I assume it's borked...   the self-tapper doesn't inspire confidence.

Anyone have Minic Motorway experience?

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28 minutes ago, flat4alfa said:

Isn't that the Ogle prototype though

Didn't that have side windows that curved over into the roof?  The model has what I would have to describe as a panoramic windscreen but all the rest is Scimitar, the only model of it I've seen.

The copcar might be a 1978-ish Pontiac Bonneville.

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On 2/10/2021 at 7:33 PM, morrisoxide said:

Just picked this up in Tescos. They also had one blue F Type and quite a few of new Taxi cabs and Bini Clubmans.


Also they are £2 now.

even at £2 i'm loving that MGB GT.

shame then that i dunno which if any of the Tescos near here would have some in stock!!

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The juniors scimtar has that panoramic windscreen that was never put into production. I bought a loose blue junior but then obtained a carded white one off ebay. Another where £££ have gone daft.

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10 hours ago, flat4alfa said:


My Police car has been taken under a semi trailer by Buford T Justice.


Anyone have a spare bodyshell amongst their boxes of bits?  Long-shot, I know

Having a bit of trouble identifying the model too.  

What scale is it? I’ll have a look in the Sierraman miniature vehicle dismantling yard later.

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22 minutes ago, sierraman said:

What scale is it? I’ll have a look in the Sierraman miniature vehicle dismantling yard later.

It's in comedy proportions to fit the base and packaging, at 8.5cm long by 3.5cm

Thanks but it was the identical plastic Matchbox bodyshell I was after, just in case one was floating about wanting a new home :-)

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4 hours ago, plasticvandan said:

There are a few models of the Scimitar SE5,corgi ogle prototype,Oxford diecast do several,then there are kits by pathfinder and a couple others I think,and there's a few very detailed very nice models of the se6 that appear on eBay from time to time

Thanks.  I was more thinking bigger scales, as to why Matchbox 'Super Kings' or Corgi '1:36'  (or even Dinky) didn't do one.  Just seemed to me to be an odd omission, considering the rarity of the other choices they did produce and the popularity of the Scimitar when new and since.  When I was a boy they weren't exactly scarce cars.

Oxford is tiny 1:76 and looks like a Kinder Surprise Ford Taunus at the front :-(


Pathfinder is stated as 1:43 but looks all over the place too, especially for the £150 they seem to go for


Since last nights' ramblings, I have found a firm named OCAR did a run of resin body shells in 1:32 so that might be a tail to chase


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19 minutes ago, bunglebus said:


Oh that's a bit special.  I wonder if they did a red with the woodgrain decal

Went off to look and found that Yatming also did a Ford Thunderbird, using what looks to be the same front clip.  New one on me



I bet you've a few of those too!

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I've mentioned this before, but I'm sure Ogle Design must have had a tie-up with Corgi in the '70s, hence the Scimitar, Bond Bug and Reliant Ant models, but it is strange they never modelled the production GTE.

I can never understand why so many cars went un-modelled, and others such as the Fiat Ritmo, were available in every single scale from every single manufacturer at once

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