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Shite in Miniature II


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There are no delays at the Army and Navy at all at the moment due to LoCkDoWn

Here's a suggestion for half a bus


This one actually got restored after spending many years atop a cruiser. They even managed to work out the chassis number after spending days looking through logbook records in Sweden or somewhere. Boat is also undergoing a resto back to original spec


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11 minutes ago, Lord Sterling said:

Shit! Would you consider selling on? Even for a small profit to me? My Dad used to have a Mercedes transporter like that.

Let me fondle it for a bit and then let you have it after?

I have a thing for those sixties MB commercials, although not quite the story you have!


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New arrivals in the form of some cheap job lots. Among less-interesting stuff, a couple more Probes. Adams, not Ford


GT70 isn't one I've had my mitts on before


Mercedes C111 has had a previous makeover


I've got all these public service Hot Wheels already, but couldn't resist for a quid. A Color Shifter taxi/police cruiser and two different Crack-Ups police cars - maybe it's time I re-painted one. These older colour changing cars often seem to show both paint schemes as they age


also included were these two Kidcos 


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2 hours ago, 155V6 said:

It's an Acclaim 🤔

We checked with Angus McClaim and both of his are RHD

So a home could well be found for a LHD one in red!  Bit of a dremmeling, and hey presto, badge-engineering to the rescue.  Once the box was ticked, the twitching would cease.


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Something I learned today....


I've had this nice example of the Dodge Charger III for a good few years now. A fairly typical flight of fancy of the era.

Boxart Flying Dutchman Funny Car 1-0751 MPC

Today I discovered there was an AMT kit of this Funny Car version. Just found some interesting info and old articles about it here: http://www.dodgecharger.com/forum/index.php/topic,8604.0.html

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