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Shite in Miniature II

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I've made a few additions to my miniature collection of shiters' cars what I have seen in real life. First up, this was a cheapo plastic Merc by Kentoys that I've painted up and given the identity of @Talbot's car.

Kentoys Merc

Then I remembered I had a red Jag XF so a change of identity made @AnthonyG's car (yes, I know it's a modern but it's a frequent visitor to the FOD)


Red Jag

I had the right colours in stock for @Retr0naut's Maxi and Princess and the Oxford models are dead easy to dismantle so a couple of repaints were called for.

Maxi and Princess


Orange Maxi


Red Princess

I also have a Sprite caravan and Oxford Diecast's Invacar is due next year so I'll hopefully soon be able to recreate this happy scene from the FOD :)

Back to the 1970s again


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3 minutes ago, AnthonyG said:

Who makes the XF?  Might get one for the mantlepiece! 

Ideally a Minichamps or similar would be ideal, the one you have looks like Matchbox size (1:75)? 

It's this one: https://www.oxforddiecast.co.uk/collections/jaguar/products/jaguar-xj-saloon-carnelian-red-76xj003

1/76 scale so a bit smaller than Matchbox. They also do the same thing in N gauge but that's really tiny.

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3 hours ago, quicksilver said:

First up, this was a cheapo plastic Merc by Kentoys that I've painted up and given the identity of @Talbot's car.

That is every kind of awesome!  It's even the correct age (pre-facelift), has roughly the right kind of wheels and just about the correct options on it.

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1 hour ago, flat4alfa said:

LUCKY TOYS (Hong Kong) Catalogue 

Must be 1966 onwards due to MKII Cortina



'Designed for initiating natural instinct'.  Do not forget this.

Fascinating range there from Lucky - I reckon ALL of them have been, ahem, 'inspired' by the products of Corgi, Dinky and Matchbox - even the Studebaker Wagonaire TV car is a direct lift from Husky. With the possible exception of the PC Cresta, and the 4dr Mk2 Cortina...

I guess they don't specify which manufacturers they've taken the 'exact specification' from, hey?

Still, lovely big models, for sure. I'd be thrilled to pick up any of them.

1 hour ago, bunglebus said:

Most of them are £££ on eBay now - except the one I bought at the boot sale that took months to sell

That applies to all mini tat doesn't it??

The ones you want are ££££.

The ones you have are ppppp...

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On 8/6/2020 at 5:54 PM, bunglebus said:

Lucky Toys Cougar looks just like the Matchbox ones


This is I'm sure also modeled on a Superfast - anyone care to name the model? (Gruesome Twosome)



36 minutes ago, Datsuncog said:

Fascinating range there from Lucky - I reckon ALL of them have been, ahem, 'inspired' by the products of Corgi, Dinky and Matchbox


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12 minutes ago, bunglebus said:

Here's the one that took ages to sell


I think the problem with that one was the size.  The larger 1970s ones don't seem to be as sought-after.  Oh and the fact it's not a recognisable model to many.  It's only old men like me who know what the Can-Am racing series was

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toy cars you didn't know existed until recently*

Lovely plastic Minaluxe Djet. It's not cheap, but I've been a pretty good boy this year I reckon so if anyone wants to buy me this for Christmas please go ahead. It's lovely!


*just now

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Seemed to be some new stuff in my local Tesco's toy aisle and all, though fairly well raided already...

Anyone looking a Porsche Rally?


G-Wagen and Mk2 Prius Rideshare were also appealing, but I didn't bring 'em home with me.

Hot Wheels a bit depleted too...


Not much there to tickle my pickle, really.

Multipacks were decent, though:


A rare pack where I actually wanted all the contents - even though I already have the Beetle and Dodge Monaco in different paint.


Beige Wagoneer was nice, also the Golf 4x4.

I did grab a couple, though - even if my reasons for doing so remain unclear...


These Renagades are everywhere round here, usually in eye-popping shades - I think there are attractive Motability deals being pushed by a local dealer. Seems like a nicely done tiny version, though. An opening boot or something would be nice, but I think only the pricey Road Trip range comes with stuff like that?


No-one can accuse Mattel of not offering a wide range of vehicles in their lineup - this '33 Plymouth is unexpected, but really nicely done.

If I had to be picky, the headlights are a bit rubbish as they're moulded into the wings, while the bumpers are quite heavy - I'm thinking about the Ford Model A from the early 1980s as a comparator, but then there's probably been a lot of safety legislation in the past 40 years to outlaw those lovely little chromed headlights that could be so easily chewed off...


Another Healey! First one of these I've seen on the shelves; interesting that Mattel have different catalogue numbers for the different colours.


It really is a lovely casting; I think the old English white with red interior just edges it over the BRG and black.

And lastly, for the latest haul...


Oh! It's the Powell Sport!

Quite a bizarre choice of vehicle to model, and one I was blissfully ignorant of until a few short weeks ago.

The track is somewhat narrow, but overall it's a nice rendering with good detail to the casting.

So I haven't opened them yet, but I probably will... the trouble with Matchbox is that I find them enormously appealing, but I never know what to do with them after I've got them home!

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Haven't seen all of those in Tesco yet, rally Porsche and 33 Plymouth are on my hit list. 

I think Matchbox have a different number for each colour as they don't make as many different cars as Hot Wheels, who changed their numbering system for 2020. They used to do the same but revised it to a number per casting instead

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made a start on the joblot,mini was white am keeping it white just waiteing on the parts  i ordered,jag and merc met blue,diped them in costic soda and cleaned with wire wool,put them in my basket got dinky ford corsair and mk1 escort in the wings lol,thats how far i got,got to take the mrs shopping,take the dog out for a walk put pic up with her faverite toy shes hard work its my daughters dog but might as well be mine,then am going to go to  thehungry horse pub tonight meet to good friends for meal,so dont think i will be doing any more.






SAM_3354 (3).JPG

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