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Shite in Miniature II

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I'm also on a voluntary buying ban from eBay... at least until I've cleared a bit of space, and converted the unwanted market tat into a usable PayPal balance.

Goes without saying, if there's anything I have listed that anyone here fancies, let me know... pretty much everything has been already offered out here for less with no takers, but if you've had a change of heart, hit me up and I'll see what I can do.

The untaken stuff from the October clearance will soon be listed on eBay as job lots, so we really are in the Last Chance Saloon here...



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8 hours ago, flat4alfa said:

Post Lady delivered a large parcel from deepest Essex.

In there was a Mini.  So, four different Corgi Mini castings could be lined-up for scrutiny




The oldest and the youngest have no opening parts.  Progress, eh

Blue one with the sunroof is the best IMO, full opening parts and loads of play value. 

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Update: RC Golf

I needed to make some upper wishbones* for the steering. It turns out the picture hanging kit I bought has come in handy after all. I made the rough shape of them, drilled and trimmed and epoxy resined in place. So that's the steering sorted now.




The battery compartment cover was missing so I used the cover off the donor parts car, trimmed it, relocated one of the retainers and added two locating lugs. Looks a bit poor but it will do the job.



So the next thing to do is to look at the motor...

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I'm also on a self imposed ban from eBay and buying any other model cars after all my purchases have arrived.

I was quite excited to get this from ebay.:



Gama Audi 80 B3. I had a blue one as a kid and it was the first proper model car I got, as opposed to the more toy-like Matchbox and Corgi I was used to. It was also my first visit to a proper model shop. £6.65 from McLaren Models in Falkirk in about 1989. I suppose it was my frame of mind that made me sell it in the great purge of 2013. 

My parents neighbour also had an identical blue one on an F registration, it was the first of several Audi saloons they had before Mr moved out and Ms changed to Vauxhalls.

I'm also glad to have it as I have the 1/1 Cabriolet version and it will also fit well with my other Audi 80 models.

They are usually expensive on eBay but the missing roof light perhaps made the Netherlands based seller let it go for less.

Opening it took be back to the marvel that was the blue one and how it just seemed more special and exclusive than anything you could buy in Woolworths or John Menzies at the time. It looks a bit crude now but I'm still delighted with it.

Weirdly for a fairly low spec model, it was fitted out as a Quattro:


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Also some unexpected items in the bagging area this afternoon...


Well blow me down.

Most unexpected.

And inside...


Some ace Matchbox models that still haven't made it across the Irish Sea through normal retail channels, plus a very groovy Corgi Juniors MCI A8 Greyhound bus.

Plus a bonus cassette tape. Most groovy.

Cheers for that, @flat4alfa

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On 11/23/2020 at 11:56 PM, Datsuncog said:

Took a substantial haircut on that Plymouth

Substantial only in purchase percentage.  Not substantial when in comparison to car park fees or beer tokens.  It's the way I seem to get though this

I mean, what am I going to do with this shipment of Olds Cutlasses?   The 1:1 cars didn't even sell well when new!


I was ecstatic.  But Bertie's face says it all.  This will take weeks to sort out.

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On 11/24/2020 at 7:24 PM, Datsuncog said:

very groovy Corgi Juniors MCI A8 Greyhound bus

Like buses... Greyhound Americruiser buses...


Two Corgis.  They really should have detailed those lights front and rear.  The one on the left now lives in Norn Iron.  The one on the right has lived with me since 1979, yet have no recollection as to when or why the roof sticker went.


But what's that plastic impostor at the back you ask.  Well here it is at the forefront


An excellent effort by the Hong Kong team of upscale homage expertise.  As you can see, the attention to robbery detail is superb.  


Now the spare* has gone to pastures new, the Hong Konger can ponder its slot car fate, while the Corgi original deserves a paint pen detailing resurgence




Perhaps not!  I'll be masking its life away getting that scheme right


Why the enthusiasm?  Because of the Detroit 2-stroke howling along in background in those old TV series and Movies from my childhood

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1 hour ago, flat4alfa said:

Well, I've some catching up to do then😎

Of those, I have achieved in my lifetime: a fat zero.

Specimen one; good stickers, bit of paint and chrome wear, lots of base corrosion strangely



Specimen two; good paint but stickers not so great. Broken rear bumper corner



Three; sold



Four; sold



Five; white interior, no stickers



Colours vary a bit


Haven't found a copper one yet

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