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Shite in Miniature II


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Today's arrival was this 1/43 Ford Taunus GT SP5




This wasn't something I was looking for,I was just searching through all the partworks that the seller had.

I really like the real car,so was happy to get this for £13 posted from France.

The seller also has some trucks from the Pegaso series,so hopefully I'll get the recovery truck & car transporter soon.

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Job lot of 8-Crates acquired, mainly so I could get the panel van version


50020173457_354a81295d_4k.jpg20200618_181140 by RS, on Flickr

50019918756_6471517046_4k.jpg20200618_181214 by RS, on Flickr

50019923696_ad6738f486_4k.jpg20200618_181302 by RS, on Flickr


Also picked up this Yatming Thunderbird


50020212532_b62e1a5bc6_4k.jpg20200618_181629 by RS, on Flickr


For quite a common casting, it's taken me a while to get one of these steering Matchbox Mustangs


50019957836_c26a5124b1_4k.jpg20200618_182413 by RS, on Flickr

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8 hours ago, Datsuncog said:

Well, aren't you lot a bad influence...


Couldn't resist the Monza and Rekord for the price, and adding in a Tigra for another fiver seemed too good a bargain to miss.


Haven't owned any Schuco before; the finish is excellent, although the alloys on the older two are possibly a little on the large side.


Also, I'm not sure if the Monza's bonnetline is a smidge steep - wasn't the front end basically the same as the Rekord?


The seatbelt detailing - extending to the tiny red release buttons on the belt clips - is truly a thing of wonder.


With every year that passes, the Mk1 Tigra looks more and more like a bonkers 1990s motor show concept, rather than an actual car made by a volume manufacturer which sold in fairly respectable quanitities.



Where did they all go?


(I do know - the scrappy, for the most part).


And here's something a bit older to tickle your fancy - I bought this 1/36 Corgi Supra last year, but never managed to post anything better than some smudgy low-light pics.



Tri-colour paint masking was a trifle ambitious for Corgi, and this one suffers from quite a few blemishes where wet paint has been transferred to other parts of the car during manufacture.

While the casting isn't as rough as many coming out of the Swansea factory at the time, there's a lot of paint bubbles and blemishes spoiling what's otherwise a very commendable crack at Toyota's big six cylinder coupé. The deep sunstrip is slightly cockamamie too, irritatingly.


As something of a party trick, the headlights retract and then pop-up when you press down on the front wheels. Nifty. 



Interior detail is... present. Not quite as detailed a dashboard as the Sierra - and none of the fancy digital gear that its real-life counterpart boasted - but the tip-up seats are well-moulded and even the generic Corgi steering wheel doesn't look too out of place here.


Unusual that this a left-hooker; I've yet to find a reason why so many Corgis of this era were LHD; even stuff you'd expect to be UK spec.


Big boot and lift-up rear shelf are present though, as is the usual oversize tow hitch.20200613_110844.thumb.jpg.8bd4b6c71b83d22b3687c9d8f6d728d0.jpg

Base is plastic, but incorporates a reasonable amount of drivetrain and exhaust detail.

Since this model arrived in 1985, the same year that Toyota stopped building this generation of Supra, I'd hazard a guess that it was already in development from about 1982, but paused during Mettoy's financial diffs in '83/'84. The catalogue pics seem to show fairly crude wooden prototypes for both the road and racing car variants.



I'd speculate that this one was launched just to get something new out the door and encourage retailers to place orders again, after the whole management buy-out thing was sorted.

I need to get some more of the 1980s Corgi catalogues, as I don't know how long this one lasted - all I can say is that it wasn't listed in the 1988 catalogue, so it didn't have a long run. I don't ever remember seeing it on the toyshop shelves, either.

I have the 'crazy signs' box for this one too, but it's upstairs.

Anyone else remember this at the time?


Wow I haven't seen one of these Supras since getting a shot of my friend Euan's one in about 1988. I loved it and he had a lot of other brilliant 1/36 Corgi cars at the time such as an AA Range Rover, MK2 Transit in breakdown livery and a Ford Mustang.

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41 minutes ago, Split_Pin said:

Wow I haven't seen one of these Supras since getting a shot of my friend Euan's one in about 1988. I loved it and he had a lot of other brilliant 1/36 Corgi cars at the time such as an AA Range Rover, MK2 Transit in breakdown livery and a Ford Mustang.

When you were a kid there was always one kid that had all the properly good stuff. There was a kid on our street, he always seemed to have the kit everybody wanted, which thinking back was odd as his dad never held a job down. Anyway he had the attention span of an orange so he’d usually swap whatever he had with you after about a fortnight. 

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4 minutes ago, Amishtat said:

There was a set with the AA Transit recovery and the Range Rover, can't remember whether it came with an Escort van as well. I had the set but I wasn't that kid.. 


Now I KNOW I've got a mint, boxed set of this in my parent's loft in York, sitting in a plastic storage tub for mouse-proofness:


Bought again from my favourite model shop with outdated wares, circa 1993/4. From memory, it was £11.50 (don't ask my how/why I retain this stuff...), so a fair few weeks going dry of die casts, to fund it. From memory, it was stored really high up on a shelf, with other things in front of it. 

A nice classic rendition of 'whacky roadsigns' boxing here, with the addition of colour coding for the subject matter. I really did score some weapons-grade NOS stuff from that shop back in the day - all of it since sold, barring this set.

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In other 'back in my lockdown days' news, I also nabbed this:



Now this is peak collecting for me - 20th century cast 1/43, more toy orientated rather than collector-spec, dreary family car in jazzy, correct colour. It also helps that I like Mk1 Passats, as there was an orange 2 door one of these in lovely condition, parked up nearby for years, as I was growing up. This is a Schuco one and I bloody love it. Cherry on the cake stuff would be a lowlier spec single headlamp grille but you can't have everything. Can't grumble at £4, though!



This can join my other family Volkswagens in my collection, from Schuco, Schabak, Gama and Conrad. The red Mk2 Passat came in a Gama box but they're both made by Conrad, so am assuming they were one and the same by the 1980's. I'm not a diehard VW fan or anything, it's just that German manufacturers seemed to take modelling home branded vehicles quite seriously, back in't day. Hence why I also seem to have a few BMWs, too.


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Right.... now the following are for sale. Prices will vary from say roughly 50p to say £5 ? Please ask. Sorry for the poor organisation. There will be more at some point.

I believe @flat4alfa did show an interest in the Rover police car (the bottom pic is Scalextric cars) and @andy18s in the MK2 Astra and Nova (there's also a very crude small scale MK2 Astra in one of the photo's)?

Parcel Force Mercedes - taken.





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10 hours ago, Tenmil Socket said:

Right.... now the following are for sale. Prices will vary from say roughly 50p to say £5 ? Please ask. Sorry for the poor organisation. There will be more at some point.

I believe @flat4alfa did show an interest in the Rover police car (the bottom pic is Scalextric cars)

I don’t remember the Rover 800, and it’s not for me sorry

I do already have the Scalextric XRJ9 and Nigel Mansell Williams Honda

But do have a Friday Tat interest in the green Majorette Chev pickup and the white Mercury Sable



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