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Shite in Miniature II

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On 2/10/2020 at 6:46 PM, bunglebus said:

Large Guisval Citroen SM. Don't know what went in the holes


Guisval you say?

I'm pretty sure there was an SM Tour De France set with motorcycle outriders (or maybe bicycles)

The bonnet and roof held some a TV camera crew and their kit


Large Guisvals are 1:37 and that means I would like to buy it if not keeper.

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On 2/12/2020 at 4:08 PM, quicksilver said:

You have the elusive Minix Cresta estate!! Hen's teeth stuff, as is the Rambler. Simca looks good in that metallic blue too.

I've had the Cresta most of my life!  It's suffered a bit, mind, at juvenile hands...  Wait a minute, Rambler?  What Rambler??????  Tell me, show me, this is something I've clearly missed!

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1 minute ago, eddyramrod said:

I've had the Cresta most of my life!  It's suffered a bit, mind, at juvenile hands...  Wait a minute, Rambler?  What Rambler??????  Tell me, show me, this is something I've clearly missed!

RC17 Ramber Classic 770 coupé. An odd choice of model, presumably aimed at the US market, and seemingly the rarest Minix of them all. Various colours illustrated at https://tri-ang.weebly.com/tri-ang-minix---individual-models---1st-issues.html but all are practically unobtainium. I'm amazed you didn't know about it given your liking for Yank iron!


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22 hours ago, quicksilver said:

 I'm amazed you didn't know about it given your liking for Yank iron!

So am I!  I can only assume that at six or seven years old I failed to recognise it, if indeed I ever saw one at all.  I've been wanting the Ford van for many many years, now the Rambler has joined it on the list.  Damn you/thank you, as appropriate.

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On 2/11/2020 at 4:59 PM, Datsuncog said:

but I didn't leave empty-handed either...

Oh yeah, forgot to come back on this - my finds from Saturday:


Matchbox Dinky DYS-17 Triumph Dolomite Roadster, in as-new condition.

Yup, the one with the flip-up dicky seat - as far as I know, the only moving feature on a model in this range.



While I'm not really much of a 1930s car buff, I remember this one coming out in 1990 and being blown away at just how damn special it seemed.

The hugely oversize box also leant some weight to that perception.

Apparently, it was lavishly packaged to 'celebrate' a Dinky branded Dolomite roadster finally appearing - as it had been first advertised by Meccano as one of six new Dinky touring cars due to be introduced during 1939.

But while some of these models appeared before the war broke out, and others arrived belatedly after hostilities ceased and manufacturers went back to their every day business - the Dolomite never did hit the shelves.

This Triumph remained the Holy Grail among Dinky collectors for many years, but with none ever discovered and the prototype now presumed lost, it's accepted that it never did exist.

Although it would doubtless be more crisply done nowadays, for a 30 year old model I'm pretty stoked.

Also this:


Perhaps also a bit out of character, as I'm trying to move away from my old completionist ways, but I already have the DY5-A release of the Ford V8 Pilot in black, and the DY5-B release in silver - so the DY5-C version in beige seems kinda logical, no?

In my view, the black version (picked up on the tat stall last year) looks just a bit severe and it's hard to see the detailing, while the silver version (bought from a long-gone chemist shop in the mid-90s) looks somehow wrong, even though metallic silver on a mass-market car was correct for 1950.

So the beige version looks pretty decent on display, although if you look closely you'll see how much rougher the last version of the casting looks compared to the first run - not quite as bad as the Superfast 911s though!


So there y'go... I really ought to pull all my Matchbox Dinky out someday, as there's some really nice models in there which deserve a bit of display time. And, while they're hardly at Days Gone/ MoY levels of cheapness, at about a tenner a throw they're no more than I might have been paying in 1990 - and a damn sight less than current Vanguards!

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i got a whole load of them matchbox-dinkys which i spent my paper round money on way back in 1990-ish.

they are nice models, and some interesting cars.

amongst my accumulation there is a 59 Caddy Coupe deVille, the Bentley Continental, a TR4 and Stag, and my favourite, the mark 1 Mini Cooper S. sadly they are all in the reserve collection, which looks quite like a box under the spare bed....


its fashionable now i think to sort of sneer at these models, sad as they are actually i think really nice representations of the cars they portray. it comes from i think them been smeared with the "collectors" thing in that they were bought and then put away. like "days gone" only these are pretty nice cars in their own right, not generic rubbish.



amongst the things in here are a selection of Corgi Minis, some similar vintage Corgi Classics, both early ones and some from a little later,






and some lledo crap, and less crap vanguards including the ever popular allegro and marina, plus a couple of ford angleboxes for good measure.




and remember these from Shell petrol? as i recall you could get a whole series of these by collecting the tokens on so many gallons of fuel. plus if you bought many, many gallons of petrol you could get a big-ish scale Jaguar XJ220, though to get that i think you had to spend almost as much on fuel as it would have cost to buy a real one, new.


and then finally this one, the only vitesse car in the collection, its i think the Pat Moss Mini Cooper that was first to win a outright a rally, i think it was the Tulip Rally in 1963


these boxed cars now don't see the light of day much, when new they did, which is why some of the packaging is now really yellow and dog eared, but as i've got a rule that unboxed cars, and toy trains get priority in a display case, these ones have been squirreled away, plus when the cars are put out, where the hell do you put the empty boxes?

. maybe one day they will be out on show, maybe. the things you waste your pocket money on....

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Those early Corgi Classics from the late 1980s were a revelation in their day. 

Inexpensive yet somehow special feeling they modeled British cars that were either overlooked by the European makers such as Bang, Box, Best, Brum, Eligor and Vitesse. I remember getting my blue Morris Minor in 1988 and it is still a joy today. It was before I went to swapmeets and in any case the Spot on 4 door was too dear and I never did find a Lesney one so this to me was the only version available.

I also remember being envious of my friend Euan's Dinky MGBGT as they were still quite common on the roads back in 1990. Lovely separate handbrake and gearlever and not just moulded into the interior. I got one shortly afterwards, thanks mum! I sold it in the Great Purge(TM) of 2013 but bought a mint unboxed one a few years later. 

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I had the Matchbox Dinky Beetle and '59 Cad. Very nice things they are too.


Picked a few new ones in the Entertainer/Smyths today


49529489453_e29f70de81_k.jpg20200213_133914 by RS, on Flickr

49529988246_67742b7a63_k.jpg20200213_133529 by RS, on Flickr

49529987656_dad54aba1c_k.jpg20200213_133458 by RS, on Flickr


Think I showed the rest of this set the other day, now Smyths have the only one I was interested in


49529486728_03429fc65e_3k.jpg20200213_133600 by RS, on Flickr


There's also a new Fast and Furious set

49530222852_bb539a3b36_4k.jpg20200213_134712 by RS, on Flickr

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You'll struggle to find the Volvos apparently, as they all seem to be in New Zealand!

I passed by a couple on a hook in a shop today and then rooted round for some more, as it was 4 for $10 (£5). I actually found 5 but left one as, it'd have cost and extra £1.50 and I'm not made of money.

I'd picked up a spare in the past, so I'll have 5 to bring back with me to the UK in May, for sale at cost or interesting swaps. 

Should I carry on looking for more?


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Yes indeed, Friday of Tat rolls around again in Belfast... though perhaps more a day of consolidation than revelation?


Oh dear, not quite a sight to set the heart a-flutter.

The same Bburago 1/24 from last week; a 007 BMW Z5; another Shell promo Jaguar XJ220 (which, as noted above, required the user to spend as much on fuel as a real one would cost); a Welly VW splittie; the same Brumm Fiat Topolino van which has had no takers for months now; that Renault Spider... hmmm.


There is, however, a terrifying monkey in a Varsity pullover...


...and, in fairness, the Silver Jubilee Royal Coach set is a new one, though not really my sorta thing. I don't think this is a Lesney one - though I could be wrong.

Corgi Wright Flyer is a new one on me, though not so much aligned to my tastes (such as they are).


This was also on the table: a Matchbox Stubbies Fire Truck.



Very much in the Tonka/Buddy L style; one of many junior toys made elsewhere and licenced to Matchbox International in the mid/late 80s. 

Does this set anyone's nostalgia nodes a-tingling? Box isn't very happy but the model is in good fettle.


Corgi Cameos...


...yeah, because Royal Mail were well known for using fonts from cheap word processing programmes in the 1920s.


I think this is what bothers me most about Cameos and the like - the total lack of being arsed. How hard is it just to copy a known vehicle?


Still, I suppose it gave a point of difference between these travesties and the 1/43 Corgi Classics range, boasting their 'authentic liveries'.


While I'm ranting about mail vans, this boxed Australia Post Transit's not bad.


Think* it might be a limited edition collectors model for the Australian market, not sure.

I wish Matchbox would make these things clearer.




But but but!

Another vacancy on an adjacent stall meant that today the 50p Tat Box gets a whole table to itself...


And the box has been upended to provide a better rummaging experience for tat-lovers everywhere.

So quite a few playworn 70s and 80s Matchbox still visible...


That Isuzu Amigo/Vauxhall Frontera is fitted with unusual 'shield' style wheels; guessing it was part of some sort of set, originally.



More 80s Matchbox and Corgi Juniors - still quite a few Super GTs in here. Red Cosmobile has had a bad time of it.

The Chevrolet Ambulance is a Graffic Traffic one - still with its back doors intact, but quite well scribbled on. 




Any early-70s Matchbox left in here are pretty much cactus. The gold BMC 1800 is in a similar state to the light blue Iso Grifo further up - missing its doors and glazing, and the A-posts busted.

Shedloads of Baja Buggies, Toe Joes and fantasy Skip Trucks, for some reason.


It's easier to see when they're all spread out like this; I generally thought it was the same one popping up as I churned through the box, but apparently not.

Also loads of Ford Cargo skip trucks, still - but not a skip to be seen.


The dinosaur cage from the green Lost World version couldn't be found this week, annoyingly. I'm sure it was in there...

Fair few Woosh'n'Push and Mod Rods hiding too, though invariably missing their engines.


Two different colour versions of the Matchbox Ford Thunderbird - think the one on the right is a colour changer, possibly the one on the left too?


Aside from diecast, the stall also had a fair few back-issues of Motor, Autocar and Custom Car mag, all from c.1970-1972.


A quick turn around the other stalls revealed very little with wheels that I haven't already photographed - just those Porsches and pewter items on one of the antique stalls, and some unboxed Days Gone down Giffer Alley - so not much else to report right now.

Not a day to go down in tat history, maybe  - though I did manage to pick up a few items from the shiter Want List.

Pics to be uploaded once colleagues in my immediate vicinity bugger off for long enough for me to photograph them...

I'll likely head over shortly, just in case anyone has arrived over at the stall in the interim with a big box of Spot On, looking to get shot... that does seem to be how the Tat Stall rolls.

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