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Shite in Miniature II

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I'm going to be sticking an order in with www.model-supplies.co.uk to replace the missing parts on a few of the cars.  These two I wanted to throw some paint on because they've been sat in undercoat for ages, it might motivate me to actually put an order in for the few bits I need that are missing.



I managed to complete some today, with varying degrees of success.  First up, this Mk10 Jag.  I have no idea why the bonnet ended up a different colour to the rest of the car, it was painted with the same paints at the same time.  Glass is damaged too.  Never mind, it's an improvement on how it was.  I was pretty lazy with the engine, just Molotow chrome pen and a Nuln Oil wash.






After my third attempt to get the paint right on this one I just drew a line under it and glued it together.  Sometimes, they just fight you, and for some reason this one just seemed incredibly prone to weird paint issues and me messing up the fine detailing.  It'll do, it looks better than it did.





Finally finished the Cadillac dog wagon.  It turned out pretty nicely considering it's build from 3 different models that were never meant to be together in the first place.  I like this one, it's a nice variation on the ambulance casting now.  The Husky wheels work really well as an approximation of the proper full wheel trims, the chrome pen worked wonders on them.





Decided to leave the roof on the silver taxi silver, rather than black vinyl.  My detailing isn't the best on this one, I was really having trouble with paints for some reason.  It's not as bad as the MG and it'll certainly do nicely for display.






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I've not made any meaningful progress on the kits.  The T-Bird has been a bit of a masking tape nightmare to be honest, not the fault of the kit or the paint but the masking tape.  I'm trying out different types to try and find one that actually works.

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What do you use for the chrome bits? I assume some sort of pen rather than a brush and paint. If so where does one purchase such a thing. Bearing in mind the only model restoration stuff I've got is old rattlecans from the shed and a couple of new ones from a Poundshop.

I did buy some meths and soaked a Husky camper- which promptly disintegrated, maybe I left it for too long( 2 weeks!).

My first project is a pair of Matchbox 109 Safari Landrovers- won't need much chrome, but would like a grille and lights.

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I don't think I've ruined it. I thought, it's never going to be particularly interesting to anyone with that broken suspension, so worth a go, and could break for parts if I had to. But I don't think that will be necessary.

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No, you absolutely haven't ruined it - at least now, with the suspension repaired, it'll be a nice model to display.


With the tales of abject fragility floating around concerning these models, I'm not sure I would have dared risk it lest I ended up with a desk covered in Rhodialite powder... but definitely worth a punt, and looks like it's paid off. Nice one.

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Painted the body and bits on Monday, this evening it was time for the roof.

I'm always nervous removing the masking..


Mainly because I'm crap at it..


Nothing a bit of white spirit can't sort.

A bit of detailing and a coat of laqure at the weekend and it'll be done :)

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A while ago I mentioned about a project in memory of a dear friend, and fellow shiter John 'OldFord' MacGregor, well I have been sent photos of the complete model, and I am chuffed. Once I have the model, it is going to be auctioned off in aid of St Elizabeth's Hospice in Ipswich, who cared for John as he slipped away. I know this would ut a smile on his face.










I shall be posting on here when the auction will be, I have blessings from John's sister who now owns the real Cardinal red Cortina, and even his old Sierra has come 'home', to Ipswich after an ECR member bought it.

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Whistle-stop tour through the market this morning, as I was feeling rough, overslept and missed my customary train into town...


But I think you'll agree some things are worth being late into work for.


Chiefly, this little honey.






I wasn't aware Dinky France had put together a model of a Honda S800, let alone one which manages to catch the lines so well.




Engine detail is really quite lovely, too.


A mere £5 for this crisp Atlas reissue; I shudder to think what an original release in this condition would set me back.


I also nabbed this:




I have a very strong memory of receiving this Jaguar SS100 at Easter 1984; indeed I still have the same model, albeit with hardly any paint and a very mangled windscreen after three decades in a toybox.


For £2, I couldn't say no.


Still unopened, and I'll have to think hard about whether to open it. Normally, I'm firmly in the opening camp - even for blister packs - but somehow the sealed and pristine nature is oddly soothing here.


The remains of the NPO (short for National Post Office - a now-defunct local chain of stationers, bought over by Easons in the 1990s) sticker are very familiar - whenever my grandfather bought me the odd matchbox car, it was usually from the NPO in Springhill Shopping Centre. 


Ah now.




Other stall highlights include:






All recent boxed models (Corgi Classics, Atlas-repro Dinkys) £5; proper old Dinkys/Corgis and tinplates £5; unboxed stuff between £3 and £1. Boxed old military stuff considerably more (think £20-£30ish)




Boxed Matchbox: £2




Unusual short-lived Corgi range from c.1981 - their 'Wild West' range. This seems to be the complete collection; M/B for £2 a pop. I was kinda tempted, but they don't interest me a great deal I'm afraid.


The 50p and 'reserve selection' boxes are still there, but a cursory glance shows there appear to be no substantial change to their contents. I think I've scooped anything reasonable from them, now - didn't take any fresh pics, but here's a link back to last week's:




Normally there's not much mini-shite on other stalls, but I did encounter this on some charity tat stall: a largish, battery-powered Fire Engine by Playart, stamped 'Made in Hong Kong' and with those wobble-wheels that make it change direction.






In surprisingly good, clean condition - I'm not sure whether it would originally have had bigger ladders, or if it's complete as is.


As ever - should anything here catch your eye, give me a shout and I'll toddle over in an hour or so...

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Very good price on the s800 compared to eBay/toy fairs...


Yes, indeed... I nearly choked when I saw what those repro red BMW 1500s were fetching online... these aren't far behind. Yow.


Stall blokey seems to have a weird pricing policy, but for once I'm not complaining.  He seemed relatively jovial this morning, so I guess it's all just a case of catching him on a good day...


(Oh, and your box was posted yesterday morning so with a bit of luck you'll have some diecast fun arriving tomorrow.)

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Thank you.


If you could be bothered, there's a few quid for the mini-shite fund to be made flipping the Fiat 1800!


I'm starting to wonder if maybe I should! I'd have thought the Atlas stuff would be too recent to be fetching much, but the asking prices seem to say otherwise...



I also had a quick look online and it seems that the Corgi Juniors Wild West range also featured a paddle steamer, and later a covered wagon, so it's not a complete range shown above.


This is what I remember from the 1981 Corgi Catalogue...




But it seems a couple more were added later.




That said, a quick Google doesn't show up very many with those boxes - either blister pack or box set seems to be more common - so I dunno... the wheeler-dealer lifestyle doesn't really appeal, but boosting the minishite fund does... hnnnng...


Incidentally, quite an informative blog post about these toys is available here:



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Look at it as a 'finders fee', if there is someone in say, Kent, looking for these they aren't going to stumble across that set - and some people are just happy not to seek out stuff but just have it arrive on their doorstep. Particularly, say if they have reduced mobility.


Sorry, I'm encouraging you to hold stock!

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