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Shite in Miniature II

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I have a real problem here.


They say I am killing the fucking oceans because I'm white, male, heterosexual, smoke, drink , watch car racing and pay taxes.


Let me tell you a few things about this.


I haven't thrown a molecule of plastic into no fucking ocean in my life.

If plastic in the fucking oceans is indeed a problem, I suggest you start prosecuting the way too rich parasites making a shitload of money from the contents of my plastic recycling bin, who indeed dump the contents of it into the fucking oceans out of pure, unadulterated greed.


They say there will be more plastic in the oceans than sea life. I call that horseshit. If there is anything I know, then it's the fact that nofuckingbody knows how much sea life is in those fucking oceans, let alone what species are in them.


They say I kill the oceans. The opposite is true. There are creatures in those fucking oceans that only wait for me to jump in.


They say if the oceans die, I die. Well, the oceans are not going to die. I will. Fact.


It's all bollox.


However, I'm all for protecting nature, because I am.


So promise me. Promise me that you are not going to hurl anything I would like to post now into the fucking oceans.


Promise me, or I will not post it.

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^^One of the models of my childhood which I didn't have, together with the Corgi Hillman Imp because I was born 5 years too late.


Thankfully I have both now, great little pieces.


Must say 155 you are v. generous on this thread. I've lost count of the numbers of freebies you have given me, especially the BMW wheels which resurrected one of mine to better than before :)

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You know a car has crossed the boundary from 'somewhat attainable' to 'pipe dream' as soon as somebody makes a large scale, massively detailed model of it. That said, those Glaseratis look great even if I suppose it means I'll never have a real one.

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When you say natural habitat I take it you also refer to the peeling metallic paint!      


Lovely colour, though, almost Aquatic Jade.   I remember our local green-grocer having a Zephyr de Luxe that colour.....Must have been over-charging my mum for the Sunday veg.

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Those old Airfix kits are sought after and hence quite valuable in any condition.

Reissues are unlikely, because some of the tooling went to MPC in the USA and thus went under with them, hence the whereabouts are unknown and it's more than likely some of it got sold for scrap. The succession of takeovers and mergers over there is so convoluted, that the trail of the tooling often can't be traced and nobody at this time really knows what exists and what not. Often tooling is now incomplete and retooling the missing components economically infeasible. Add to this the licensing jungle you have to go through to release any kit and you can imagine how unlikely it is for what was a niche product even in its day ever hitting the shelves again.


Depending on how restorable these built models are, they can command stiff money, but as has been mentioned by others, nowhere near the price of unbuilts.

If I could look at pics, I'd be able to tell more, but if they are reasonably complete and can be rebuilt, I'd say they are at least 75 quid each.

If you really don't want to eBay them, which IMO is the only sensible way, because it's exactly this what eBay initially was invented for, I'd try relevant fori such as Britmodeller.com, or approach vendors of old kits such as Kits for Cash, Kingkit, or Plastic Past Times. Although the latter will not pay full whack for obvious reasons, their offers aren't unfair and dealing with them couldn't be more hassle free.

I know im a couple of months late but just dug these old kits out and photographed them so I will share them now :mrgreen:


I will start with the best and steadily get worse :lol:


Kansas Kruiser with added "K"




Ill say a little bit about all three in this first post but theres so many photos I will split it into three posts ;-)


I took very little notice of the destructions as they basically told you to paint all the interiors Black,the tyres Gloss Black,The Rear lights Gloss Red etc etc just dreadful! They also expected you to cut up the destructions sheet for the numberplates Blue dot matrix lettering on crap white paper!


Nice!!!! So I made my own numberplates White Lettering on Black Backgrounds used a rear lense repair kit paint to paint the rear lenses for extra realism and consulted sales literature of the real cars for suitable interior colours :mrgreen:


And old Street Machine/Custom Car issues for rear axle detaiing etc.


The one mistake I made was I buried the waterslides under clear enamel lacquer which 20+ years ago wasnt exactly UV Resistant :mad:


It hasnt affected the Yellow Cortina but the white areas on the Zody and most of the Capri are now sadly and off white Duck Egg Yolk yellowy white hue :cry:


But they were well made and are not broken and I have the boxes if a little faded and worn and all the Destructions,Moddlers Club coupons etc were kept :mrgreen:


So here goes first Cortina...............................












Zodiac and Crapi to follow ;-)

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Krakle Kat Ford Capri


This one suffered the most as it was a sea of White! and It seems I missed the lacquer off a few places :roll:




Ooops missed a bit :roll:


Plus a bit around the Grill :roll:



Contrast can be seen here,the back of the bonnet that never saw UV Light against the shell that did :-(


Car came with a driver,I painted him up at the time but never put him in place as I thought he looked a little to business like to be driving a jacked up Custom Scene Capri? I think he was just carried over from the stocker Airfix Capri?

Also I printed extra Numberplates not sure why but there still there ;-)



All three kits made in Good old Blighty in 1980 to be included in the new for 81 Catalogue :mrgreen:

Just before Airfix went bust and got bought out by Palitoy :cry:

The End!!!

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There is no way to resurrect the lacker laqwer liqueur clearcoat. Vintage enamel based lacquer yellowed, end of story.

Do not use the stuff today, you'll see the same happening over the next few decades.

It has long since been established in modelling circles what to use to avoid the effect.

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Junkman I’m sat here at work salivating over your updates. Really appreciated (even if I’m 99% likely not to buy any). Please keep your spy in whatever poison he demands ????



You know a car has crossed the boundary from 'somewhat attainable' to 'pipe dream' as soon as somebody makes a large scale, massively detailed model of it. That said, those Glaseratis look great even if I suppose it means I'll never have a real one.



I couldn't agree more with both of you. For whatever reason those high end models of supercars are the trend and seem to sell reasonably well, going by the pertinent forums. Especially the collectors in the emerging markets are very fond of them. Sadly this leaves the traditionalists a bit in mid air, which is widely lamented upon in forums catering for that bunch.


I can only afford so many of these high end models, but some of them are so well made that I bought them despite I don't really like the real car they represent.

That CMC W100 for example might find its way to me when I get a bonus, or otherwise run into some unexpected loot.

Usually my ceiling price wise is Sun Star Platinum and even those I mostly buy when they are on sale somewhere.

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As many of you know, me is more a plastic man, I.

Imagine my increasing frustration in view of yet another round of disappointments from this year's fair.


So let's start without any further ado.



It looks like the old Accurate Miniatures Corvette Grand Sport and Mc Laren tools are now with Academy:





This Daimler chassis #1 is said to be 1/18 scale. If it isn't a new tool, which I'm not convinced it is, its life started at Gakken in the Seventies and it's 1/16 scale.







This is made by a company called AMMO. Sadly all the military stuff is in the wrong scale, otherwise I'd have this, despite pacifist.



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Blimey this thread has hit 'Dusty Bin' status, I had more arrivals today, an 'Odeon' branded Ixo Simca Horizon in red from China, and a kit form Gama Astra GSi spares car from Burnside, photos once I have put the asta back together, I only wanted that Astra for it's dash, it came without wheels, but thanks to a bit of swappage I had a spare set of Opel Astra wheels

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Aoshima also released some newfangled tosh.












These are prepainted preassembled, but sadly 1/32 scale.






A welcome reissue are the MGBs, the rubber bumper version now finally containing Rostyles.

Why they keep reissuing that terrible ex IMAI Beetle is beyond me, though.







They also showed these modern JDM cars in 1/32 scale snap kit flavour.









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Love the Rubber Bumper MGB :wub:


Every man and his dog has done a Chrome Bumper but RB and Rostyles........................


Nice!!! :mrgreen:



I'm not every man and I'm allergic to dogs.

























For the record: the issue I built this from contained the bits for both versions!


I hope this time around Aoshima doesn't only throw Rostyles in the RB version, but also the updated seats and the dashboard.


Note: For the chrome bumper version you'll have to lower the model, which, considering the way the chassis is designed, is not an easy task.

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You really have OCD, do you not.



Anyway, back to Nürnberg.



Airfix, once famous for its wonderful politically incorrect box art by Roy Cross, which sold them many kits to people just for that, is now demonstrating how to make box art so extremely naff that a lot of people won't buy them regardless what the contents are. Fucking bravo.







Hasegawa meanwhile follows Aoshima's trend of releasing the right kits in the wrong scale.













Welcome reissues of their 360 and LB110 kits sadly come in the meanwhile customary for Japan child porn flavour, which makes them unsellable in any other countries.







Imagine what the box art will look like. You can't carry them through a shop to the checkout without ending up on the sex offenders list.

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This is all I got fed back from Heller so far. Impressive, isn't it?

They are teasing me with that C4 Hotel Taxi for two years now!

Not a word about the Estafette kit they announced repeatedly.







ICM announced to release their brass era Renault taxi in 1/24 as well (it was hitherto only available in 1/35 military scale), but failed to bring an example to Nürnberg. So the only new 1/24 offering from them shown is this figure set.




This is not good enough!

Where are the 1/24 Mercedes 770K, Packard V12 and all the other correct scale stuff they announced years ago?

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Italeri releases the 1/12 scale 500 in Abarth flavour, which I like. But going by the price of the regular 500 kit, it'll remain a pipe dream. I might no longer be able to resist to pull out my wallet, if they follow it up with a Steyr Puch version.


Apart from the Abarth, there is little that interests me, except the reissue of the 1/16 Gullwing, which had been out of production for so long, that few people actually remember that it ever existed. I might be tempted by the reissues of the German WWII stuff, but sadly they are now void of any authentic insignia that could be considered offensive by those PC wankers.






























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