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Shite in Miniature II


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I did my own version of a hidden treasure Allegro quite a few years ago. It was for a mate and was a cruel reminder of his own car, languishing at the bottom of his garden!


And the real thing:


I actually did it from memory as I didn't have the pic, and I wish I'd spent more time getting the green slime right!

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1 hour ago, danthecapriman said:

That’s lovely. Really well done when compared to an original.

That A60 was one of my biggest frustrations as a youngster though! I wanted a standard car not one with the big red thing on top and those cast in L plates really were a let down as they were impossible to get rid of without grinding the thing down. 
Im sure that would have sold well as a standard car too if Corgi would have done it.

Reminds me, I’ve still not finished my original one I’m converting into what Corgi should have done…


I had wondered what happened to this and was going to ask, but you beat me to it!

54 minutes ago, Split_Pin said:

This was my most played with car out of all the ones that were given to me by my dad and uncles. It even fitted on my Marchbox Play Track. My example is now on a Corgi Transporter!

The one I had as a kid was a swap and I liked parking it and generally steering it around, but the L plates and huge red wheel always bugged me. I sold it on here last year!

Talking of the steering Corgis, I also had the VW polizei car but had really wanted the orange rally version in the shop window. Unfortunately the shop only had the former for sale so that's what I got for my birthday.

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18 minutes ago, FakeConcern said:

I had wondered what happened to this and was going to ask, but you beat me to it!

It’s actually in white primer now with the base painted, but I couldn’t make my mind up about colour(s) so it’s been sat on the bench in the shed for ages!

I will make my mind up tomorrow and paint it. No excuses!

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2 hours ago, Datsuncog said:

Forgot to flag this up when it arrived last week.


The rather delayed March 2024 release from Corgi Model Club - the #236 Austin A60 Cambridge Driving School Car.


I've been looking forward to this one.


A chod-tastic choice of subject matter, and really well executed.

Also a fine reminder of the days when a prospective driver was let loose in one of these vast understeering boats with huge overhangs fore and aft, rather than a nice compact Micra with power steering.


The steerable wheels are, of course, the main feature - but it's also a lovely rendering of some prime BMC grey porridge.

Hard to know whether the design impetus was to model a driving school car, or whether it was to create a miniature Cambridge, but the steering was added at a later stage of design for fear it'd be too dull for kiddy tastes otherwise.


The L plates front and back are highly visible, anyway - and the casting was never modified or used for any other Corgi release. 


The student and instructor figures inside add a further dash of realism.

While, inside the box, are replicas of some educational matter:


There y'go - a highly abridged 'Junior Highway Code', plus some handy European language vocab.


Still, pretty exciting stuff. It's kinda nice that Corgi continued this theme through the '70s with the Corgi Driving School VW Beetle (including cones), and into the 1980s with the 1/36 scale Triumph Acclaim/ Honda Ballade proclaiming the same.


Box looks enticing, too.


And the usual facts and figures info card.


At least these cards are easy enough to store, rather than the floppy A4 sized leaflets masquerading as a magazine which accompanied similar partworks sold through newsagents.

But stay!


I happen to have a moderately knackered original here too.


In terms of colour and detail, it's a good match.


Just the underside colouration is a bit different.


Marvellous. Love it.

The messrina needs knock kneed front end for the full effect.

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As promised, the old Corgi A60 is painted!

still couldn’t decide on colours. I very nearly painted it maroon with white stripe, but having tested the paint colour first I wasn’t convinced. 
But, to be honest the colour scheme corgi used was nice. It was just the L plates and roof wheel thingy that bothered me so I decided in the end, if it ain’t broke… or whatever!




Lada Adriatic blue with a gloss white stripe. The blue will tone down a bit once it dries. 
The stripe was a bastard to mask up well. A combination of fairly rough casting edges along what would be bright trims on the real car and this particular car has some pretty heavy chips and dings in the same place so the tape was hard to cut where they were. But, it’s a toy that’s been played with over the past half century plus so what do you expect!

The good thing is though I can disguise the wavy edges between blue & white by painting in the bright trim which Corgi didn’t do. That’ll have to wait a few days though as the blue needs to harden off.

There is a bit of a ding/damage to the boot lid too which I didn’t fix, and a slight - very slight! - bend to the roof… but it’s an old toy!

Not sure if I’ll find a replacement front solid axle for this or just glue the original steering wheels in the straight position. 
Obviously the steering mechanism won’t be getting refitted so the steering wheels will just flop around independently of each other if I don’t glue them.

I still think Corgi missed a trick not releasing this model later, maybe by altering the tooling to remove the L plates and fill the hole in the roof, and punt it out in various colour combo’s but what’s done is done I guess! We’ll never know!

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The Cambridge is looking fab @danthecapriman Just how Corgi should have done it!

Despite feeling shit today (I've managed to catch covid) I got a few bits and bobs completed between bouts of coughing and sneezing.

Mini pickup has had the bits of glazing that show polished as much as possible and the interior painted with black humbrol satin. This model is made from one I got to use the interior on another which I'd ruined the plastics with thinners so the good bits are in a green van now. The rough bits are from stripping the new paint off after it reacted with something and I didn't go over the top cleaning it up where it will hardly be seen.


Anyway here it is all back together


For the number plate I gooled mini pickup and used a reg I found


I kind of tried to keep it looking like it was made by Corgi


Comparing to Van and Countryman


Yes the interior of the pickup went into the green one


I also finally put together a Corgi Elan I painted ages ago  after seeing one someone had on here 155V6 maybe? Anyway I liked the purple with white stripe so here's mine


Needed a repro screen and the steering wheel comes from a Maisto Porsche


The Bburago 900 Turbo that I added the Aero body kit to is done as well, I know it's LHD and I stuck a UK plate on it, but I couldn't work out what a period Swedish one would be like. Perhaps I should have put an Italian one on.


It didn't have a steering wheel (I mean it never had) and I fitted one from a Corgi, but did no other modifications as I didn't feel like it any more, but wanted to get it finished.


It is interesting seeing it with the other Saab models I have, the Dinky 96 and Polistil 99 from childhood



The 9.5 I got the other day intending to use the Aero wheels on the 900, but decided it's too nice to ruin, however I am always a bit disappointed when the tailgate of an estate doesn't open


The two 99s are very consistant in size from the front to the rear wheel, extra length is in the hatchback


The grill on the Polistil isn't great though


While looking for the Saab 96 and 99 I found the other two Dinky Mini Clubmans (Clubmen?) I have, one is MIB and the other I already had is not as good as the one I got at the weekend

IMG_9248.JPG.edfc71eacec22d3608b1029ad912bd11.JPGInterestingly the worst one also has sparkly lights which are yellow (been replaced?)  and has a different number plate


During the afternoon a large box was delivered...


It must have taken @Dick Longbridge hours to wrap this lot up, thanks again!

Since I was a bit off colour I didn't feel like wasting the excitement of unwrapping it all so that will wait, but I had a quick peek...



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In Sainsbury's, and they seem to have a load of late 2023 and early 2024 Hot Wheels cases mixed in together across two dump bins...

Anyone mad keen on any of these?


Civic and Skyline are especially nice. I've grabbed one each for myself.

Annoyingly, Sainsbury's prices are quite high at £2.30 a throw - so I'm not gonna be buying any more speculatively tonight, but will be here for the next 30 mins or so!

If you want any, do shout...

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16 hours ago, FakeConcern said:


That pick up looks great. 

Not many companies have done pick ups.

The only two I have had  1/43rd are these








Two that have alluded me over the years are the one from Spark, always very pricey when seen at fairs and shows. Rarely do they show up at auction.


The other one is from Ebbro. I have never seen one of these in the UK.


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Speaking of Hot Wheels... one I found in Asda over the weekend just past.


A 2023 release of a 1965 Mercury Comet Cyclone gasser.


I'm normally a bit put off gasser-style racers; they're not really my thing, but this one looked so nicely decorated with all-over tampos that it pushed me into handing over £1.90. I really like it.


It'd be nice to have a slightly more standard rendering of a '65 Comet, but I guess this is more what Hot Wheels is about.


I hadn't noticed the separate tailpipes exiting through the front arches until I took this pic, so that's a nice touch.


I'm probably gonna need more gassers now...

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1 hour ago, bunglebus said:

Hot Wheels one is nice but I've only ever found this version 

Hot Wheels '67 Austin Mini Pickup


Sometimes i wish I hadn't seen things on here! What other versions are there, I could only see this one on Google? Now I've seen them I want a Hotwheels Mini pickup and van to go with the saloons I have! I do sometimes look through the Hot Wheels at toy fairs, but I've never seen a Mini and one seller told me he saves them for car shows where they sell for more money than most others!

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20 hours ago, Datsuncog said:

In Sainsbury's, and they seem to have a load of late 2023 and early 2024 Hot Wheels cases mixed in together across two dump bins...

Anyone mad keen on any of these?


Civic and Skyline are especially nice. I've grabbed one each for myself.

Annoyingly, Sainsbury's prices are quite high at £2.30 a throw - so I'm not gonna be buying any more speculatively tonight, but will be here for the next 30 mins or so!

If you want any, do shout...

Can I lay claim to the VW flatbed please?  I have a use for one of those...

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41 minutes ago, eddyramrod said:

Can I lay claim to the VW flatbed please?  I have a use for one of those...

Well now, I didn't buy all of them - I just had a rummage in the supermarket aisle (earning myself some odd looks) and snapped a quick pic of some dump bin items which may have interested those of us on here!

But I'll keep an eye out for any VW flatbeds I may encounter - might be back in that branch of Sainsbury's on Friday so will check again and see if it's still there for you.

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Here’s something I didn’t know existed.

The Dinky casting for the Ford D series, I knew about the early type with early grill and opening doors and of course the late type with non opening doors and late style grill.

But I found this.


Early grill, non opening doors. In that same yellowish green the last version of the Johnson road sweeper comes in. I didn’t realise they did these like this. Almost an intermediate version of the D series.

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I did however come away with these two from last night's shopping trip:


1982 Nissan Skyline R30 Turbo, and 2001 Honda Civic Si, in relatively restrained 'scene' get-ups.

I kinda prefer solid colour versions like the Honda, as they tend to get detailed tampo prints on the front and rear, which looks a smidge more realistic than lairy graphics on the roof and sides. Mattel's policy on mainlines seems to generally put decoration on no more than three surfaces.


The R30 does have graphics on the side, which means it doesn't get so much detail on the front - though does have printed rear lights and a licence plate, which makes up for it a bit.


Having said that, the printing machine seems to have slipped on the offside unfortunately, so the stripe sort of runs downhill and the writing at the bottom of the door has been snipped off.



I didn't realise until I'd opened the pack, and looking back at the pics from the supermarket, I put the one that'd be properly printed back... well, duh.


I'm pleased to see some newish Hot Wheels releases are finally making it across the water.

Just have to find some of the Matchbox mainlines for 2024, now...

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3 hours ago, bunglebus said:

I've been keeping my eye out for one of those Majorette Escorts since they were mentioned a few weeks ago, think it might be a while before Europe gets them. In the meantime, more Matchbox sneaky peekys 











They look great but as per we won’t see them in the U.K…

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