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Shite in Miniature II


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ANOTHER Leyland MX...?

I don't know how you do it

The Car Boots around here are just rained-on stolen hifi, piles of knock-off trainers, trashed Dyson hoovers and everyone speaks broken English with a south eastern-European accent

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1 hour ago, hennabm said:

May have been a Husky roadmat.

That was definitely made from thick poly with a foam backing IIRC.

1968 Husky Catalogue shows this Playmat.  I think I've still got those socks.


I've seen pictures of the row of garages before, but it seems there was also a bridge over to a petrol station and car park extension for it as well


The road signs at bottom corner I presume were just static decoration?

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52 minutes ago, flat4alfa said:

ANOTHER Leyland MX...?

Yes - missing the drop gate thing but that's the same as the regular version


One of these Matchbox MAC weirdos


A Battle Kings hovercraft


Majo Reno


Not a bad Corgi Buick with Trans-O-Lite


Colour changing Baja - didn't realise these were plastic bodied


And a no name MK1 Golf with mismatched wheels


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I wondered what the blue and white coach/van in the photo was.  Realised it was this Duple Coach coach casting that went over in Corgi Juniors


and given daft Carlos Fandango wheels on my example


Also has punched-in grille, even though it is part of the bumper casting and that's fixed as factory


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A few more CMAC 3D prints that had been hanging around for a while waiting for the finishing touches. The Wolseley 6/90 comes in two versions: the police car has a bell and a plate on the grille but the civvy saloon has two foglamps and no plate - that's the beauty of 3D printing as it's so easy to make tweaks like this.



Marina estate. The grille appears to be wrong as all estates seemed to have the grille style of the 1.8 saloon regardless of engine, so this one must have had a transplant.


Another Mini, representing one my parents had. The colour and fake wood trim are wrong for S-reg but it was apparently a 1973 car registered in 1977 for some reason.


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4 hours ago, flat4alfa said:

1968 Husky Catalogue shows this Playmat.  I think I've still got those socks.


I've seen pictures of the row of garages before, but it seems there was also a bridge over to a petrol station and car park extension for it as well


The road signs at bottom corner I presume were just static decoration?

The road signed were indeed printed on the mat. I cut them out and mounted them on match sticks for signs. 
I never did get the garage set.

The box with the pumps also served as a storage box. Again not something I had.

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4 hours ago, bunglebus said:

Let's start with these, boxed Superfasts. Bit of a sad tale for the first, apparently someone at another bootsale decided he wanted to look at it and ripped the end flap off the box, and couldn't understand why the seller was annoyed






I had both of those when new. I think I had 3 of teh fork lift as the last job my Grandad had was at Lancings in Basingstoke.

4 hours ago, bunglebus said:

Next up, a bunch of Rockets.

Cougar has seen better days but is complete and restorable 


Best finds are the Escort and Capri though. These three were all in the plastic bags



I think those three are all On Her Majesty's Secret Service cars.

The Cougar should have four yellow skis on it, hence the four holes in the rear window.




Mint and Blistered they are worth silly silly money, so even in play worn condition they are worth more than a couple of quid.

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10 minutes ago, flat4alfa said:

When you posted them I was thinking the same thing and got a bit jealous...!  I think I have them all too, but bought independently - not in one swoop!

Set D968



Set 3004.  Don't have any of these though



I've got these20240324_190033.jpg.d2703e44c1559b40611e03da002f032d.jpg

The skis on the Mercury are the same as the ones used on the 1/43 Citroen Safari,which explains why they're so big 😂

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Here's a twist

Back in 1966, before Hot Wheels were even invented, Mattel had a Service Station playset.  Bundled with it were ....imported Husky cars


They were the Jaguar MK10, Ford Thunderbird and Ford Breakdown Truck


This set is almost intact, bar the missing Jaguar



Inside it looks like this


For 1967, Hot Wheels hit the scene.  The first release Service Station was this


Part of a range of Pop Ups



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We went to a toy fair we'd not been to before, it was quite small and probably at least half was train stuff.


we didn't come away with all that much, but few nice purchaces were made

I got these three nice Corgis for £15, Stingray bought for the roof panels more than anything, 2+2 E Type in blue, I have my childhood red one so another colour is good. I noticed when I got home that it has one front wheel that is a solid cast one rather than the "wire" wheel it should be so if you'd like this factory error you can take it for £50. The Thames Caravan caught my eye being the rather nice mauve and it has the table and foam seat still inside. Mrs Concern has a  turquoise one already.


i picked up the service ramp and repainted Dinky 914 and while looking at them the seller said £5 so I had them! The 914 is the exact same shade as my mates 1/1 version so I'm going to paint it again in a bright yellow or green just to annoy him. The ramp is a Crescent and has the handle missing so I'll see if I can fix that soonish. The next seller had one complete for £15, but I turned it down. I really want a Corgi ramp, but never seen one.


Mrs Concern found a big bag of Britains horses for her sister marked at £6 and I spotted a Corgi Wicker Mini and Whizzwheel VW both marked £6 as well and we got the lot for £15 which was ok


Lastly this Corgi Land Rover and a Majorette trailer for a canoe were picked up for £4. I'll repaint the LR as a Chipperfields one and Mrs Concern has three Majorette canoes so one can go on the trailer.

It wasn't that busy and nothing was super cheap,but still fun!


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If you're nearby, it's a shame not to have a look in a charity shop, isn't it?


Salvation Army, total investment £1.60.  From the top then:

Blue truck has a working tail-lift!  I can make use of that.  Cab wears a Mercedes star but doesn't look much like Merc styling.

Yellow one has no markings but seems to be probably a Mitsubishi Canter.  I'll find a use for it.  The cab tilts!

Red trailer has only one wheel but I thought it would make an acceptable load bed for some truck chassis or other.  No idea what the apparatus on the back is about; muck-spreading, perhaps?

Straight into the Projects box with all three of them then.

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I had this out of it's box yesterday.


It's a white metal model made by Mini Classics.


Being a 1990s handmade model it is a little crude compared to a modern resin cast or diecast.


It's a sort of roadster affair.



With two+two seating.



The actual car now lives in Japan.


627 HUE was the second production Mini built. In 1965 Donald Healey acquired it and had it converted into a roadster.



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So grown man in Poundlands toy isle (I was after ant powder, I buckled!). £3.00 netted me a pair of Volvos. 



We’ve all seen the boxy beauty but the extreme XC40 is actually a sweet little thing! The 10 year old version of me would have chosen it definitely, then ham fistedly painted spot lights and headlights on 👍




Young and old:


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I've been working on quite a few projects at once lately as more get held up as I continue to avoid making a Steve Flowers order. So I have two Corgi Carrimore Transporters that I bought very cheap and decided to to a cheapskate retoration and spend as little as possible.

Neither of these had mirrors or an exhaust so i decided to make them from bits and bobs I already have


The mirrors are plasticard with kitchen foil on them clipped to a bit of wire and more plasticard for the frames, I toyed with cutting the centre out to make them more realistic, but decided they'd be too weak or I'd fuck it up and have to start again


The exhaust is soft iron wire with plasticard brackets and wire insulation for spacers


The lower mirror brackets have to bend down inside the cab and are held in by the windows. I heated the plasticard with Mrs Concern's hairdryer to bend the plasticard.


One of the trailers had a broken "hydraulic" strut so I made one from some sprue and wire


It even works haha


I don't have enough tyres for both of them so one is still going to have to wait on the Stevie baby order. It all looks a bit clumsy, but I've had fun making it and I think it'll be better when painted as well.

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