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Shite in Miniature II


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2 hours ago, Mine's a Leganza! said:

Is the VW sign very large or is the photo deceptive and the electric socket appears tiny in comparison? How much is it?

It was quite large - I didn't look at the price but it wasn't exactly a bargain basement shop, they wanted £15 for moderately crap pull back cars!

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This just arrived too.



Never opened! And came from the US. It’s absolutely mint, even the card isn’t damaged. 
I’m pretty sure this version was US release only, but what makes it rarer still is the wheel error! 
I spotted it on the Bay one day ages ago while looking for something else, it wasn’t listed as an error car or anything so I’m not 100% sure, but it does look weird like that. Anyway, it started its journey here but got lost in Illinois somehow so I expected to never get it. 
Great that it’s turned up though! It’d be a real shame for it to have disappeared.

This leaves only the blue Sierra for me to get now.

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18 minutes ago, MiniMinorMk3 said:

Well spotted. Just had a quick look on the interwebs and that version should have the cross spokes at both ends.


Yep, I’ve just been looking at other ones on eBay and they all have cross spokes both ends, so it’s definitely an error car.

Begs the question, how does/did that happen!? It’s glaringly obvious it’s wrong, but worse still, it made it through quality control like that too!

Its good now of course as it means I can probably* retire off that model due to its incredible rarity!



*not a chance in hell!😅

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1 hour ago, danthecapriman said:

an error car.

means I can probably* retire off that model due to its incredible rarity!



*not a chance in hell!😅

Yeah, I've got a couple of those too.  Not the Sierra, but in fact both are Mercury (sedan) police cars that were supposed to be Plymouths.

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Here's a variation that news to me - were you aware of this one @bunglebus?


Released in 1996, according to the seller. I know other older castings were re-released by Corgi in the 1990's but this one passed me by.

Photos lifted from the auction, for posterity.








Is there a definitive list of re-releases, anywhere? Off the top of my head was the Land Rover 109, Mercedes truck, Transit tipper, Mercedes Bonna ambulance and US fire engine, in the commercial line.

Incidentally, it seems the crane bucket saw 35 years of service, debuting initially with the Jeep FC 150, in February 1961.



Here's mine (would love the lamp post and man it came with!)




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On 5/31/2023 at 7:35 PM, bunglebus said:

Coming soon


So they’ve gone with that have they?  A play on a late-70s Leyland works scheme…


…but mating it to a fantasy US/JP van style… limiting the collector appeal?  Could have better used the existing Transit casting then really, as they already used the fantasy van for the Metro 6R4 pack


Also I expected the Rover to have been release in the scheme of the other Works Rover P6, which was better known for this scheme and should sell well down-under


Maybe next time!


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Yes I wish they wouldn't use fictitious subjects for the transporters on these sets, it really spoils it. The van above is so very nearly a phase 1 Ford Econoline, why not just get the license and do it right. At nearly 20 quid for the set you'd expect it. The P6 is just great though.

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Okay then... Friday beckons!

After a three-week hiatus while Market Blokey was away sunning himself, I wasn't sure what to expect upon striding purposefully through the market doors this morning...


But as it turned out, all was well in Tatland.

Tat was tatting, giffers were giffering.

Before we all get too overly excited and lose the run of ourselves, it's maybe worth mentioning that today's stall was mostly the same stuff as we had nearly a month ago, back on 5th May.

Though that's not to say there was nothing worth having...


Lots of smallish tat, although not much genuinely old stuff.


1/18 and 1/43, plus 00 gauge commercials.


TK Maxx dustcatcher-grade tinplate T1 Samba to slice your finger on, if you like.

Trainshite was in evidence.


Also some big Corgi Classics Chipperfields and Showmen's stuff, at £20 a go.


Boxed Maisto Beetle also at £20.


Massive Matchbox Chevrolet Suburban is one I've only seen in books before - quite nicely detailed. £10 on it.


Boxed models were some Chinese make which my tired old eyes couldn't decipher at this hour of the morning - began with S, but not Sunstar or anything like that. Blue Chevrolet van towards the front seemed to be by ERTL.


More americana by makers unknown.


Corgi Lotus Elite was dusty but tidy. 


No JPS lettering, marking this out as a later example.

The lack of Corgi branding, after the base tooling was used with blanks for a run of Marks & Spencer exclusive toys, also dates it.


JPS Lotus F1 cars were also available in both kiddy-friendly and fag-happy liveries:


The two late-70s/early 80s (?) F1 cars were by Polistil.


We've seen these Hongwell soft-roaders before... pity the X5 and RX300 are both missing a roof rail.


Slightly messy Lesney Scammell heavy wrecker was pretty much the oldest diecast item to be found on the stall today.


Assorted trucks, but mostly modern-ish stuff.


Some more of those 1990s release posh Matchbox Convoys, though - Kenworth and Peterbilt conventionals, in Corona and Pabst Blue Ribbon liveries respectively.


Solido Land Rover SIII wagon still here, though tragically missing its rear door.


Scammell Handyman Shell Tanker now missing its tractor unit!

Dear oh dear.

Escort Cosworth and Focus rallymobiles were fairly detailed, but I couldn't see a maker's mark anywhere on them.

New Ray MGF and B; plus various racers from various eras.


Some bigger F1 stuff at the back, too.


Unimog was quite nice, though seemed an odd scale - bit less than 1/43, it appeared.


But plenty of dust.

More racer stuff. Focus is by Bburago; Vectra by Onyx. Not sure about the others, mind.


Minichamps Scorpio estate just chillin' there with the fast bois.


Seemed to be a fiver each on the loose smaller stuff.

Plus there was some Ladybird bookshite to be found elsewhere on the stall...


Some nice pics and illustrations in here.


If you can bear the annoying cartoon child, that is.



And other publications, indicating that weirdo collectors are nothing new...


Now I'm not quite sure how my day's gonna pan out yet, BUT I'm in Belfast all day today and if I can, I'll try to get back over at lunchtime. So, if there's anything you're mad keen on, let me know and I'll see what I can do.

But there were other stalls too...

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1 minute ago, Split_Pin said:

I'm interested in thr 1/18 Audi TT and Scorpio estate if they aren't ridiculously priced.

Likely to be £5 on the Scorpio, and £10 on the TT if that seems like not too much of an ask?

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1 minute ago, bunglebus said:


Could be Superior!

The logo was tiny, and in stylised handwriting - seemed to have a letter with a lower loop towards the middle, so Superior would fit the bill.

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